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  1. She’s just gave me a breakdown of how many people she buys for and how much she spends on Xmas presents, I’m stunned
  2. Claimed he had two disabled kids, after another poster used an offensive word, then when said poster apologised for it called him another offensive word and then went off on one about where he adopted them from A reason I enjoy on here, whether I post or not, is because shit like this is far and few between and quite rightly stamped out almost immediately
  3. Well that clown needs emptied sharpish, thought it was dryhorce again to start with. There’s a few more need emptied after the disabled comments. We’ve come a long way with homophobia, racism etc, but we’re miles behind imo with these types of comments
  4. This says it all, f**k this joker off and go where you’ll be welcomed
  5. OMD last night were brilliant at Newcastle, Diana Ross tickets purchased for Glasgow next year
  6. They are fussy eaters now, so we don’t argue with them, that’s the parents job. Pizza suits all tastes. They’ve had me doing pancakes, proud moment when they eat what I make 😂
  7. We normally just sit in silence for half an hour after they’ve gone, then put the house back together and have a drink, bless them
  8. I also swithered and opted for the billendean 😂
  9. Quite frankly I’m disgusted you wasn’t at Berwick today pal 😉
  10. Absolutely brilliant today from Penicuik and Broxburn. I’ve watched the Eos during its best and recent worse times, great to see it making headlines for the right reasons again. There can’t be many ex junior supporters left that think the decisions made by their club were wrong now surely
  11. I worked for a door step lender for 25 years, they had their good points, but they had bad as well. The pressure from higher up was disgraceful at times though, all to reach targets. Glad I’m out of it now
  12. Was it not to a poster who was burying his gran
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