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  1. I seen enough to be worried about Friday tbh. Shit happens, you were the better team. Be a tight game against England
  2. I was a provi agent for 25 years, if they didn’t pay, I’d send the wife
  3. Suits out, shirt ironed and at 14.45 I’ll be ready for the had both vaccines walk. If the weather holds, a pint will also be in order
  4. Pity, maybe when the structure settles down they will consider a comeback. A Third Division is a better place for them, same with Duns. Fucking shame after watching EU on and off for over 30 years, but the right decision imo. We need competitive football in the town, not pumpings. As soon as the junior influx started, we were fucked. There’s very little appetite locally from players here now. It’s a great wee club, catering well for all ages, with a small but committed committee, that didn’t take the decision lightly by the way. Berwick, Coldstream, Tweedmouth and Dunbar if there’s any players wanting to test themselves, good old Border Ammie for the rest. Personally walking over to see a competitive game, with local lads is fine by me. The EOS has had a brilliant turnaround in recent years, which was much needed and I was in full support of, but it was always going to make it harder for the likes of EUFC
  5. Joining Border Amateurs, sounds like it's the end of the road for their EoS membership, for now at least. The amateur team was happening regardless. EOS is done and can’t see a return
  6. Daughter in law booked a week at a Kielder lodge for last year at £1000, which was refunded. They sent her an email for same lodge this year, now £5085, greedy c***s
  7. There’s little appetite here for EOS football imho, hopefully a decision will be reached soon on their future
  8. My wee pal has tested my love for him today 😂 same path as his older brother, bound to happen 💙
  9. Someone should tell them where Berwick is
  10. It’s good opposition imo, MacAskill, Sillars and the good rev Stu hasn’t exactly helped neither
  11. Integrity in politics will never catch on
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