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  1. f**k removing it, when I done my ceiling I put a heavy embossed paper up over it
  2. Mate, probably need to knock this stuff on the heed for a bit, maybe 10 years or so should do
  3. I think they’re booked again for May The days are fine, the nights though are hard to close your eyes. It’s not what’s happening, it’s what might happen. We’ll be better prepared next time
  4. We’ve been at my son and daughter-in-law for the past year to go on holiday and leave Ava with me and granny, they finally did it. She used to love the heat, but last 3 years it has brought a temp hike and seizures on, a flight she’d struggle with and taken out of her routine there was no way they could go with her. But why should the boys miss out on the holiday abroad experience, just like everyone else. Had a brilliant week with her and learned so much more about her. Technology meant we had mum as are guardian angel on the camera taking us through it. The nights were hard, sleeping with one ear cocked and one eye open, suction sometimes needed, meds, but all worth while when we were sent the pics of their holiday. Woke up to this face every morning was brilliant, truly blessed
  5. I’ve basically been miserable, nippy, aggressive and came off social media this last year due to anxiety through work. Same job for 39 years, just came home end of July, sat the missus down and said I never wanted to walk on a boat again. Explained why and she just said “thank f**k, you’ve been hard work, just bring me a £1000 a month” I’ve found the job, a job that still gives me time with her and my grandkids and weekends off, couldn’t believe how nice they were, I mean I told them what days I wanted to work ffs. I’ve went from no motivation to never sitting still and lost over a stone in weight. I’m lucky as I’ve made great money all my life, now just minimum wage and couldn’t care less. I just hope the feelings I have now in my heed never leave me. Id recommend a job you love and a wee sertraline to anyone
  6. Can’t argue with that. His constant abuse of a certain poster, insinuating an alcohol problem should have had him emptied alone imho
  7. Trump, Putin and now Boris haven’t disappointed
  8. Thought she was brilliant, although f**k knows what the last 15 minutes was about
  9. Whits gawn oan here, Peter’s got a fleg mun
  10. Union Jack buntin is up, no UJ flegs so the St George’s will have to do. High tea made, lager chilled, games sorted, just waiting on arrivals. If it’s for you or not, have a good weekend. GSTQ however my attitude could change after she pops her clogs, as the rest of them are arseholes x
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