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  1. Oh there’s loads, Facebook is vewy vewy angry
  2. I suppose I should be thankful mines just throws hers over the side of the bath
  3. Somethings no right with me, even had lemon cheesecake for the first time, strange times 5 1/2 stone lighter since our eyes last met in an empty meadowbank toilet 😂
  4. Had my first sirloin tonight “medium” usually go for the burn it tae f**k hen, but thought better. Good decision imho. She went for rare, I’m just not ready for that yet
  5. Both sons tests have come back negative thank f**k
  6. I can’t believe you had fun in coldingham tbh
  7. For all what’s lambasted on this fine forum, this #dece shite still goes unchallenged, mingin patter ladz.
  8. Some of the shit down here is unreal atm and it will get worse, I’m all for getting on in some way with our lives, but some, mostly the young are fucking morons
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