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  1. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Perth drivers, I’m well aware I shouldn’t have been stopped in a yellow box with a caravan on the back, stopping all the traffic from moving (and a bus turning left) but I’ve never been to here before you see. I’m deeply offended by the hand gestures and your red seething distorted faces, chill oot mun, all ye had tae dae was all stop and let me in ken
  2. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    Even Bobbys turned up for this one
  3. Scotland

    Why tell lies ? It’s easier
  4. Scotland

    I’m English and when I’m abroad and asked, I say I’m Scottish. I love this country and the people in it
  5. Do you love your parents?

    Still got both and are sound. Both get telt I love them as I leave, Fither gets a kiss on the head, my maw on the cheek, bless them both. The only time they venture out is for doctor and hospital appointments, so they’re very rarely in nowadays
  6. Scotland

    Probably one of their better half’s, she’ll be sitting sniggering as we speak
  7. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

  8. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Penicuik really do lead the way in this department, always enjoy my first can of a Saturday night watching the highlights
  9. I'll Have What ......

    All I wanted was to get a kid at the start of a season and see an improvement in him/her in all aspects of the game (technique, attitude etc) by the end. Get them hooked on something that they could enjoy for years. I was always fair on the players, regardless of their then ability, as most level headed people know some kids don’t show their potential till later. I’ve seen coaches going toe to toe on the pitch, a coach clothesline a 15 year old winger, an U14 drive away in his car after a game The end for me was when I laid out a coach for threatening my 16 year old keeper, said coach had been sent off for screaming abuse and took it out on the lad. I said if needed I would still ref games, I lasted one game.
  10. I'll Have What ......

    I coached kids football for 10 years and this type of shit is why I gave it up. I also had parents each coaching their own kids and standing screaming all frothy mouthed on the sidelines. It will take a massive effort to change the way we teach kids in this country
  11. East of Scotland Preseasonwatch 2018-19

    Once Twice Thrice Fourth
  12. East of Scotland Preseasonwatch 2018-19

    I wish you’d practice what you preach and f**k off
  13. Caravans

    Some bhoys
  14. Gigs

    Went to madness at Alnwick castle last night, brilliant as per usual. Rewind Scotland at the weekend for some 80s, looking forward to The Selector and UB40