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  1. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    My away days are long gone pal, took the bairns for a walk instead. I knew this season was going to be bad for EU and I can’t see a big improvement for next season neither
  2. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    They’ve had worse points totals
  3. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    Got a txt off mine today at 3pm “you still working or fucking hiding again” she had 4 grandkids and another on route, of course I was hiding
  4. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    he is to this thread what you are to the PL thread Ooooosha pm me babez
  5. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Shit stirring is one thing, this fucker is just embarrassing himself, imagine that as a next door neighbour Just a hunch John. Imagine getting that worked up though, oooooft
  6. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    I’ve a feeling he isn’t
  7. Benidorm

    Just back on Monday after 10 days, not too busy thank f**k, weather nice, between 17-21. Take a coat for after sunset
  8. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Lovely letter Keith, nice to know how appreciated you both are
  9. Things you want to share with P&B

    Aye I just looked back, wouldn’t take a £570 off me a couple of weeks ago, handy service though
  10. Things you want to share with P&B

    Take a pic of it and job done, can’t remember if it’s up to 5 or £600
  11. Premier League 2018-19

    Well done the ev
  12. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    In fairness you’ve had your fun (in your tiny mind) and really need to just f**k off now, you’re embarrassing yourself imho
  13. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Aye it’s shite, I’ve seen more of my grandkids milestones than I ever seen of my kids milestones, such is life
  14. Reasons to be Cheerful

    I have shorts and flip flops on and can’t stand the heat, braw mun
  15. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Well in Keith, never in doubt. Also good news on the funding