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  1. Yeeeehhh f**k you China 🇨🇳 Paybacks a bitch
  2. Well well, regardless if you were taking the piss or not, I’ve just tried it with sassage and bacon. Teckle doesn’t come close to this delight, my apologies 👏 a toastwich eh
  3. I did wonder why I had quite a few phone calls yesterday, asking if I was going back to work. They were all politely told no
  4. Me and the wife have made videos for Ava, reading her favourite books and singing her favourite songs. FaceTime is great but not really hitting the spot now, just need the cuddles now.
  5. Aye I know, we have pals last week in the same situation
  6. I’ll humour you for now and will let you know 🤔
  7. Went through to put the bacon on and up she pops with “can I have toast with mine” fucking bacon toasties, why would you f**k up lovely fresh bread
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