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  1. The day my two fucked off out the house were glorious days. Not too far away, I couldn’t have that, but far enough. They did nowt but argue and when I tried to intervene, both ganged up on me and ripped me, they still do and they’re in their 30s now. Grandparents, that’s the best job
  2. Stool at the bar, see whits gawn on, temp perfect btw, over and out
  3. Probably the same arsehole that was abusing my wife when she put ours on gumtree a few weeks ago. We took a deposit and wouldn’t sell it to him as well.
  4. This isn’t my country, I’m English, does that change things ?? I just wish your type would stop with the Toaries and Westmonster pish and say what it actually is. They’ve took a beautiful and welcoming country and ruined it
  5. Baby boxes though eh. This devolved parliament has been a disaster. They have no interest in making it work Yet you want brexit x 10 thrust upon us, managed by even bigger c***s
  6. You’re voting for fucking morons M9, who would f**k a church raffle up, do you actually think they could carry this off ??
  7. I was in Jamaica at the time of the result, had twurrythree that day at the bar with a few celebrating Scots. I voted naw and will do again in a heartbeat, unless another pro Independence Party pops up that isn’t batshit crazy
  8. Fucking hell, just seen a Tommy Robinson video on Twitter mocking her
  9. The support she’s getting on her FB page is quite disturbing tbh. Her tweets, the support she’s receiving and the silence from certain people is disgusting
  10. Just out of The Specials at the Usher Hall. Masks into the venue, once in no one gave a flying f**k, great to see if I’m honest. b*****ds closed the bar half way through though
  11. Better than pulling it everytime you want to use it bud, there’s very few seasonals down this way
  12. Up in Perth and have to say they haven’t let the T experience down, perfect pints every time
  13. The bunker, then dickens bar. Tidy T getting punted out tonight, pass marks for Perth
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