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  1. With the other person pissing ?? normally a no no amongst gentlemen
  2. The polis have had little or no interest at the A1 border
  3. I haven’t read much in here about anyone receiving professional help, although I may have missed it. I suppose some would call me old fashioned, I hated talking about my problems, I’d always kept mine bottled up, giving myself the ‘shake’ and cracking on so to speak. Anyone regularly on the P+P thread will probably know what was at the root of it. I eventually bit the bullet, after much pressure from my family and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Awkward at first opening up to a total stranger, even more awkward considering she was young enough to be my daughter, but f**k knows where I’d be now without her. I know it isn’t easy to get these appointments, but anyone feeling the need, persevere with it, don’t give up
  4. That shirt is giving me the boak Garys in full f**k it mode now, no way am I watching that twat lift the trophy
  5. Sat for an hour waiting for a delivery for work related stuff. I sent her saying it’s no coming, I’m on way home. She’s fucking turning into @virginton ffs
  6. There’s apparently a covid vaccine calculator, where you put your details in and it tells you when you’ll likely get the vaccine. I’m June, probably due to the fact I’m an athlete
  7. You people that’s had to work from home have my sympathy, work was causing me problems before lockdown but since I’ve went back it has been my salvation
  8. I’ve felt a bit guilty during this shitfest, as I’ve been ok with it and I went the other way in coming off anti depressants during the first lockdown. Apart from not being able to hug my grandkids and mother it hasn’t put me in nor out. I kinda needed my life to stop and it ended up being a godsend. I still have my shit times, but they’re not COVID related.
  9. I’ll still be going over the border to see my mother. She’s in a fragile state, plus I do her shopping. If that’s not deemed essential, I’ll take the fines
  10. Already had an Xmas card sent that had been opened, came from Fife
  11. Neither have I. Mine just gave the postwoman £20 in a card, fucking moaned because I wanted a £3 box of granola the same day, but gave her that.
  12. Shit thing to happen mate, hope the bairn is ok. You can’t go paggerin 17 years olds, but a word in his lug on the qt wouldn’t go a miss. Had a similar type situation a few weeks ago but with eggs, if it happens again, they are now aware of what will happen to them
  13. This doing the rounds now. Was always going to happen, which is why the knee shouldn’t stop, let the boos ring out, f**k them
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