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  1. My wee pal has tested my love for him today 😂 same path as his older brother, bound to happen 💙
  2. Someone should tell them where Berwick is
  3. It’s good opposition imo, MacAskill, Sillars and the good rev Stu hasn’t exactly helped neither
  4. Integrity in politics will never catch on
  5. If the Hamilton report says she misled, she will have to go immediately imo. I don’t think the machine is even out of 3rd gear here, between now and May there will be an avalanche of shite being flung her way. This pish won’t sway the majority of voters, but will could sway enough of them
  6. Killers now June 6-7 next year
  7. 36 hrs I felt like shite, it passes, just enjoy that inner glow of knowing you’re safe
  8. Blue envelope arrived this morning, getting jabbed next Wednesday. I can only presume I’ve jumped the queue due to my caring responsibilities for my granddaughter, although she herself hasn’t had it yet
  9. When we’re away staying at a hotel, she demands I go for my morning shite at the reception/bar
  10. We will all be cutting aboot like Brooks Hatlen when they let us loose
  11. Sorry to hear this Erih, with our situation, my daughter in law and wife are in HIE Facebook groups. I’d be surprised if there isn’t groups that might help in your situation also. All the best
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