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  1. Thought she was brilliant, although f**k knows what the last 15 minutes was about
  2. Whits gawn oan here, Peter’s got a fleg mun
  3. Union Jack buntin is up, no UJ flegs so the St George’s will have to do. High tea made, lager chilled, games sorted, just waiting on arrivals. If it’s for you or not, have a good weekend. GSTQ however my attitude could change after she pops her clogs, as the rest of them are arseholes x
  4. Good stuff JG, they’re so resilient. Glad she’s on the mend and no doubt giving you the run around Nico made a get well card for his sister last week, just loved how the teacher felt the need to explain what it was
  5. This lassie makes me so proud, yet another operation and she comes through it all smiles. Her spine was badly curved (the x-rays are incredible) which was compressing organs, particularly the lungs and we only had a small window to do it. After it being called off as she lay ready beginning of March it went ahead last Tuesday. Told 6 months ago she had a 70/30 against her coming through it and up to 8 weeks in hospital it’s been torment. All went as planned, better as they didn’t need to go into pelvis, a wee hiccup with a bacterial infection in her lungs, but she’s home tucked up in her own bed after 9 days full of herself. Ava’s rollercoaster keeps on rolling. Just amazes me what they can do nowadays. The new sick kids is somewhere no parent wants to be, but what a place !
  6. I voted no in 2014, but IF there’s another referendum I’m warming to yes. I kinda want to see these fucking clowns with all the levers and none of the usual excuses
  7. Serves you right for not going down the road to Alfonsos
  8. I had to play it back when he said it, unbelievable!!!!
  9. These Tory b*****ds need to get this mumbling bumbling fuckwit out the door, enough is enough ffs
  10. 1997 was the start of unlimited overtime for me, 60 to 80 hour weeks. Only do those types of hours in a month now
  11. I was too busy watching the lassies heed going side to side
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