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  1. I don't know what the local residents are bitching about. Don't they really just how culturally enriching it is having thousands of football fans in their neighbourhood every other week?
  2. I always thought that he'd ripped off 633 Squadron for the Death Star sequence.
  3. David Bowie - Speed of Life Chic - Savoir Faire Funkadelic - Maggot Brain Air - Ce Matin La Beach Boys - Let's go away for a while
  4. The Bug Club were superb last night. I really enjoyed the support act, Bikini Body, an Edinburgh band who sounded a lot like an early 80s New York band. They had a real Bush Tetras or ESG vibe.
  5. Radio 1 big weekend is coming to Dundee this year. I've no idea who is playing though.
  6. May as well bump this thread to mark its 20th anniversary. When this thread was started, David Sneddon was number one in the charts with Stop Living The Lie. The US led invasion of Iraq was still a couple of months away and Rangers FC still had nine years of life left in them...
  7. I reckon that we're only a couple of posts away from white dog shit and Spangles.
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