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  1. Cobra Quintessential mid 80s video rental shop classic starring Sylvester Stallone as a bad ass cop who breaks every rule in the book as he endeavours to take down a gang of bloodthirsty killers. 7/10
  2. I have very vague memories of a band called Marcha Fresca. The above video is pretty much all I can find on them. It sounds like TTF but I always thought that they were a rock band. I seem to recall The Daily Record bigged them up for a while but they sunk without a trace.
  3. I had a bit of an 80s fest last night. I watched Blind Fury and Commando. 2 stone cold classics.
  4. That was like a car crash. I couldn't stop watching that. Fucking hell!
  5. I got a couple of cans of this from Markies earlier.. It's made by Mikkeller and it's decent enough. Not nearly as good as a proper lambic frambois from Belgium though.
  6. Mean Streets Classic 70s thriller starring De Niro & Keitel. I'd say that this is my third favourite Scorsese film. It's actually quite frustrating watching De Niro's Johnny Boy character f**k up so much. In the past I've watched helplessly as a couple of close friends have dug massive holes for themselves through irresponsible, reckless and careless behaviour, albeit not on the same scale as in the film. So I do feel empathy with Keitel's Charlie to an extent. It can be difficult to be loyal someone like that without allowing yourself to be dragged down to their level. Enough of the deep and meaningful stuff. This film is also kinda cool. There's a hip rock 'n' roll soundtrack and some amusing dialogue. 10/10
  7. Our black kit is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The black badge is a great wee touch.
  8. The last time I saw a jean/shoes combo like that was in a pub that was showing a 6 nations rugby match. No football fan would ever walk around looking like such a c**t. That is rugby shite right there
  9. We have a bonus scheme at work where you can get a £20 gift voucher if you go above and beyond the call of duty. I got one this week so I spent it at Markies on 8 bottles of this glorious amber nectar.
  10. Yeah. It was later renamed The Planets. It went on fire at some point in the 80s, was demolished and the land is now part of the car park behind the Co-op. An inglorious end to a well known venue.
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