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  1. I took your advice and I just up to the end of episode 5. It's really starting to pick up now. I should have the rest of the season finished in the next few days.
  2. Do Can count as Psych? Mibbes aye, mibbes naw.
  3. I'd say that there's a clear correlation between being a p***k and supporting some big English team that you have no real connection to. There was one guy that I used to work with who, despite being Scottish, "supported" Liverpool and England. His excuse was that Scottish football is shite and the English game is much better. When England beat Scotland in a friendly a few years ago he cut a picture of Wayne Rooney out of The Sun and pinned it up next to his desk as "banter". Nobody was wound up, everyone just thought that he was a confused little twerp who follows Liverpool but reads The Sun and worships Man U players.
  4. Sky Atlantic showed it but I don't know if it's on Netflix. It is on Google play. Here's a trailer to whet your appetite...
  5. David Johansen deserves credit for fronting The New York Dolls... but he deserves a boot in the baws for this pish...
  6. I don't actually play computer games, I don't even own a console of any kind. I just submitted a list of games that I've heard of that sound like they might be quite good. I'm really hoping that this skews the vote in some way and throws up a controversial result.
  7. Casualties of War Vietnam thriller from 1989 starring Michael J Fox as a young soldier who stands up to the rest of his unit when they abduct, rape and murder an innocent female civilian. I saw this when it first came out but I couldn't remember much about it. The story is pretty shocking, especially as it is based upon real events. I'm quite sure this kind of thing has happened repeatedly in most, if not all, wars throughout history. Very good performances by Fox as the idealistic soldier who refuses to bow to peer pressure and also by Sean Penn as the deranged ring leader of the offence. My only minor quibble is that it looked a bit too much of an 80s production. It was too clean and the colours were too bright. I prefer war films that look more grainy and washed out. 7/10
  8. It was last year. The same story, there was only a phone number but I found a customer service email address buried at the bottom of their website so I sent them a message telling them to cancel my subscription. About an hour later I got a reply offering me all kinds of incentives to stay. I rubbered the email and never heard from them again.
  9. I just emailed them to cancel my subscription. I really couldn't be arsed with talking to the c***s.
  10. That's them. They stand outside asking people what they think the score will be. They also give their videos titles like: It all KICKED OFF at Tynecastle. LIMBS everywhere.
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