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  1. Super county go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious.
  2. Yeah, Rikki Fulton was actually really good as the KGB officer. It's a shame that he didn't do more serious roles like that.
  3. To be fair, I didn't enjoy the Roppongi area, the bars were full of American frat boy types and I got continually harassed by touts. It's just a small area of a big city though and it was easy enough to avoid. I preferred drinking in Shibuya and Harajuku. Speaking of which, Sunday afternoon in Yoyogi Park remains one of my most cherished travel memories. From the cosplayers, to the rock 'n' roll dancers and the various buskers and circus acts that were all out to play. I got a steak kebab and a cold can of beer from a street food stall and just wandered around taking it all in. I met a nice lady in a small, traditional Izakaya in Harajuku. The following day she took me on the train to Kamakura where I visited the Buddhist and Shinto shrines. We went back to the Izakaya later. Some distinguished looking middle aged man was in there who knew her and was quite friendly, buying me a couple of drinks. Turns out she worked as a receptionist at a nearby TV studio and this guy was the presenter of their version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. Never been to Moscow. I considered going before, but I ended up going to Kiev instead as you don't need a visa. This was in 2010, before all the protests and conflict with Russia. Kiev is another amazing place. There's an underground complex of catacombs called the Lavra caves, which contain the mummified remains of medieval monks. There is the usual nightlife and so on. The only downside was that I got arrested for not carrying my passport and I had to bribe the cops to let me go. I knew that you're supposed have your passport on you but I was worried about losing it so I took the chance.
  4. It's difficult to pin point a particular city as I've visited a quite a few and they all have different things going for them. If pushed though I'd go for Tokyo. Fascinating history and culture, loads to see and do and a refreshing lack of arsehole stag parties and "lads on tour" type tourists.
  5. I'm pretty sure there was bacon Wotsits at one time.
  6. Bacon Nik Naks were also pretty good. I've always thought that they only dropped them because they could fit their 'n' gimmick onto the packet.
  7. I'm still mourning the loss of Burton's Potato Puffs Cheese and tomato flavour were the best.
  8. I'd never heard of them until seeing them mentioned on this thread. I've been checking them out. Wildfires is a cracking tune...
  9. Dan Aykroyd David Cronenberg Avril Lavigne Martha Ladly Ben Johnson
  10. I was just flicking through the channels there and I caught the start of The Last Samurai. I was kinda surprised to see Billy Connolly alongside Tom Cruise. I had no idea he was in that. A few years ago I watched a film called Gorky Park that starred both Lee Marvin and Rikki Fulton. What other films or TV shows have you seen that involved an unusual or unlikely cast member?
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