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  1. Israel isn't the only jewish territory. They could move to Birobidzhan. I'm not sure they'd want to though...
  2. Supreme x Nike Air Max 95 Pretty rank TBH and they are going for £435.
  3. Le Mans Steve McQueen takes part in the legendary endurance race. Not at lot happens, it's about half an hour before anyone even speaks. This film is kinda dull, but strangely absorbing at the same time. I'm not interested in motor sports but the race scenes were impressive and the whole film just oozed old school Euro-cool. I'd give this a solid 7/10
  4. Chris Evans has been replaced by Zoe Ball in the mornings and she is fucking dreadful. It's all really shite noughties pop music and vacuous celebrity pish. I tried listening to the likes of Tay FM and Wave 102, but they are even worse so I reluctantly tuned my clock radio back to Radio 2.
  5. Highlights are here. Fortunately nobody gets chinned so it should be safe to post them.
  6. Asteroids Galaga Defender Battle Zone Frogger
  7. Air - Moon Safari A really Nice, chilled out album for a lazy Sunday evening.
  8. I still don't get that, can anyone enlighten me please? Beats the shit out of me mate. I'm assuming it was clothes pegs.
  9. Life's too short to sit around watching his shite programmes.
  10. The chances of anything whacking the red weed are a million to one they say...
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2011/nov/08/winterval-modern-myth-christmas
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