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  1. Pete Shelley songs

    16 again Lipstick Ever fallen in love Oh shit What do I get?
  2. League One Highlights 2018/19

    Call me biased, but Rennie's free kick yesterday was slightly better than Linn's.
  3. Montrose v Rovers

    I heard a few boos coming from the Raith fans when Ross Campbell came on. At that point I just knew he would score.
  4. Montrose v Rovers

    The pleasure's all ours...
  5. Unpopular opinions.

    The Running Man > Saving Private Ryan
  6. James Bonds

    Roger Moore Sean Connery Timothy Dalton George Lazenby Daniel Craig
  7. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    No knead for jokes like that, mate.
  8. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    Something's gone wrong again.
  9. Are you a weirdo?

    When I use the microwave I always open the door when there's one second left on the clock as I like to pretend that I'm James Bond and I've just defused a bomb.
  10. Calling Cards of Morons

    I usually get a pie, a hot dog and a bovril before kick off then get a cup of tea after half time. It's all part of the match day experience. I never buy a programme though. f**k that.
  11. Are you a weirdo?

    I enjoy counting too and I always sing this song to myself while doing so...
  12. Unpopular opinions.

    They are both better than Step On.
  13. Last Book You Read....

    Yeah. I read that a couple of years ago. It did give one explanation for early German successes.