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  1. I saw State of Satta, a Leeds Reggae band, in Kings in Dundee last night. They were excellent.
  2. Defender was my favourite board game as a kid. I haven't played any board games for about 30 years though..
  3. The royal wedding between Charles and Diana is closer to the end of prohibition in the USA than the American civil War is to the birth of Ramesses II.
  4. Is anyone going to 'fess up to the odd bit of pilfering at self service checkouts?
  5. Thogden is the epitome of the Brexity, Tory, Engerland fan. An utter c**t in other words. Anybody who films himself hanging around outside a Hearts match, for example, asking teenagers what they think the score will be and then puts it on YouTube with a title like "It all KICKED OFF at Tyncastle. LIMBS EVERYWHERE" is a fucking pap.
  6. I'm pretty sure that our previous record was £30k for Jim Smith from Airdrie back in the "free spending" Bryan Keith era. Could be wrong and I'm happy to be corrected though...
  7. Would Leith count? Surely it was separate from Edinburgh at that time.
  8. Now, I've always thought that Sham 69 were a bunch of clowns. But this is bad, even by their standards...
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