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  1. Let's not forget that his mate calls himself "The Edge". What a pair of c***s...
  2. i was a huge fan of Moviedrome in my youth. For the uninitiated, this was a BBC2 series devoted to cult classic movies. It was on a Sunday night and each film was introduced by Alex Cox. I developed a real love for cult movies watching Moviedrome.
  3. I just got a kebab delivered. The guy chapped on my door and then ran away, having left the kebab on my doorstep like a paper bag full of burning shite.
  4. Berlin clubs are live streaming dj sets to make up for being closed. United We Stream
  5. That @Jeremiah Cole arsehole must be up there...
  6. Back to the Future Back to the Future 2 Back to the Future 3
  7. I've never actually been to a cockney pie 'n' mash shop. I've never had jellied eels either. It feels like life is passing me by here...
  8. I was working in Manchester for a while a few years ago and I got quite addicted to goat curry patties from a nearby Carribean takeaway. Definitely one of the better meat filled pastry snacks going. I just wish you could get them up here. I was incredibly disappointed with meat and potato pies from a bakery in Preston. Shite shortcut pastry and a pretty poor potato to meat ratio. In fact there was hardly any meat at all.
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