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  1. Leith vs Eyemouth

    6-0 ft. Eyemouth with two men sent off late on in game. Eyemouth held their own first half but Leith ended up being to strong in the end, maybe a very different game if Eyemouth had taken the chance they had early on at 0-0. Fair play to Eyemouth who battled right to the end especially captain Alan Speirs who was constantly organising his men all afternoon. Leiths number 6 very good player along with 16 who came on and bagged a good goal, two stand out players for me
  2. Equine Eggstravaganza

    had a wee shout about APRIL FOOL in the 5.25 KEMPTON. currently 15/2 on betfair. take it or leave it
  3. Equine Eggstravaganza

    got a heads up about badger foot in the 4.30 @ perth today, told to keep and eye on it
  4. Equine Eggstravaganza

    some shouts on here the day lads well done had a trixie on aquailife, very well red and sloop johnb, huge boost ... also a big single on vwr and a smaller on on aquailife now waiting on libretino for for ma wee "libr" double already got libritish in 6.40 just gutted i didnt single it. never mind cheers for the heads up on the other ones, would of backed very well red anyhow as always c ppl on here on about it
  5. Equine Eggstravaganza

    rite guys had a whisper for 2moros racing post trophy @ doncaster, not going to lie the guy has gave me some winners but also some losers in the past... take or leave.... Titus Mills currently about 8s at most places
  6. Equine Eggstravaganza

    just had even stevens in the 6.20 kempton only had £2.20 ew on it though at 10s but still good boost for 2nites games
  7. Equine Eggstravaganza

    1. 3 Delegator (13:50 Newmarket - Win Market) <LI>2. 5 Saamidd (14:25 Dewhurst Stakes - Win Market) <LI>3. 10 Poet's Voice (15:00 Champion Stakes - Win Market) <LI>4. 1 Abtasaamah (16:15 Rockfel Stakes - Win Market) ma yankeeeeeeeee for the day
  8. Equine Eggstravaganza

    trixie totalling to £5.20 came in yesterday 3 of dettoris @ ascot whitemoon stone poets voice redford £143 back also had a single on redford £5 on 40 back
  9. Win Counter

    trixie totalling to £5.20 came in yesterday 3 of dettoris @ ascot whitemoon stone poets voice redford £143 back also had a single on redford £5 on 40 back
  10. Win Counter

    £9 worth of folds and a accum returning £180 odd celtic barca man city man u valencia city inter happpy days
  11. Equine Eggstravaganza

    ma 3 horses for the day ^^^ also going on scamperdale 59s on betfair in the 4.55 doncaster
  12. Equine Eggstravaganza

    1 Doncaster 10th Sep - 13:35 Backing: Zebedee @ SP 2 Doncaster 10th Sep - 15:15 Backing: White Moonstone @ SP 3 Doncaster 10th Sep - 16:25 Backing: Farhh @ SP
  13. Equine Eggstravaganza

    highly regal 3.20 kempton 11/1 hairy maclary 3.30 thirsk 16/1 borderlescott 3.35 haydock 12/1 (ladbrokes prices) singles and trixie
  14. Equine Eggstravaganza

    hahahah horrible bets....
  15. Equine Eggstravaganza

    am on the bear e/w and chambers in the race before doubles and singles and cheeky wee treble with them two and scotland