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  1. He looked pretty handy against us in the first half, ragdolled Grieve about the place, won every challenge with ease. Problem for him is he went off injured early in the 2nd half. Albeit he hadn't played much football if any for months.
  2. Hehe do you not remember this? McInnes was absolutely livid that we managed to offer Brophy a better deal. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/st-mirren-beat-hibs-aberdeen-23263154
  3. Aye, I thought his legs would have been gone ect, he did get off to a poor start. Daft sending off at Parkhead but he came back from that, did alright. Nothing spectacular but Gogic coming in really showed Power up. Had heard he was arguing with Robinson at the POTY awards about a new deal. At least he's managed to get himself another gig.
  4. We have been fortunate to replace Hladky with Alnwick, and now Carson replacing him on paper should be a safe pair of hands for a year or two. Way too many dodgy keepers kicking about and as you say, the difference between a good one and even just an average one could cost you relegation.
  5. 2011 I think the commentator said? As for the game, meh. We barely troubled the Dons today and got a few decisions in our favour. A lot of work for both managers in the summer. Carson should be a solid replacement for Jak, no worries there. We have to replace Ronan, Gogic, McGrath and probably a like for like replacement for Power?
  6. He was let off with a couple before that one too. He's been ok today as well.
  7. For the goal that was disallowed, that's us evened up after Brown's foul for the Ramirez header at SMP . Great spot from the assistant ref too. Clear foul. Ferguson is Aberdeens stand out player, by a mile. Smart save from Alnwick to deny Barron. We have put in some great balls into the box but we don't have any sort of presence to threaten them.
  8. Gogic is brilliant . He is absolutely everywhere. I think he'll end up at Todders
  9. Pretty disrespectful to the guy who is a cup winning legend and one of our most successful managers in recent history. Not a fan of that but they have travelled up on a Sunday morning for a dead rubber so fair enough in that respect.
  10. How many games does Collum need to ruin before he fucks off and retires. Fuckin bellend. VAR should end this c'nt.
  11. He's back at Wigan now, injury seemingly but I'm not sure if Robinson ever fancied him. Definitely doesn't fit his 3-5-2
  12. Jordan Jones was the sort of player we should have went for, didn't work out sadly. He hardly kicked a ball all season when we signed him, that's the risk you take in January. Never looked fully fit and confident. Maybe with a good pre-season under his belt he'd no doubt be an asset in this league. At our level with the wages we pay, we are not going to get the finished article, especially with wingers. So inconsistent.
  13. Charles-Cook was exactly who I was going to mention. Really athletic but looked as if he had never kicked a ball before in his life. Every signing is a risk. Goodwin preffered the tried and tested up here with the odd (more like half a dozen) Irish ballers thrown into the mix. Robinson appears to prefer the lower leagues in England. We will be a bit sceptical as its not really a market we have had a lot of success in throughout the years.
  14. It's amazing how we have went from Arbroath pumping us in the play offs to possibly catching Livi . All in the space of 2 wins. It's way more fun being positive. However being realistic, Dundee and StJohnstone were absolutely piss poor. I couldn't believe the lack of fight from either team. Livi have always been a tough nut to crack home and away. I refuse to believe we will have it easy tomorrow night. Also can't believe I am saying this but Main will be a huge loss for us in the last 2 games.
  15. Can see his point though. I thought the same. Yous had a lot of players signed up for this season that clearly weren't good enough the last time you's were in the division, it didn't give McPake a lot of scope to re-vamp the squad with better quality.
  16. It was some goal. Exactly like Brophys rocket up in Dingwall.
  17. To think the Dees were slagging us for signing Gogic
  18. The usual unionist media bollocks. Something has to give sooner or later. How many different elections do the SNP have to scoosh before we hold another referendum?
  19. It's funny how we were allowed to when we had a fixture against Celtic to fulfill . They still couldn't beat us mind .
  20. Do we all know the Tories are scum? Genuinely? 2nd party in Scotland now They have never been more popular in Scotland in my lifetime.
  21. I think it's more down to his hot and cold form, we can all see there is a player in there somewhere. He seems to play well when the teams playing well and vice versa. Would have preferred us to get the best out of him on a regular basis as he is clearly talented. A good fee n sell on clause appears to be the best outcome for us now, and he might get a good move.
  22. Tanser the shitebag signs a 2 year deal. Excellent bit of business. Just keep him fit.
  23. Safety was guaranteed with 10 games to go then we made a chunt of it. Once again it should have been a better ending to the season for us.
  24. Aye, can't get too worked up yet. The only 2 teams we have beat recently are the 2 below us. We haven't really looked like beating anyone else. But the most important thing is we did win they 2 games or it could have been far much worse. Not to talk down our win as it was greatly appreciated, StJohnstone were piss poor, again. If Hendry scores his chance we'd have lost. What's the script with his contract, is it up in the summer? I don't think I'd mind seeing him sign for us. Proper niggly shite but can score goals.
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