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  1. They beat the shit out of each other when there is nobody else to fight.
  2. I know there isn't much pressure on us, if any, in these games but 99% of the time its not an enjoyable experience unless we pull off an almighty shock. Giving up 50% of the stadium and hearing the bile isn't fun. Even worse when they are winning. Rangers fans were on form from the first whistle in Perth. As for the game I'd like to think we will put up a fight but it all depends on Rangers. If they play well they should win, if we play to our best and they only play in 3rd gear they should still win. McGrath and Ronan could cause a bit of trouble in between the gaps of their defence and midfield, Brophy is on form just now and loves a shot from anywhere. We have a threat but our defending hasn't been great.
  3. Of all the players in that 2010 team, Billy Mehmet deserved an ending like the 2013 final the most. Edited to add how could I forget Shuggie
  4. The flag waving zombies are something else, especially on twitter. Accuse every natsi of being hateful of anything English yet want their own national team to fail. Not tarring the Rangers fans on here with that brush. Pretty much sound as a Scottish pound
  5. Did County release him? Or was it a mutual thing? These things can play a part.
  6. Noticed at the time, he was howling. We missed Ethan when he went off injured, Flynn looked miles off the pace, which is understandable. Lack of game time and he came on just when County really put us under pressure. Erhahon is getting better every week, hope he's back for next week.
  7. Going to be a fuckin nightmare for anyone working in or near the city centre. So many road closures planned. Train staff threatening to go on strike, funnily enough getting into work won't be any trouble if you start early enough but getting home could potentially take hours, not that employers care as long as they get the full shift out of you.
  8. Fair enough, I am biased and even joked about it in my post. He done well for Clarke at Killie and amazingly is only 25. I thought he was a bit older than that.
  9. Definitely beginning to hit his stride with us. Likes a ridiculous shot now and again but is capable of producing something out of nothing and as you say, is an absolute pest to play against. A big performance and a goal from him against Rangers next week might give Clarke something to think about. Again not saying he should start ect but as an option in the squad he might have a sniff.
  10. I don't expect anything of Scotland to be honest . But in one off games, like England at Wembley for example, we more than matched them all over the park but didn't have that clinical touch when it came to the final third. Same with the Czech game. Yes sorry, 2nd tier sounds better. I think it's far too early to say. Results like the Austrian one would say we are heading in the right direction. 2nd tier teams get to tournaments and qualify from the group. Maybe we will at Qatar if we qualify for it. That is our yardstick from the Euros to see how far we have came.
  11. About 4 arms going to shove a young boy to the ground there f**k sake.
  12. Any outcome now is guaranteed scenes in this thread.
  13. Fair play to him, he has came up with the goods when we needed it most, even if he didn't have a clue about the goal v the Faroes they all count and it prevented a huge fck up. Not convinced Dykes and Adams are good enough to propel us into a top rate or even a 2nd rate international team but I hope they prove me wrong. Dykes in particular can keep improving.
  14. Aye he's not as good as Dykes or Adams, nowhere at that standard but with the form him and Nisbet are in just now I'd argue Brophy is performing better than him.
  15. Tanser might not be as silky as Durmus but he has slotted in absolutely fine, much better than I imagined. Never noticed how good his crossing was with the Perth Saints but its the best left foot we've had since Carey or Simon Lappin
  16. Seeing as he is now a StMirren player and the done thing is to tout your own players in this section, I wonder if Brophy has a chance of a call up? Been superb for us this season, looks back to his old self and is adding goals to his game. Scored a screamer today. I didn't agree at the time when Clarke called him up initially, he probably still isn't international class but with Clarke having managed him I wonder if he is in his thoughts.
  17. Even more hilarious from Craigen saying well folk can't complain if it was given. Eh whit.
  18. Should have finished the game off just after half time but fair play to County, yous showed up and gave us a hell of a doing for long parts of that 2nd half. We'd have drawn or lost that in previous times but this team are a tough nut to crack. Shaughnessy was immense again, Tanser, Power brilliant. Millar was playing well but tailed off with about 20 to go. Brophy is just a machine, chasing back with 5 minutes to go in our half. Worth remembering it has taken our manager 2 seasons to mould the team into this.
  19. We don't have the right to just show up at Dingwall and expect 3 points. I am expecting a difficult game, they are due a win too. We will need to be on it today from the first whistle. Lets hope the international break hasn't stalled our momentum we were building.
  20. Willie Miller is our version of Mark Lawrenson. Sounds like he doesn't want to be there. After the Israel game it was as if he was going out his way to bring the mood down when he was going on about Dykes leg being straight, high with studs showing. Who cares . There's a few that shouldn't be on the show though.
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