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  1. Aye, I dunno whether or not to hold off till after January. Might not have much choice anyway with all the pre orders selling out. Need a 4k tv for it though so will be able to get a deal on one of them. Was maybe hoping for some of they console + game deals you sometimes see.
  2. So with Black Friday occurring near the release date next month, do we reckon there will be some deals going on the ps5?
  3. Just the 58% in favour of Scottish Independence then [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23].
  4. From the names I have seen rumoured, one of them. The other 2 have had little or no impact, our bench will be weakened again though. If the names are correct.
  5. Bit mental if we paid our 3rd choice 20 year old keeper who has never featured more than some key players in the squad, in particular the Czech wall.
  6. Got to say, I feel Goodwin was justified in releasing S.McGinn. He looks finished. I know hes not played much since March but neither have Cove. I appreciate he won't be a starter for Hibs but there are StMirren fans still gutted we released him.
  7. He has scored 35 goals in 58 games for Serbia. We'd kill for a Scot to have they sort of goalscoring stats. We will definitely need to raise our game, Serbia away is a step up from Israel. We looked a bit more solid defensively, not sold on some of our defensive options but we'll need to see who is available by the time this game comes around.
  8. If we were to qualify, and that's a big IF, it gives our players the experience of playing in a tournament. Fills our FAs coffers which can be re-invested into the game. We'd probably get 2 doings maybe 3, but we could learn from it and get a bit better each time. Build that onto the World Cup. It's not an easy fix but qualifying would get that monkey off our back.
  9. [emoji51]. To be fair I had no problem with McLean, he scored a few penalties for us and has a brilliant left foot. Panicked when I seen McGinn go up, he doesn't strike the ball as good, his penalty proved that. Anyway I though Liam Cooper was outstanding tonight. Finally shown what he can do for Scotland. Unlucky with the header and easily the fittest player on the park. Bielsa ball pays off big time, did anyone catch him sprint back in ET from our corner? Hardly broke sweat.
  10. 3 ex StMirren players sending us through. Just saying.
  11. Aye they have came on leaps and bounds to be fair to them. First started off as a sort of experiment between the club and Paisley Uni, it gave media students the opportunity to showcase some talent. Was ropey at first but its pretty competent now, as are most of the other SPFL Prem channels. It's going to be tough for clubs who have never had to do anything like this before. There is always going to be snags. Morton have done the right thing by handing out refunds even though this will sting them in the pocket.
  12. Will a young kid look back at this score? [emoji23] I doubt it, unless we miraculously win the damn thing this season, which ain't happening. Got to be delighted with the score. Connolly and McAllister reaped the rewards of a tiring defence, probably a game plan from Jim, which paid off. Would be nice to get a settled back 4 again.
  13. Graham looked much better than Erwin, it has to be said. 4-1 definitely flattered us. We were really poor again, if Thistle had 5 competitive games under their belt the scoreline could have been reversed BUT before the game it was all about stopping the rot of losses, which we have done.
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