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  1. It wasn't a smoke bomb for a start, it exploded like a firework and it did land near him. Anyway, best keeper iv seen play for us. Being biased I'd say he is good enough to be Celtic's number 1, what let's him down is his stature. I think if he was a couple of inches taller and a bit bulkier he could play at a much higher level. He is better with the ball at his feet than most players in this league, excellent distribution.
  2. Always suspicious of how some things get leaked to the press. Maybe Utd board were testing the waters when it was leaked that they had agreed a deal with the SFA to speak to Malky, they seen the backlash and thought mm nah. Then Steve McClaren was meant to be a done deal, maybe he has used it to get his name in the media. I notice the Birmingham City vacancy is available.
  3. The big man was solid today. He does have lapses in concentration and the defence can get exposed with the way Leeds play, I don't think he is 100% suited to play Bielsa ball but defensively on the whole Leeds have been excellent. Not many better options at centre half for Scotland either.
  4. Aye sorry, a 12 man 'shortlist' with interviews would be a bit bizarre.
  5. Gets a lot of unfair stick, a lot of good work goes un-noticed. Shouldn't be sitting on his phone after he has just been subbed though.
  6. Big test of Leed's bottle now. Win this and they have 1 foot in the Premiership. If Fulham score next though.....
  7. No wonder Boris shat it from having a 2nd indy ref. It would be a pumping. Holyrood elections will be a pumping. If the shitebags reject it again we'll just have to take it. Tick tock.
  8. Left foot - Toss up between Graham Carey and Kenny McLean. McLean because he is a better player overall Right foot - Stevie Mallan Finishing - Barry Lavety. Honourable mentions to Thompson, Sutton and Higdon. Passing - McLean again. Speed - Not many stick out in this category. Lewis Guy was pretty quick iirc. Another Saints fan will probably come up with a better suggestion here. Dribbling - Toss up between Quitongo and Lewis Morgan. Jose could turn defenders inside out, then fall on his arse. Morgan had an end product. Lewis Morgan. Heading - Mark Yardley. Could not include Basher without his partner in crime. Shout out to big Sutton though.
  9. It will be down to the broadcasters. Commentators hate us having stripes on the back. They can't read the names/numbers and don't recognise the players because they don't play in green or blue.
  10. The back of it is annoying the hell out of folk never mind the collar [emoji23]. It's went from a potential 10 to an average 6.
  11. I wonder if Goody could use Magennis in the Andreu/Dorman role. I think he is capable of making they sort of runs beyond Obika and scoring a few goals.
  12. Big season for Magennis. Needs an injury free season with 30+ games under his belt. He was the next big thing out of our academy but Cammy Mac has caught up with him. Hopefully the captaincy doesn't heap too much pressure on him too.
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