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  1. Wasn't there but as mentioned a few posts ago, looks like nothing really happened either way. Looked like Goodwin gave a wee clap to our fans after the game though. I'd love to see the possible foul on Grieve in the lead up to the Main incident, which again clearly shouldn't be a penalty.
  2. Aw Grimey, I am offended by everything in that post yet ashamed of nothing, Sellick levels again? 3rd place looks on the cards for you lot doesnt it? Sorry bud. United look like they have a shot at staying up, although games like yesterday yous probably have to win. Theiry Small looked electric when he came on yesterday. Hoping we can get a loan extension in place for next season.
  3. Seem to remember a Dons player doing exactly the same thing against us in our last game at Pittodrie, was it Duk? Not saying what Main did was right but every team does it. And we're not even sure if the penalty was given for that or a previous foul that maybe happened a minute or so before
  4. Their pal? Main can dish it out but he also gets battered about the place yet rarely gets a free kick. The penalty could have been given for the foul on Grieve a minute earlier, that looked more like a better shout but there wasn't too many replays of that one because we were awarded one for the foul on Main. There was contact but nowhere near enough for him to go down. Stupid from the defender right enough.
  5. The last 15 minutes there was absolutely bedlam. Makes you think United could have scored more had they not say back till we equalised. Penalty looked soft as f**k but I think we could have got one for a foul on Grieve prior to that
  6. Another inept 45 minutes away from home. Worst possible set of results for us so far today.
  7. United sitting it way too deep but looking good when they go forward. They look very nervous though, maybe a mistake in them. Relying on Strain to work some magic here to either score or assist.
  8. If it was any other weekend I'd agree, weird twist of fate we are facing each other on a pretty big anniversary. I don't mean serenade him for 10 minutes before kick off but a wee acknowledgment on a special occasion wouldn't go amiss. Hope he's miserable tonight after a pumping, obviously. Must admit I'm never confident going to Tannadice no matter what state United are in. Didnt see much of the Aberdeen game but it seems yous showed up but we're let down by a certain defender. Gallagher and Dunne missing is huge for us. I'd maybe expect to see gorgeous Joe start to go up against Fletcher, if he's fit. The pressure is on both teams today for different reasons
  9. Will be interesting to see what sort of reaction Goody gets tomorrow from our fans, on the day after the 10 year anniversary of the league cup win. Would like to think he will get a wee applause at least before the game, before the torrent of abuse starts . At the end of the day only 4 StMirren captains have lifted a trophy at Hampden and he is one of them.
  10. Absolutely stupendous news. O'Hara once again leading by example as captain, hopefully convinces others to sign on for longer. Getting him tied down to that length of contract is amazing work again by the club. Do we think Curtis will sign or will he get one more big pay day somewhere else? He will definitely have offers, I'm sure.
  11. That as well. I think Killie will be ok, home form + Dundee United means 11th at worst. I think they'll have enough for the playoffs but I think I said that before.
  12. He tried to go for Brophy when he was the Aberdeen manager. Not sure if Killie will be able to afford him, or if anyone will offer the same amount he is on with us. He may want to collect that wage for another 12 months that's left on his contract with us. 3k a week has been mentioned.
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