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  1. Will be hard to replace Fraser. Unless we slot Tait in there and sign a right back and a left back. Aye he has the pace, rarely beats a mean and his decision making is poor. If you combined him together with McAllister you'd have some player.
  2. 2 years left on Erhahons deal, another club will have to stump up a fair bit of cash for us to part with him you'd imagine. I can see Connolly possibly as one leaving, not sure if he has the consistency for a step up to someone like Hibs or Aberdeen but on his day he is an absolute terror for any defence in this league. Losing Fraser would be a huge blow.
  3. I'm definitely guilty of that too, can be blinkered. I actually voted for Derek Mackay [emoji1785]. No party is perfect, some crackpots will slip through the net. It's about how a party reacts and that's where I admire Nicola. I have missed that, dipped in and out of this thread and came off twitter a few months ago because it the politics and covid chat was all becoming a bit too heavy for me, so have missed the going on. I did make sure I got a euro 6 engine, paid a bit extra for it, as I read up that euro 5 engines were being banned from city centres all over Europe. I don't mind lending out my 2nd vote this time as SNP both votes just let in a load of Tories and labour on the list vote.
  4. We just don't perform well for 90 minutes. We have rarely put in a really good 90 minute performance, probably Killie at home and United away. Maybe if the majority of our players did they'd be at much bigger clubs. When we are at it we are a nightmare to play against. Also include our defence in this but sadly we have a mistake in us and it normally costs us. The set piece against Livi at Hampden and away to Hamilton, which we both conceded from, defined our season, sadly.
  5. Not trawled through the whole thread but from what I have seen it's a bit of an eye opener. Especially from folk that were basically worshipping Salmond on here in 2014. Sleepy cuddles? Wit? Would Salmond have been a good ally to Nicola before he demanded an enquiry into the Scot Gov's handling? If it came down to choosing a party because if their morals we wouldn't have any to vote for, maybe apart from the greens. Every party has had a wrong un in their ranks. Was Salmond even found guilty of anything? SNP will be getting my 1st vote, my list vote will be for another indy party. Most likely the greens, even though they would despise me as I drive a diesel car.
  6. Only time he has rattled one in was against United into the top corner. That was our 2nd (naturally) in the same game. Hes sent the keeper the wrong way every other time, apart from yesterday obviously. Ironically I thought that was the poorest Motherwell have been against us all season and they won.
  7. Makes this even funnier. Boyd should stick to trolling Celtic fans. What folk seem to forget is players like Cooper, Ayling, Bamford, Dallas, Klich, Roberts ect were bog standard middle of the road Championship players. Bielsa has turned them into a mid table Premiership team whilst maintaining his footballing philosophy. Fair enough they spent a bit of money in the summer, Raphinia definitely looks different gravy but the majority of the starting 11 were championship players. Today was a fluke but the never say die attitude that has been installed in them was evident and it comes from one man.
  8. A few years ago you'd get away with that as a hard but fair challenge. Not now though. Slow motion makes it look worse. Shame as Leeds have done a number on City so far.
  9. To be fair Dingwall is a pretty spectacular away trip when you are on the [emoji482][emoji482]. Don't like Rugby Park because I am over 4ft tall. Never done it by train so I haven't experienced the boozers in the town centre. Can see this ending in a draw which won't really help either team. County looked so poor against ICT, surely they won't be as crap?
  10. I think we signed him then he joined ICT after a ridiculously short period of time. Those were fun days [emoji1785].
  11. We have been doing that with Durmus at left wing back. He has the energy to get up and down the wing ok, very capable at tracking his man back but I feel it takes away so much of his attacking abilities and the team suffers due to this.
  12. My dog passed away last year. We feel ready to get another one again. The prices of puppies during Covid are a disgrace. Mongrels going for 2 grand a pop. My old dog was from a rescue centre. I am keen on doing that again but with a toddler our options are very limited. Most of these rescue dogs are for houses with older kids. Stuck between a rock and a hard place just now. Will probably need to wait till the whole of the UK is accessible again anyway. Don't know how folks dugs are getting pregnant during a pandemic anyway but there we go. Used to be the case you'd here of a friend of the family would know someone giving away puppies but everyone seems to be cashing in on them these days.
  13. Don't see why it's not a penalty either, keeper comes out to block the shot, gets nowhere near the ball and wipes the player out and the ball is still in play at the time of the contact.
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