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  1. Sounds like she won't be deciding anything soon. Anyone else tempted to throw their house up for rent to make a quick few thousand quid?
  2. The auto camera is an absolute pain in the hole. Focusing on paper cups flying about the pitch and misses the ball completely.
  3. Now that the SFA are involved, can we all just write and complain to them about the bigoted bile coming out of the away ends on Sunday? And every other away game? Brass fuckin necks all round.
  4. Needham probably has to step down. Stupid from him. The bridge tweet isn't acceptable either.
  5. He wasn't the only one but from a Scotland perspective he had an absolute Regi Blinker of a game. Although most Man U players looked out their depth today.
  6. Rangers always just seem to do enough to beat us in the games in Paisley under Gerrard. They had an off day barring a good 15 minute spell in the first half but that was enough to turn the game in their favour. I'm not sure how Jim could have changed it in the 2nd half, especially with Erhahon and Tanser going off injured. Could possibly have put Main on earlier and went even more direct.
  7. I know there isn't much pressure on us, if any, in these games but 99% of the time its not an enjoyable experience unless we pull off an almighty shock. Giving up 50% of the stadium and hearing the bile isn't fun. Even worse when they are winning. Rangers fans were on form from the first whistle in Perth. As for the game I'd like to think we will put up a fight but it all depends on Rangers. If they play well they should win, if we play to our best and they only play in 3rd gear they should still win. McGrath and Ronan could cause a bit of trouble in between the gaps of their defence and midfield, Brophy is on form just now and loves a shot from anywhere. We have a threat but our defending hasn't been great.
  8. Of all the players in that 2010 team, Billy Mehmet deserved an ending like the 2013 final the most. Edited to add how could I forget Shuggie
  9. The flag waving zombies are something else, especially on twitter. Accuse every natsi of being hateful of anything English yet want their own national team to fail. Not tarring the Rangers fans on here with that brush. Pretty much sound as a Scottish pound
  10. Did County release him? Or was it a mutual thing? These things can play a part.
  11. Noticed at the time, he was howling. We missed Ethan when he went off injured, Flynn looked miles off the pace, which is understandable. Lack of game time and he came on just when County really put us under pressure. Erhahon is getting better every week, hope he's back for next week.
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