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  1. I think we softened Ukraine up for them tbh. They were out on their feet in the last 30mins against us and against Wales they were very fatigued. Even at that Wales scraped past them with a flukey goal Understandable given the circumstances
  2. I hope they beat England and somehow that 2nd goal they conceded knocks them out, along with England.
  3. Just think ....that was nearly us getting humiliated
  4. Fucking brilliant. Stunning goal to win it. Better team won. Ta ta Wales
  5. Shambolic to watch. Horrendous footballing team. You rarely see a classic football match when it involves Wales but they somehow always seem on edge and it grips you. Especially when they go behind you just know they'll find a way to get back into games.
  6. Weird seeing Unionists celebrating the face they have been denied the right to vote in favour of the Union in a fair and legal referendum. Now they don't have a leg to stand on if Nicola finds a different loophole for independence.
  7. Is there such a thing as a Kelly hater in the Motherwell support? The c'nt turns into superman every time we play against the Well.
  8. Maybe, but was the same not said about the French when Giroud was leading the line in the last world cup? Obviously they had Mbappe and Griezmann supporting him but big Morata is alright.
  9. Selfishly I'd rather a top end Championship signed him but if he's on big wages the only team mental enough to take on most of his wages would be Dundee. Killie just seems right, their back 3 played very well against us in Paisley right enough but can see him slotting in there.
  10. The English hype around their result/performance doesn't seem so laughable now 🫣. Couple of the big guns up against it already. Germany and Argentina both going ahead by a goal, both penalties at that, then going on to lose the game in the 2nd half. Remarkable stuff.
  11. He also asked Hartson about the new added on time instructions from Fifa and Hartson started ranting about a Morocco that had hardly touched the ball all game.
  12. Is there any pundit/commentator worth watching/listening to on bbc/itv anymore apart from McCoist? Most of them are absolutely rotten. The Richards/Keane comedy act wore off at least 12 months ago for me.
  13. This is what football is all about. None this sideshow nonsense that has gone on in the last couple of days. Absolute historic result and performance from the Saudis.
  14. Aye, Gogic switched to midfield surely. Everyone will understand if Baccus sits out the next 2 games, it has to happen.
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