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  1. Fucking hilarious. El Guffalo. That's all there is to say.
  2. Brilliant reaction to a piss poor performance and result midweek. Our squad is looking in a bit of bother with more injuries but we can worry about that in a few days time. Delighted another academy graduate is making his mark on the league.
  3. Well this has taken an unexpected turn. Who said we deserved to beat Motherwell? In either game? [emoji1787]. Humped fair and square.
  4. Aye I was tempted. The other half is getting me it for my birthday which is in a couple of weeks so I'm getting to choose one. She has the basic tablet and said it's not so good but the fire tablet is an upgrade. Only use it for watching football/netflix/streaming.
  5. I am not writing Goody off yet. This is his first season as a full time manager. He is still learning. Motherwell fans were a bawhair away from turning on Robinson last season before he introduced a lot of the youth team. They were just ahead of us going into the winter period.
  6. On the hunt for a decent tablet, not fussy with the brand. Budget of around £100, and size doesn't matter. My Samsung tablet ended up in the bath [emoji849] after a couple of days of drying it out in rice it's just not the same. Sometimes doesnt charge, will turn its self off unexpectedly ect and theres a bit of damage to the screen because of it. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Yep can't argue with that. They know how to win games and are very clinical. Play some good stuff too.
  8. Losing MacKenzie was a blow. That'll be him out for the season no doubt. Shifting McGinn in one and putting MacPherson at right back doesn't sit comfortable with anyone. We knew we needed a bit more strengthening in the full back areas. Not much in the game then Scott scores a nice goal from Well's point of view, piss poor defending by us. 2nd goal was another nice finish but again defending non existent. Feck knows what McGinn was doing leaving the ball for the number 14 to tear us a new one, his brother Paul should have brought the guy down 40 yards from goal instead of letting him charge in. That was one of the many differences. Motherwell are way more street wise. They committed a few cynical fouls that prevented us getting into a stride and into dangerous positions. Gallacher left a couple on Obika and Mullen and that was them out the game. We hardly showed any fight at all, apart from Andreu decking Campbell. Worrying times as we can no longer rely on our home record. The players looked out on their feet before half time. We are not even half way through the games in December yet.
  9. Knowing StMirren we will either get 12 points or 0. No middle ground. Fantastic gesture though which has taken off. I know I'm biased but our fans (whilst being grumpy arseholes at times) are up there with the best in the country.
  10. We are due to stick 3 or 4 past someone, can't see it being Motherwell though. I fear another night of frustration resulting in a narrow away victory.
  11. Really lucky it's only 1-1 tbh. A better team than us would have this game wrapped up already.
  12. You went full jambo, never go full jambo [emoji39]. The thread reeks of jealousy, it's not our fault we have the best looking manager in Scottish football [emoji7]. Hibees do have the 2nd best I'll gladly admit.
  13. They should do the decent thing and end it this season to concentrate on the Rick movies. Absolutely pitiful. They killed off Coral for no reason whatsoever. Fair enough the boy was a shit actor but he saved Sadiq only to be killed off a few episodes later? The storyline has not developed any further in 8 episodes. Back to the boring Negan days.
  14. Paisley millionaires when we get yet another pay day from John McGinn [emoji857]
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