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  1. Or as a glass half full kind of person, the difference between draws and a win cost us a potential European slot. We had roughly 8 games squeezed into February due to covid (potentially some of that was our own doing). A few of our players struggled to recover from covid. We were only a few points away from guaranteeing top 6 but we ran well out of steam near the end of that month. We were practically safe at that point but we didn't have the squad to cope with the schedule to gain the extra win or 2 needed.
  2. Don't think it was available on SMTV to ST holders because it was shown on Premier Sports, bud. Might be wrong, usually am.
  3. I thought we did well. First half Thistle looked brighter, had a great chance with Graham but other than that and a couple of dangerous crosses we were OK. Our quality/fitness showed up well in the 2nd half and I don't think Thistle could have been too upset if it finished 4-0. We do seem to be able to mix it up a bit, go quite direct then played more football in the 2nd half. Ethan showed up very well I thought. Looked classy on the ball.
  4. Job done. We have never had it so easy qualifying in this group format so can't complain. Made a bit of a meal of making sure we were seeded for the next round but we have achieved that too. Would rather have played the game against Dumbarton as it has clearly scuppered our planning to get players up to speed. Onto Dundee for the big opener now.
  5. Turner looked quality. Tansers delivery by the way [emoji54]. Pleasantly surprised by it. Don't think he'll get as much time on the ball to whip in crosses against Premiership teams though.
  6. Should have had 3. Easy to see why he's playing with us and not Aberdeen anymore. Hopefully a bit more clinical in the league games.
  7. Craigen - StMirren are making hard work of this. Craigen a minute later- Thistle have had a poor start to the half and are gifting StMirren opportunities. He's getting good money for this
  8. I thought he swiped the Thistle boy unnecessarily, albeit it was his first foul it was probably a booking. If he gets a 2nd yellow he misses the game next week I'm sure.
  9. What a save from Alnwick. Arguably the 2nd best keeper in the league.
  10. Not very smart defending by Foster. Sticking his leg right out like that is asking for trouble. Especially when you can't see where the ball is.
  11. Thistle have had a decent start. A few dangerous balls into the box.
  12. Safety guaranteed with roughly 10 games to go and another semi final would be great going for us. Depends what our squad looks like come the transfer deadline but just now I think we have to be quietly optimistic.
  13. Was that the time there were more away fans than home fans at the game [emoji85].
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