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  1. Thats just social media for you. Absolute cringefest all round. The most important signing for us will be Keith Lasley. Excited to see what he can bring to the club, hopefully we can reach heights that we weren't able to do so under top 6 Tony.
  2. If I remember correctly they are a hybrid model, maybe a mix of full time and part time? We should be looking at a straight forward qualification here. Anything less is a complete failure.
  3. Mallan playing beside the Liam Craig and Murray Davidson of 5 years ago would be some midfield.
  4. One of the few then, most folk have reverted back to hating dirty Leeds since they papped the god Bielsa. Huge rebuild required in the summer. Too many players not good enough and likely to lose Raphinia and maybe Phillips too.
  5. Fair enough Pep has a ridiculous resources but he delivers titles. If he was a bald fraud he'd be winning f'ck all? Anyway today is all about Leeds .
  6. They were discussing Hairing's challenge being a potential red card and McCoist said if we had VAR it would have been a red card, Stewart replied saying its not as if he kicked someone in the head.
  7. is Michael Stewart trying to get banned off every media outlet?
  8. Why did Madden not stop the play there? Head knock for both players? Smart from McKay to get up and play on quickly. Offside too. Lets see what the Perth Saints are made of now.
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