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  1. Welcome to the Championship guys. Its going to be a tough one for you Jambo's with all the bullshit Ann Budge & Co are doing as we speak. She needs to build a bridge and get over it. Hearts will be the bookies favorite to win we can all agree on, but RN won't find it a canter like he did with Dundee Utd. All in all, best of luck and I hope you'll enjoy coming to EEP.
  2. Looks like a 'self harmer'. Instead of slashing himself with Stanley knife blades, he's took to having hideous looking tattoos on his heid.
  3. If I was you, I'd start worrying about this season on that performance by the so called Scottish Champions. We're in a transitional period just now bringing a lot of younger players in and they defended well against multi million pound players. It's either that or your directors are good at chucking money oot the windae.
  4. Aye, and he got his so called 'injury' against one of our smallest players on the park
  5. I would think so with the amount of£millions your club's shelled out on 'mediocre' players.
  6. I agree on that point. The songs that the Celtic spin out pre match, half time etc, is a bit bizarre. ie; Rod Stewarts take on 'Grace' a bit sentimental. Lovely song about an Irish Freedom Fighter being murdered by the British as an act of punishment, WTF has that doing being played at a football match? Oh, Rod Stewart singing a song apraising the creation of the Irish Republic and condemning the British authorities but accepts a Knighthood of the Realm, Fuckin hypocritical tosser.
  7. Enjoy yourselves doon here. You'll be here y a few years. 😂 😂 😂
  8. You;ll be doing some greetin at the end of the season when you find out that your staying put in the Cgampionship
  9. Aston Villa signed a future captain of their club for a low five figure sum who eventually won the European Cup for Villa. Thats right, our own Alan Evans.
  10. At least you'll get 4 Derbies next season. Ha ha ha ha HOPEFULLY
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