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  1. "Good news at last, Vincent, there's a bloke who'll give you 50 centimes for the frame. Vincent...Vincent....?!"
  2. The Annan guys are a bit quiet on here. Annan seem to blow hot and cold. They're in a good position in the League at the moment so are not to be taken lightly and have a good team but Edinburgh City won quite well down at Galabank a couple of months ago. It's telling that although we're playing Annan at home tomorrow night I have no idea whether it will be a win for us, a draw or a complete stuffing... my head says complete stuffing though...! A good Bankies support will make for a decent atmosphere at Galabank and the Social Club there is an excellent facility so you should enjoy your day out win, lose or draw. ETA: Of course the game is at Holm Park.. I thought it was in Annan for some reason. What a fud. Ach weel, go for a draw, get a visit to the Annan Social Club and win the replay!!
  3. He's been terrible, awful, not worth recalling from loan, not at all, not at all.....
  4. In 1915 there was a rent strike in Glasgow when landlords took advantage of an influx of shipyard workers for the war effort and the fact that many Glasgow men were fighting at the Front to bully the women into accepting a 25% increase. Led by Mary Barbour the women succeeded in forcing the Government to pass rent restriction laws for the duration. Presumably when the soldiers came home the rent restriction laws were scrapped, hence the need for charity matches. St Bernards and Leith Athletic themselves were in a bit of a state at the end of World War 1. The Gymnasium pitch had been damaged by use as a vehicle depot and Leith were semi-nomads on the lookout for suitable accommodation.
  5. I call one (possibly him) Von Hindenburg. At a Stenny v City game the so brave stewards told 13 year old Cara to get her feet off the back of an empty seat while ignoring the hospitality guys drinking Buckie from a glass bottle at the back of the stand.
  6. even the Aberdeen Sports Village has a better stand. And it's shite
  7. Tell you what, Mantis: Edinburgh City Whitehill Welfare (29 letters) Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale (27 letters) We'd be the big name club right enough!
  8. A crowd of wankers Might bring up a few folk for the day out plus a Dandy we drink with. I may even stand you a pint when I'm up there ya green trousered mushroom supper eating mutton molesting deviant.
  9. Hopefully this miserable fascist cnut will hit the streets in future. I'll probably end up in the cubes myself but so will all the other folk who annoy me.
  10. It's fit for people who watch athletics. It's barely fit for Leith Athletic let alone Edinburgh City But I expected nothing less tbh.
  11. Told youse. Edinburgh Council at its finest.
  12. ... especially one with a defence like City's! We'll get stuffed but I'll enjoy my day out. I've not been to Pittodrie since my student days in the early 90s.
  13. Don't mind a trip to Cappielow tbh Gordon, as long as it's not You Know Who we get...
  14. To name your campaign "These Islands" suggests to me that they're in favour of reuniting the Republic of Ireland with the UK which is an interesting stance.
  15. How can you be devastated Heed mate, you avoided getting a round in...
  16. Shame to see the big hoose (Gunsgreen?) in Eyemouth with the tiles aff. Hopefully it'll get repaired before too long. Eyemouth suffered 140 years ago when a windstorm on "Black Friday" in October 1881 wiped out their fishing fleet. There was a plan to expand the harbour but the money went to the North East instead otherwise Eyemouth United might have played in the Scottish League rather than Berwick or Peterhead.
  17. You're perfectly right HJ but, for example, the polis and the Council made it policy that Meadowbank couldn't play Hearts, Hibs, Rangers or Celtic at the Commonwealth Stadium. Oddly enough it was perfectly acceptable for Edinburgh City to play Hearts, Hibs and Celtic in pre season friendlies there... I still find it mental that Eyemouth United played Celtic at home in 1953!
  18. Incidentally Crawford Allan has perhaps a unique record in Scottish football: Just prior to retiring he officiated at a BSC game in the Lowland League at Alloa. One of his assistants was his daughter Vicki, a qualified assistant.
  19. Tumilty was a good ref in the East of Scotland League, as was Crawford Allan. It was always interesting to see a ref you remember as up and coming and who you saw doing Vale of Leithen v Edinburgh City end up reffing Hearts v Celtic etc.
  20. I tried FM and Digital at 12 and ten minutes after and got commentary of Franchise v Sevco which I wasn't particularly interested in. It annoys me when they muck about with the Sunday schedule and have OF matches on all three frequencies and OTB is on at 4 or something. Mind you it lets Tam and Stuart watch their big teams.... Heh heh...
  21. That guy would have got more votes with the slogan "Vote for Genial Harry Grout. If you know what's good for you.."
  22. Banks were originally formed as a temperance club- I did an article for the Edinburgh City v Banks o Dee Scottish Cup programme two seasons ago. There was a similar Junior club in Inverness called "Catch-my-pal" which was named after a Northern Irish temperance movement.
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