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  1. Unless the missing have all been dumped in some shallow grave somewhere the OP makes a good point. Given the fears of a "surveillance society" it seems easy enough to just disappear and not be found. 

    Anyway, does anyone know a good photographer? My passport photo is a bit out of date now...


  2. 11 hours ago, Tynie Pumblechook said:

    New series of Michael Portillo train journeys tomorrow.  Dunbar to Peterheid.

    train GIF

    He's doing well to get to Peterheid by train. 

    Portillo wouldn't be interested but you can see if you squint carefully a few footballl grounds on the way up: Dunbar United, New New Meadowbank, Stark's Park, Kirkcaldy YM (I think so- I blinked and missed it), Gayfield, Stonehaven Juniors, Banks of Dee

    There must be journey through west than can match this.

  3. 3 hours ago, TAFKAC said:

    When did James Hilton leave? I see he was a trialist for Stranraer yesterday. How did he get on with yourselves?

    The club just announced it today. We got him from Stranraer in the summer and he was a fans' favourite there.

    The City injury curse probably affected his career with us although quite a few fans liked him.

    With all the comings and goings the score check in the programme might have to be a 4 page pullout now. 


  4. 33 minutes ago, RubyTuesday said:

    A good rearguard action yesterday from City to keep the score down to 3 at Pittodrie. 

    32 shots to 1 was disappointing, but that is the gulf in class between the leagues. I'm sure Chairman Brown is happy with the swelling of the coffers from the 9,000 crowd. 

    Back to league action next week at Forfar, let's hope some of the spirit from the Kelty away game will be there. 

    24 of those Aberdeen shots went into the Stratosphere and 4 hit the woodwork 

    Anyway we pulled two goals back from Kelty last week and that makes us better than St Johnstone!

  5. Bump but

    I was talking to a guy who was involved with Galloway "a total c*nt of a man" who told me that George paid folk to go around smashing the windows of Asian shops so that he could put himself forward as the protector of Asians against the right wing.

    Fortunately Gorgeous George has been lying low since last May's failure.

  6. Some nice neat play from Aberdeen often ended up with the ball ballooning over the bar. An attractive team to watch but need to work on their shooting.

    We're reasonably happy with 3-0 and had a good day out. The only thing that spoiled it was it's almost as if your away end had recently hosted some foul ignorant knuckle dragging orcs who left their calling cards stuck all over the place.


    The glue isn't very strong on those stickers. One slipped "accidentally" into the urinals and was duly peed upon by some naughty fellow.... Heh heh heh....


  7. 45 minutes ago, Shandon Par said:

    Tabloids have been running and updating that “story” for a few days now. Literally just a couple of planes flying over, not especially low - no budding Rod Hulls we’re going to get knocked off their roof by the “low flying” jets. No sonic booms, no weddings accidentally bombed, no major injuries caused to Shandon Par, just a couple of planes on a exercise. Can’t believe the BBC have picked that up.


  8. 12 hours ago, miketheheadlesschicken said:

    Imagine agreeing to join in with that nonsense.

    What director of a diddy club will turn down free booze...?

    If Edinburgh City ever play Rangers it would be funny to have their directors take part in the ancient (since last week) Edinburgh City ceremony of drinking stewed tea out of a cracked mug with a picture of the Pope on it.

  9. Boyle was occasionally seen watching Dunbar United, his local team, and sponsored a player there. 

    Seems like a good guy for that at least.

    I don't know if money changed hands at the same time but Hibs swapped Alex Harris for Boyle with Dundee. Given the Hi-Dees Alliance surely a few petro-dollars should be Dens Park bound?


  10. 2 hours ago, big al said:

    You will need to return to sample the RDS then.

    I always liked The Northern Light re-christening it "The Dick Erection"

    They came up with an imagined headline for a story about Falkirk being booed by Aberdeen fans in the RDS:



  11. 2 hours ago, kingjoey said:

    Was the Airdrie match the one where it was 7-0? And if my memory isn’t playing tricks on me, was only one of a handful of matches played in Scotland that day because of awful weather everywhere but the North East.

    Unfortunately not. The Dandies won 3-1. Alex Smith was the manager.

  12. 13 hours ago, Salvo Montalbano said:

    I still do the slightly* more modern version of that - using a semicolon - if I'm texting my mates the starting XI and they're not at the game. 

    e.g. Fon Williams; Comrie, Donaldson, Connolly, Edwards; Lawless, Allan, Pybus, Dow; McCann, O'Hara.

    * Probably from the early 60s.

    [email protected], [email protected]; Good Guy; [email protected] 


    Yup, that works for me.

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