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  1. If I was being utterly pedantic, and why not, I would say all Scotland caps before 1890 came from non-(Scottish) League clubs.
  2. Change the word "Govt's" to "Labour" and take out "as we saw when Johnson humiliated him" and you can also use that passage to describe Sarwar. Are there any carpet chewing neo-Liberalism supporters in the Scottish Tories? It would be amusing to see one of them replace Ross as leader
  3. I wondered if McVey was in a marginal because there would be quite a few Tories in marginals looking at the polls and wondering if they shouldn't start pretending to care But McVey has a majority of 17,000. Her constituency is Tatton and people with long memories may remember Neil Hamilton getting booted out of there. Different circumstances though and Tatton looks fairly True Blue
  4. Incidentally seeing as I am a two time loser in that both the teams I supported have been f*cked about with by greedy spivs if anyone wants to me to go and hex their rivals then buy me a season ticket and I'll happily do it
  5. That would be the same John Bain who, when Blobby Hunter had made a pig's arse of running things at Almondvale and they looked like folding, came up to us Meadowbank fans at a Spartans v Edinburgh City game and said "Looks like you boys were right then" Of course you wouldn't read that in his self serving book
  6. Granny got CX% in his maths prelim. He took it in his IVth year.
  7. The actor who did Zippy's voice also did the Daleks He could have you exterminated
  8. I'm getting influenced by telepathic messages from P&Bs old codgers Must.... Support....Dundee United...or Aberdeen.....
  9. A wee hairy dug I saw at Carmuirs Park, Camelon on Wednesday:
  10. Sitting on the bench- when did Boris Johnson play for Stuttgart?
  11. I know they're petty and ill informed but time was there was some knowledge of lower league players. Usually when Stuart's team were in the Championship Anyway Ousman "Ouzy" See has been knocking about the SPFL for a mere 5 seasons - first for Edinburgh City (f*ck FCE) and then Forfar Athletic I think he's originally from the Far East ........ Of Leith
  12. Because it's not their team. Although I hate the FC Edinburgh Franchise more these days than the West Lothian Franchise
  13. Lancashire is shit Content paid for* by the Yorkshire Appreciation Society *The cheque's in the post. We don't part with brass that easily
  14. Douglas Ross is one of the Assistants today Of course the Capital Franchise being in the hands of pro laissez faire capitalists from well off Tory Edinburgh he is unlikely to face abuse from the travelling support (Sid and Doris McBonkers). It's you rough Mo rebels I'm worried about
  15. I take it said bakery doesn't have an outlet for its wheaten comestibles. Do newsagents still sell morning rolls?
  16. Gene Hackman is the age for serious Dead Pool consideration and has retired Sheryl Crow sat upon a wa' and fell and broke her jaw on a cold and frosty morning
  17. ^^^ Professor Jason Leitch found according to the Covid thread two years ago
  18. Deayton is in a comedy on Radio 4. I don't listen to it so I don't know if it's any good
  19. In those days of imperial measures based on the number 12 Orcadians had an advantage as they could count on their fingers
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