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  1. Obviously I wasn't at the game but you lost a late winner to a Stirling team who are the best in L2 after cash splashing Kelty.
  2. Maybe a mixture of both. Tranent are pretty decent- I saw them at Dunbar the other week and despite the match being a draw I was impressed by them
  3. We used to joke at City back in the East of Scotland days that we should go back to the tradition of having the committee pick the team and just having a trainer to concentrate on fitness I'll put my name forward- my manifesto is to get the bone idle shagbags to get up thae Gullane sand dunes and give 110% and to kick anything that moves.
  4. I suppose it's indicative of something in Scottish society that an argument can break out between posters over something as seemingly innocent as a cup of beef tea. Have a Bovril and chill out, maaaan.
  5. It's not YMC is it? I know it's not 4 letters but only Welsh abbreviated brand I can think. YMC eh? There, you've got the Village People in your heads now... Heh heh heh....
  6. I liked watching the cats dozing in front of the fire when they would occasionally twitch in their sleep and it looked like they were dreaming of chasing mice or killing me...
  7. As you watch the steak pie crust turn a lovely shade of burnt you just know the contents will still be uncooked...
  8. Another Smudger victim disposed off Carnoustie and carried by the tides..
  9. They have an impressive roll call of alumini to be sure but a secret cabal of AL Kennedy, Frank Skinner and Camila Batmangelidh running the world would be interesting... "Sting enrolled to study there, but left after a term". Maybe someone was watching every breath he took...
  10. I looked over at one point and he appeared amused when you were ranting about the opposing player trying to steal 5 yards at a throw in. The Champions League winning coach* Alex Miller has been spotted a few times watching the City at Ainslie Park. Donald Park and Billy Brown were also watching us today. *Benitez's assistant, Liverpool, 2005. At 1-0 if Bo'ness had got a second goal we'd have been out I think. The equaliser seemed to knock United off their stride and then we brought on subs in Robertson, Handling and Berry that were prepared to tackle and win balls. I was glad of the final whistle as I didn't fancy a replay at Newtown Park. Best wishes to the BUs for the rest of the season.
  11. Wait a week or two and you won't have to pay the Toonies for Peter Grant...
  12. I don't think Big Joe is available every weekend as he has a young family. Still you never know... Crawford has been helping City out recently so must want to get back into management
  13. Results haven't shown it granted but you're far from being a 2020-21 Brechin. There's some good players there and Buchanan is a goal scorer which is always a useful thing to have. Still a lot of the season to play and Kelty and Stirling apart (and a no great City got a draw with Stirling!) everyone is capable of beating everyone else. It's important to get the right man in of course but City still have to play at Central Park where we're usually rotten...
  14. He mentions his sister Emma. I saw her play and she was a good player. Not quite as "competitive" as Ryan though!
  15. Robbo on the bench? He'd have been good in a game like this. We come out to "Like a prayer". They fade it down just as Madge sings "Heaven help me"... Hope it isn't "huvnae a prayer"
  16. No, the Ed's computer ran out of coal so it's online thus denying the paying public.a chance to read TTB's article. You *may* be able to get a printed copy later if you ask nicely.
  17. I think I might, many years from now of course, snuff it in mid November. I'll miss Christmas and the funeral is likely to be on a freezing cold day in the pissing rain. I'd also request a Psalm that goes to about 100 verses is sung by the mourners. Reason why? If I'm not having a good time no-one else should!
  18. I'm predicting we get further in the Cup than Spartans and Dunbar United get further in the Cup than City....
  19. I am reminded of an old USSR gag A man goes into a shop and asks "don't you have any meat?" "Sorry" says the shopkeeper "we don't have any fish. The shop that doesn't have any meat is across the road.."
  20. I remember some government bigwig came to interview staff at the Ministry of Paperclips where I worked. The management saw fit to send Tam the Malcontent off to the basement to find some old files during the visit for some reason..
  21. Call me Columbo if you like but I don't think this was Grim's style
  22. I think ShandonPar/PeterGrant/whatever tries it most weeks. Unfortunately it's himself that's usually seriously injured.
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