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  1. I think it should be like New New York in Futurama. Just concrete over Aberdeen and build a new city on top of it. They did that in Judge Dredd. Mega City One was built on top of the old city. Underneath was the Undercity, a shadowy ruin where strange half blind cannibalistic mutants lived. Coatbridge basically.
  2. almost in Accies' hoops there. Can he play centre half...
  3. The cone of shame... Our last cat had taken a leap out of a high window before we got her and she'd damaged the nerve endings in the tip of her tail. She used to like to toast her bum next to the gas fire and occasionally the tail tip would get singed. I was always afraid when taking her to the vet that we'd be arrested for animal cruelty.
  4. Blue and red hoops eh? Big team fou... err.... blue... red... hoops....err....
  5. An invitation to a Jubilee street party has thudded onto the mat.... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! anyway I wonder if I could get anyway with playing this - the tune is "familiar" and maybe they'll no notice the words:
  6. Only from the 6 foot nettles in the Annfield pisser... like triffids they were!
  7. She caught a nasty dose off King Kong...
  8. Compared to Dumfries, Edinburgh has cinemas. Go us! Incidentally while England has Luton Town, Northampton Town etc. the only Scottish football club to be given the moniker "Town" was the short lived Dunbar Town of the 1930s.
  9. Danny Jardine signs contract extension. Good stuff and let's hope for an injury free season ahead.
  10. First pitch "invasion" I took part in was the last game on grass at Stirling Albion's Annfield. Meadowbank got promoted that day and Stirling fans were taking souvenir bits of the pitch. I tried to get my own only for a Central Scotland polisman to shoo me away "They'll need it for training, son" Any invasions I've seen are usually at the end of games in celebration- At Muirton Park when St Johnstone won promotion from the Second Division for example. When the dugouts were on the stand side there was a Raith loonie who sprinted across the track at Meadowbank to give Frank Connor some tactical advice and was huckled away quickly before he got a smack in the pus from the late, great Ian Paisley lookalike.
  11. Don't you be giving me any pox, ya crocheted bastud!
  12. It's always interesting when you find out where TV themes came from- I used to like the theme to This Week and I found out it came from Sibelius' Karelia Suite, the Box of Delights Theme is from a Carol Symphony by William Hely-Hutchison and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy comes from the Journey of the Sorcerer by The Eagles. anyway nostalgia rules in most people's choices. Odd that Scotsport and Sportscene haven't featured yet.. 5/ Inspector Gadget 4/ Dangermouse (can also be sung in Gaelic! Donnnnnnie Murrrrrdo!) 3/ The Munsters 2/ Steptoe and Son 1/ Blake's 7
  13. from the malcontent I spoke to Rosyth were getting shafted by Fife Council, Dunfermline Athletic FC and the supermarket. I fear Rosyth may end up going the way of Steelend Vics.
  14. I've lived near the Grey Horse for 40 years and never been in! and before yon bauchle @cowdenbeath says anything, naw, I don't owe anyone there a pint!
  15. Rosyth's ex Edinburgh City u20 Regan Lumsden might have been worth a punt but I think Tranent have got in there first... ...says Agent Tam
  16. They could replace the apes on Gibraltar
  17. pee-the-bed is a name for them in England given the diuretic properties of dandelions.
  18. At you at risk from monkeypox if you attend monkey tennis matches?
  19. I went to the Eintracht Frankfurt museum a few years ago at the ground. It's worth a visit and has a Kilmarnock pennant on display from when they played them in the 60s.
  20. Rosyth are due to move into a cage/ground at Pitreavie in the summer. I don't know how good it is though and it's not the old Jubilee Athletic ground with the stand as far as I'm led to believe.
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