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  1. I got an e-mail promising to teach me to read maps backwards It was spam
  2. Why did we leave the EU? That ship sailed in 1975.
  3. Which poses a question - what bird doesn't take any shit off crows? They harass buzzards, which are fairly big and I've seen red kites not take any crap from a crow but others on here have seen crows hassle red kites I haven't seen any crow v gull fights, I think they avoid each other. Are we therefore looking at something like a Golden Eagle?
  4. Put them in an envelope, post them back, don't put a stamp on the envelope.
  5. I think they stopped giving jurors knives and forks after the 12 Angry Men murders ..
  6. I wonder if that guy's ma ever met Giant Haystacks?
  7. You can sit next to Baroness Hale and that brooch...
  8. I'll presume it's waterproof otherwise get another watch for your toerag drowning activities
  9. Smudger to chair "Right, your time is up. Are you arguing with me, cunto. Stitch that .." SLASH! An audience full of Clyde and Juniors fans would be good...
  10. I can give you reassurance about this. Just simply PM me your bank details...
  11. I used to get it when I did a lot of searches in a short time.
  12. Presumably FC Capital Franchise can't get Meadowbank that night.
  13. He was always friendly and welcoming whenever Edinburgh City played Lothian Thistle, even when some of those matches were quite feisty! It's a private funeral and that's a matter for the family but I imagine there would have been a good turnout otherwise.
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