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  1. It will come as no surprise that this Brazier chap seems a bit ignorant. The colour was chosen by a committee of the Scottish Parliament in consultation with the Lord Lyon, King of Arms (whom I doubt is a raving McGlashan) and is officially Pantone 300. The Wikipedia entry on the Scottish flag is quite interesting. Various shades of blue were used depending on available dyes. The entry says the dark blue in the Union flag was used because that dye was the most durable for ships' flags.
  2. It's against the law but the Polis can't be bothered handing out the telts. Ten years ago in Edinburgh they had a campaign to encourage cyclists to use lights and a few got fixed penalties.
  3. Passed a wrecked car in the middle of the road near Discovery Quay in Dundee today Someone has been a cnut on the road...
  4. Anycunt has started Ach, I'm sure you're a good lad! I suppose if some fanny starts following you the tip is to let him follow you to the nearest cop shop and see if they still keep up their seethe.
  5. I quite like the vegan "ham and cheese" piece that Greggs do because the "cheese" has more taste than the ordinary cheese in their carnivore equivalent. I suppose it can be argued that having plant based equivalents is a way of persuading carnivores to at least consider going veggie/vegan. Like those "personality tests" the Scientologists lure people in for... (A pal did one. They said he was a psychopath. He accepted this quite happily and didn't join the cult)
  6. Unless the missing have all been dumped in some shallow grave somewhere the OP makes a good point. Given the fears of a "surveillance society" it seems easy enough to just disappear and not be found. Anyway, does anyone know a good photographer? My passport photo is a bit out of date now...
  7. Modern footballers? Pah! As kids we used to laugh at the "Kano" but as he seems to have turned into Ronnie Kray I won't laugh too much....
  8. He's doing well to get to Peterheid by train. Portillo wouldn't be interested but you can see if you squint carefully a few footballl grounds on the way up: Dunbar United, New New Meadowbank, Stark's Park, Kirkcaldy YM (I think so- I blinked and missed it), Gayfield, Stonehaven Juniors, Banks of Dee There must be journey through west than can match this.
  9. The club just announced it today. We got him from Stranraer in the summer and he was a fans' favourite there. The City injury curse probably affected his career with us although quite a few fans liked him. With all the comings and goings the score check in the programme might have to be a 4 page pullout now.
  10. 24 of those Aberdeen shots went into the Stratosphere and 4 hit the woodwork Anyway we pulled two goals back from Kelty last week and that makes us better than St Johnstone!
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