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  1. I'd have to catch a rhino, If he ruined my lino, They do as they please, Looking for cheese, They're not adored, For leaving big holes in my skirting board
  2. Stirling Fans- point him out at Ainslie Park tonight and we'll give him the birthday dumps...
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c7pde26569yo Just when @KnightswoodBear thought it was safe to go back into the water.... sea spiders!
  4. I heard on the radio that there are more humans in orbit around the Earth today than at any point in the history of space exploration. I suppose that's the ISS, the Chinese space station and Space X.
  5. I took the train to Stuttgart from Edinburgh 30 years ago. It was pre Channel Tunnel so there was a ferry trip between Dover and Ostend. Talked to a chap on the train between London Victoria and Dover. He gave me a can of Tennents Superlager which is the one and only time I've touched the stuff. Anyway night trains to Edinburgh to Europe sound fun.
  6. It's a pity Bill Werbeniuk isn't around any more. He liked to drink Canada Dry
  7. I suppose if it wasn't for Sir Clive and his wee popular microcomputer in the early 80s you wouldn't now have Yer Dad types like me posting shite on internet sites like this. We'd be sending letters in green ink to fanzines.
  8. A fool and his money are soon parted.... I suppose I'd better drag my unworthy carcass along tomorrow night too..
  9. Therese Coffey looks like Spoilt b*****d's mum from Viz. You can imagine Spoilt b*****d lookalike Gove saying in Cabinet meeyings "Blinking flip, woman, where's my Coco pops in warm milk"
  10. If it was a Glasgow fight it would be Pope John v Wee Arthur P...
  11. He was an Aberdonian. Tight fisted and not wanting to spill anything ETA: I saw his name is Rory Kerr although he'll be answering to Juan from now on
  12. He went into the woods and came out with a dirty habit
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