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  1. Nicola Roberts is a wid That fat shite Chris Moyles used to slag her off but where is he now? (Don't answer, I don't care)
  2. And yet they let you South Glasgow hooligans play Morton- scenes of terror in the leafy suburbs as the Greenock hordes are dispersed by handcrafted soap and rolled up copies of the Daily Telegraph.
  3. League Cup group: Stenny (familiar) Alloa (nice soup) Airdrie (can get there by train) And a franchise. All a bit meh really. I would have liked a trip to Easter Road or Tynie but they keep us apart from our noisy neighbours for some reason
  4. I've not been to Balloch for over 30 years but now you've warned me I might rock up dressed like Tom Weir looking like I'm walking the West Highland Way and sneak past the cops but my rucksack will be full of Vitamin T...
  5. While I tend to agree wouldn't leaving corpses everywhere add to the littering problem? Unless you feel seagulls could dispose of the problem quickly.
  6. You'd best avoid "Back in the USSR" (plane noise), "Stand and Deliver" (neighing horse), "Bicycle Race" (ringing bells) "Flash" (laser beams), "Manic Monday" (alarm clock), "The Ying Tong Song" (bomb falling, explosion)....
  7. Bad photo imho Two Glaswegians on Arran One says "Is that Goat fell?" The other replies "No, but he's not very steady looking"
  8. Some fuds cut down a couple of trees in Rosiemurchus for a campfire and set fire to a 150 year old tree. I blame the end of public service broadcasts for people being lazy and ignorant. Pity more of them don't go and rescue kites from substations.
  9. For the school that was a fete worse than death.
  10. The Good Ship Ponce was launched in 1970 and has been decommissioned with the laser moved to USS Portland. The Ponce was replaced in its forward role by the USS Lewis Puller (fnarr). Apparently Argentina was interested in buying it which caused the MOD concerns it gave the Argies an ability to reinvade the Malvina.. sorry, the Falklands. Which leads to a Yes Minister type scene Hacker: I'm worried about the Ponce Sir Humphrey: Oh Minister, I'm sure Boris thinks you're doing a good job..
  11. Did you represent Thistle at the Court of Session and the Arbitration meeting recently by any chance....
  12. Crawler. You should have held out for a mug ya daft p***k!
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