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  1. Stories from the Courts

    no, it's Scotland's next centre half. McLeish reckons he's more mobile than Mulgrew.
  2. Things you want to share with P&B

    That was the story in an Oor Wullie cartoon c.1978 I think...!
  3. Keiller? Well, it might...
  4. Edinburgh City Vs Waspies

    my hope for the semi-final is but it'll be tough. and talking of obscure "Absolutely" references I always thought Stoneybridge was in Clackmannanshire for some reason..
  5. Tommy Robinson to visit Hearts

    Only You noticed that..
  6. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Looking for Grant Collie were they....?!
  7. Unpopular opinions.

    as is asking me for spare change. I'm a tight c*nt, there's no such thing as "spare change" in my world.
  8. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    liver or kidney?
  9. Unpopular opinions.

    this boy had tanks, shiny boots and hunners o' medals. he was also a bit shite.
  10. Things you want to share with P&B

    ^^^^ scared his boss reads P&B.
  11. Caption This

    I'm Rodger looks on creepily as Granny Danger cops off with a typical Dondeh granny (aged 26)
  12. Random things you didn't know.

    Bernard Cribbins used to advertise Fray Bentos on the telly. He is one of a number of actors who have appeared both in Carry On films and Dr Who. Two actors who actually played Dr Who appeared in Carry On films- William Hartnell "Carry on Sergeant" and Jon Pertwee "Carry on Screaming" and "Carry on Cleo".
  13. Random things you didn't know.

    there was. my friend worked in there. never offered to get me any discounts though, the boot.
  14. Poverty Proofing

    According to my coat I was Lord Antony.
  15. Donkeys XI

    Conlon as you say is currently playing for Morecambe, who are skint and can't afford to sign anyone else so perhaps he's lucky that way! Kevin Twaddle was signed by St Johnstone from Dunbar United. I can remember going to a Dunbar game and hearing this conversation: 1st auld guy: "I see that Kevin Twaddle is at Motherwell now.." 2nd auld guy "Aye, funny that, I always thought he was shite when he played for Dunbar..." Hibs fans came up with a song for Dow when he played for Hibs: "Andy Dow, Andy Dow, He's Andy, Andy Dow, He gets the ball and does f*ck all, Andy, Andy Dow.." Once on the books of Chelsea. Pre-Abramovich Chelsea it goes without saying.