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  1. I don't know Maybe a board who won't annoy the fans by changing the team name?
  2. I was hoping Rees Mogg would become Chancellor And reintroduce the Groat.
  3. Bo Bo Boris Johnson, England's greatest love machine...
  4. Boris doesn't go, Backbenchers get twitchy, men in grey suits sharpen knives, Boris resigns, next idiot comes in, wins election, Labour in mess, Tory boot stamps on human face forever
  5. Army spokesman Major Denis Bloodnok commented "Lies, all lies. I know nothing about this! They had to force that money on to me.. eouighh!"
  6. Herbalife seller sounds like a euphemism for a cannabis dealer to me You're unlikely to lose much weight with the munchies though
  7. I had a mate at school who lived in a big house with 4 bogs (one of them was outdoor but it still worked) This seemed paradise to me living in a 6 person house with only one cludgie. Our family motto was "aww, who's in the bog?!"
  8. Yes. 1997 when the future "Saviour of Capitalism" Gordon Brown flogged off the UK gold reserves on the cheap because he was a twat.
  9. The Foreign Office had better be on top of their brief- Boris is known to take a keen interest in "Ugandan Affairs"
  10. Where do Hibs B play their matches? The Hibs training centre is not the greatest of places to watch football. Maybe they'd hire Ainslie Park for the Brechin game?
  11. Tbh I'm only thinking of the experience with Edinburgh City. We skooshed the LL two years in a row but couldn't buy a win in League 2 until we got some experienced Scottish League players in. Some players who did really well in the LL struggled in the Scottish League while others (the ones that were superfit mainly) adapted to the League. If the Rose do well this season then that's fine with me, I just feel they could do with one or two more League experienced players that's all.
  12. Whisky for teeth definitely. But you can also apparently make an emergency filling from candle wax
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