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  1. There's an annoying constant drone at every World Cup... ...then Engerlund get knocked out and the commentators shut up about them
  2. In Edinburgh Wednesday was a half day. When I was young some shops shut at Wednesday lunch time, including the Post Office - that was the early to mid 1980s. Here is an Ardath card of Aberdeen Shop Assistants The back of the card says "Formed 1919 and plays in the Wednesday Juniors League". There was a similar League in Edinburgh.
  3. The newspaper article was in the Dumbarton exhibition because the Sons drew with Buckie in the Cup, had to travel up to Buckie for the Wednesday replay and as the players were part timers they did a double shift on the Friday to make up their wages. This is the excuse given for Dumbarton's record loss to Albion Rovers on the Saturday after the original Buckie game.
  4. I took a trip to the Dumbarton 150 year exhibition today. From one of the exhibits here's crowdwanking 1926 style- QP getting three times the crowd Rangers got...
  5. Back at the dawn of football there was a difference between the English approach and the "Scotch" game. The English tended to go in for hacking, the Scots were renowned for dribbling the ball to try and beat opponents. Would less emphasis on heading lead to better emphasis on other skills I wonder. It used to be the last resort of the desperate manager to "stick the big lad up front and launch balls at him" in the hope of getting a headed goal
  6. Expensive car turning on to the M73 from a slip road- instead of slowing and letting the two lorries go past and then joining the main road he nips in the gap between them causing the rear lorry to break. I just don't get the mentality really. Also folk that drive with their fog light on when it's not foggy. Do most cars not have a light on the dashboard showing the fog lights on?
  7. Players cutting socks drove the treasurers of Scottish non League clubs mad "Do thae cnuts no ken how much replacing socks costs us?"
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if the audience had a good percentage of hypocritical No voters in it.
  9. I used to like EasyJet but the cnuts cancelled my flight in May so they can feck off
  10. I hired a kilt from Slater's in Edinburgh last year and the service was good. My "whistle and flutes' come from Oxfam anyway... Mate recommends a garage in Port Seton for MOTs. Owners are god fearing church goers who are honest.
  11. Cheers. 3 games in 40 years- at least they're not bored of each other!
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