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  1. she'd better not move too fast or she'll rub herself out.
  2. Looks like the Shriners logo. In the past, Shriners have practiced hazing rituals as a part of initiating new members: in 1991, a would-be Shriner sued the Oleika Shrine Temple of Lexington, Kentucky over injuries suffered during the hazing, which included being blindfolded and having a jolt of electricity applied to his bare buttocks. I wondered why you were walking funny the other day, Scrooge...
  3. glas, flasch, flasch, glas... just like zat.... laff or I vill haff you all shot.
  4. A decline in hard paper rounds is to blame IMHO.
  5. was she a "wid"? if so, I'd have let her away with any grammatical error.
  6. Maroon Coat, wandering about the place aimlessly with no seeming purpose, whistling to himself. You should call him Craig Levein.
  7. The Crags went a bit poncy a few years ago and is now The Salisbury Arms. I'm not sure where the Pollock crowd would go to drink now although there are metal student types in the Auld Hoose
  8. Does anyone remember late 70s/early 80s kids TV programme "Children of Fire Mountain"? That was set in NZ and had a volcano in it.
  9. Randall and Gordon D (deceased) is what came to mind after reading that. .
  10. he should stick to reading pawn mags and bashing his bishop and give the others a chance.
  11. pics or... there must be an embarrassing P6 photo of your class you can post on here and give us all a laugh.
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