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  1. Bulk buy

    it's hard to cut columbian nose powder with tabs...
  2. The wife was right on the grounds that if there's a packet of biscuits lying on the pavement in Aberdeen that hasn't already been attacked by scorries then there must be something wrong with it.
  3. Quick Question Thread

    Is the number below Granny Danger there his age?
  4. Unpopular opinions.

    oh, those Russians....
  5. Best school fight you saw

    Has Ruel Street been booked for the DA Baracus v Throbber fight yet? Or you could hold it in Queen's Park and call it "The Rumble in Strathbungo"...
  6. Strumpets of yore

    is the lovely Clare the first person to appear in both this thread and the MILF thread?
  7. same cycling style as the average Deliveroo cnut...
  8. City vs Peterhead

    like taking the point off City that they gained against Peterhead and giving it to Clyde maybe?
  9. Edinburgh City

    The board are keeping things tight as a fish's bathing costume/Rod Petrie's wallet. Still a season to go at El Stadio de Spamtins though.
  10. looking into my crystal ball I could be posting in June "The SFA would have killed for a crowd like that against Cyprus..."
  11. Unpopular opinions.

    aye, but Ziva. Wid.
  12. Things you want to share with P&B

    It certainly was. Out at the Pans. East Lothian Council have had to put a flag on top to warn aircraft.
  13. Things you want to share with P&B

    Given some of the "jokes" that get broadcast I've always thought that the sharp wits on here could earn a few bob sending in jokes to Radio Scotland/Radio 4 extra's topical comedy shows.
  14. When did you join our online community?

    his latest ploy is to post as a mad Liverpool/Whitehill supporter apparently... the twisted b*****d!