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  1. I thought it was all my old man's fault for taking part in the teachers' strike in the 1980s. The same argument will be trotted out in 20 years time when we fail to qualify yet again "it was that covid thing that shut schools for 6 months is the reason we're shite" Hibs had a Colts team in the EOSL for a couple of seasons a few years ago. I don't think Hawick and Eyemouth saw thousands of Hibees flock to their grounds although there was a wee bit of money made flogging programmes to mad Hibs collectors.
  2. Celtic should have offered to play their Colts to help struggling new club The Rangers when they were in the lower leagues...
  3. Gilbert and Sullivan should have rewritten the Pirates of Penzance: "Oh it is, it is, it is a wonderful thing, But I can't get my Nat King.. "
  4. I used to know a Macedonian bird who was into Dostoevsky. Mad cow. Fortunately the one I'm friends with now prefers less complicated stuff like Agatha Raisin. Emile Zola had a brother who wrote cheesy novels. He was Gorgon Zola.
  5. Was the Illinois Enema Bandit the film where Burt Reynolds disappeared up his own arse?
  6. Why don't you have a tin opener? I've got two in the house
  7. Spent a few days deep cleaning the kitchen last week for something to do. Saw a fucking mouse tonight. Hopefully it will eat the poison I've put down but I really would prefer the little furry b*****d to be Smudgerfied. I don't have a cat now alas.
  8. Stuart Rennie was Edinburgh City manager in the late 80s and came back as assistant 2000-2003. His laddie played for City at the same time. His nickname at the time was "Basil" after Basil Fawlty..
  9. Must be against Clyde with their massive support Social distancing isn't usually a problem at City games...
  10. At a Half Man Half Biscuit concert I went to Nigel the lead singer started imagining a scene where "U2's Bonzo is talking to his pal The Hedge.."
  11. I learned today that the patron saint of Bulgaria is also the patron saint of pie makers.
  12. If there's a Tiger Woods in the world then there's surely room for a Smudger Throbber
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