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  1. I might start the campaign to have the capital of Scotland moved to Greenock. Greenock town hall looks more like a parliament that the concrete bunker next to Lizzie's hoose.
  2. We used to have a fairly extensive suburban rail network in Edinburgh, not quite as big as Glasgow's but big enough. For example there was a station near where Ainslie Park is now. Beeching did for most of it. Glasgow kept things like the Cathcart line because it voted Labour while we were stupid enough to vote Tory (serves us right I know). Most of Edinburgh's old lines are now cycle tracks. The South sub survives as a goods line and is sometimes pressed into service when there's rail works between Haymarket and Waverley.
  3. We got an R.E. trip to Nunraw Abbey in 2nd year. The school coach stopped in Haddington and the bad boys tanned some Kestrel from the local Mace and drank it at the back of the bus.
  4. Did the boss's favourites get to see Arran while the bad boys were made to face Broomfield?
  5. I had mince and tatties for tea. Washed down with a bottle of Double Joker IPA which I hadn't realised, when I bought it, is 8.3%.
  6. 1991 Scottish Junior Cup Final at Brockville: Newtongrange Star v Talbot. Star support were in that end. 2.45: I'll get a pie before kick off... Bloody sold out!
  7. Fox in the garden the other day. They clean themselves a bit like cats oddly enough.
  8. Falkirk Stadium (A Shire game in this case) Elgin Bathgate Thistle Guess Guess again Whitburn Juniors Fauldhouse United Dundonald Bluebell I eat a lot of pies.
  9. It wasn't the more famous Celtic and Hearts John Colquhoun (who'd played for Stirling Albion) but it was a relation (nephew?) who played that night. Hendrie was a Meadowbank legend and, yes, Graeme "Louis" Armstrong also played with Stirling.
  10. Tin pot things in English football: Having to stop the televised live FA Cup tie between Cheltenham and Man City because neds have let off fireworks at the back of the ground
  11. Metz? I thought you were more of a Meths drinker Bert!
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