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  1. Think positive. Mo might play as badly as Barry the Crab's XI in one of the games and only take 10 points from them.
  2. I always thought Berwick was a very nice place. It's the over optimistic twats who support the wee gers who let the place down.
  3. So true Pid. Nanna's performance at Links Park early season was far worse than any I've seen this season - even taking into account our abysmal showings under George Shields. Your second game at Links Park was little better. Looks very like the mingers to stay in 4th spot.
  4. With both teams having been beaten by the Wee Gers in the last week this is set up to be the pishiest game ever.
  5. Three points to smokies this weekend. Colin Steven to be referee. He'll not let our players kick the ball or our goalkeeper handle it. Horrible, horrible referee.
  6. Haven't you ploughboys got ploughing to do instead of living on memories of what happened a long, long time ago?
  7. Jocky does not fit the bill for part-time footballers. Also I was told that he's Stuart Garden's father-in-law which would be an added unwanted complexity.
  8. Mullen was worth his weight in gold to AR yesterday, He blocked 2 goal bound efforts and kicked one of the line.
  9. I got told he came from Annan. Probably nonsense.
  10. George It is simple, if you have not already resigned, give up you are hopeless.
  11. Goodbye George To lose to a team as dire as Elgin were (especially the second half) is totally unacceptable.
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