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  1. Terrific Club Photos

    7 ...
  2. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

    The first two series were strongly used as back story for the avengers, but it definitely feels very apart from the cinematic universe now which is good. Not seen last episode yet but they have plenty of places to go with using ghostrider, and as said having daisy back on team. Think Ian decasticker SP. 'fitz' and john hannah worked really well together not because they are scottish but because they gave really good performances worthy of any movie. Coulson is great for cheese factor and was great to see that chemistry of Ward and Daisy again , i don't even remember the other guy lol.
  3. Better Call Saul

    i think what is so gripping and wonderfully done about this, is we know where he ends up and it is like watching a car crash. Think the writers have wporked this web well, quite keen to go back and watch bb and see 'saul' in a new light and see how it adds up.
  4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

    Finally caught up on series 4 after being so disappointed by season 3 and it seems to be back on track. Watching chloe bennet is never a task. Thought they tackled ghost rider well and the 'matrix' rip off is quite good fun. I think because they have stopped taking themselves too seriously it makes it much more fun to watch.
  5. Every year i think surely this is it, ageing side and am unimpressed by the signings, time for the slide, happy to be proved completely and utterly wrong. Just amazing saints have done it again. Certainly would agree with Stuart Cosgrove on OTB that Danny Swanson has shown himself to be a complete professional and i wish him well at hibs next year.
  6. whisky lovers

    have to admit i thought Glenfiddich 12yr was a bit of a brand, but bloody hell it is nice smooth stuff. Glenmorangie is overpriced for what it is and certainly wouldn't try glenalba in a pub as it is likely £50-60 a bottle retail lol but bet it tastes sweet as, hide that one from the mates. Late night nice sunsets a wee treat i would think.
  7. The Pearbuyerbell appreciation thread.

    do i really have to be the first to say it? FOSYTC
  8. Fox Hunting

    Suppose they could just trap them in cages then give them an injection? A massively high percentage of the foxes shot will die instantly as you can squeek them very close to the lamp. Similar to culling roe or fallow deer they tend to pretty close and brought out into fields, not half chance shots through trees etc.
  9. Craig Whyte Trial

    sure there is a joke in this somewhere, just can't think of it...
  10. Saints vs Hearts

    Wow the 3rd team in Edinburgh is really pish, soon to become 4th next year if this continues.
  11. Game of Thrones

    Still not giving much away with that trailer. I think the blue eye at the end is just paying lip service to the fan theories this whole world is set inside a giants blue eye. Either winter has arrived at Kings landing or Cersei has taken up the crack pipe. With all the build up i have a horrible feeling this season might be a let down as they will rush through many storylines in the alloted 7 episodes.
  12. Iron Fist

    Certainly wont rush back to watch it again, but not a bad attempt. Loras Tyrell is a bit of a whiney bitch though, pretty much all the characters have lost their parents yet you never really hear how because of his constant self absorbed drivel. I suspect he hasn't done much training for this either as the fight scenes are pretty slow paced and the other chars look a damn site better at fighting than danny. Anyone catch the scene when he was at the graves .. 'daniel son' surely an easter egg to karate kid.
  13. Saints vs Hearts

    The jambos defence seems to be under the illusion they are Brazil or Barcelona, instead of sticking the laces through the ball and clearing their lines. If you pressure them at the back you get rewards. So 3-0 to hearts it is then.
  14. Congratulations Celtic, i don't think anyone could have forseen the title remaining at parkheid. Good luck next season as it sure to be a close run one horse race again.