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  1. Brechin winning, now we sit in the play off place. Don't fancy any of the teams we could face
  2. Aye congrats methilites. Hopefully we confirm league 1 football next week and see you next season. East fife on the mantle piece,ha! Enjoy.
  3. Ach....Thought Masterton had resurfaced at East End Park when i saw the title.
  4. That news is ancient, been doing the rounds for the past few weeks.
  5. Ah, now that Alloa's season is finished, here we have Wasps1 annual summer transfer speculation of other clubs.
  6. When Charlie Richmond gave it up, Finnie jumped to the top spot of refs I hate doing our matches. An absolute imbecile, all match he is to be centre of attention. He is closely followed by Smokey Salmond, Alan Muir, and John "injury time loving" McKendrick.
  7. Aye we are heading in opposite directions. Still, be fun to watch the pars spending money they don't have trying to compete with the big clubs of the championship.
  8. The playoffs were 20 months ago, and the redundancies were well over a year before that. But please, continue to find some sort of correlation between different events in our recent history to try and make El Bakhtaoui seem overrated. Does not matter when it was, no admin equals no redundancies equals no signing league 1 or 2 level players.
  9. Was absolute gash in the play offs against Cowden, if the Townies never had to make redundancies, he would never have been let anywhere near the first eleven.
  10. Just as well Brett etc would not get in to the townie side, would not want to see decent players being made redundant when admin 2 comes along.
  11. Jim Leishman talking s**te before the play off match couple of seasons back.
  12. Or Bluebell giving that twat of a townie mascot his tatties at ht.
  13. For being a horrible wee cnut in his Abroath days. Karma though when he assisted in the first and last goals in the play off, could not have happened to a better player.
  14. Aye, you humped a pub team team in the league, you got there in the end though (3-0 ) Still it will mean nothing as you will still fcuk it up in the play offs at the end of the season.
  15. Calderwood was at the Hearts game last December, I thought either he is catching up with Nicholl or he was going to replace Nicholl, sadly the latter did not materialise.
  16. We should just let the Townies have their moment of fun taking the piss out of us, trust me they are going the same way as the Townies pre admin, we may be in league 2 but they will be gone.
  17. Yes true, but when you are bottom and chuck away a win it feels like 3 points dropped.
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