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  1. Smashing looking kit, can't wait to get my hand on mine.
  2. Who is sitting hitting the refresh button, lol.
  3. Must be the most anticipated Cowden shirt ever.
  4. Trying to visualize how the sponsor will look on it. Will it be red?, combination of blue ond white? or on a white panel? Either way I got my cash for it put aside, looks a cracker.
  5. New Man U away kit released today, based on a wall in some part of Manchester apparently.
  6. For some reason I was thinking it was at Cliftonhill Flannery wiped out Keith. That was the best part of that game Meechan o.g,lol.
  7. Ahh, Sandgate. Forgot about that, 9 weeks they had to water a corner of the pitch. Was it no a hour or so before kick off it was called off?
  8. A Baldy East Fife fan at Central getting skelped over the heed with a half eaten pie at half time.
  9. It was Scott Walker, dished it out but couldn't take it. Pretty sure in the same game the ref (Charlie Richmond am sure it was) gave Alloa a free kick when the Alloa player tripped over the ball with not a Cowden player within yards of him. Unbelievable. Mind when Big Stu had the whole coach singing who let the Coo oot on the way back from Elgin years ago, classic. A big miss.
  10. Morton player, can't mind his name, but he had a really thick beard, he was having a rant at the terracing side linesman about a decision and a Cowden fan shouted at him to go shave his stupid looking beard aff, he gave it the get it up ye sign to the Cowden fans and he got sent off, ha! In the 2000/01 season, home game against Elgin, was 0-0 deep in to injury time, some of us already walked around to the stairs, ball went out of play and a few of us said that will be that and we just got out the gates when we heard a roar, proceeded to dash back up the stairs to see the ball in the Elgin net and the Cowden fans and players in celebration, gutted. Think Toorie scored it, sure the game was on a Sunday.
  11. Yeah there has usually been wee snippets about the kit a week or so before the gala on twitter etc + for pre-orders.
  12. I see on the website that if you take the player sponsor elite package for next season you will receive the players 50th anniversary commemoration shirt, sounding like the kits will be based on the 1969/70 kits, hoping so.
  13. Or having the Raith midfield and defence in his back pocket when we beat them 3-1 at starks in 2006.
  14. Way before my time when he played for Cowden, but saw him against us in the early 90's. A brave, no nonsense player, with real leadership qualities. Tells you everything when he was known as Mr Dunfermline and got a stand named after him. Tragic loss. Got his signature on my programme after they pumped us 4-1 in 1992 at East End.
  15. Had a very big hand in us not being a lowland team, gutted to see him go. Admiteedly to good for this level though.
  16. Kits usally get revealed a week or so before the Cowdenbeath Gala where they become available to buy, which is a week on Saturday, so must be imminent, hopefully.
  17. There is one shirt I would have loved to have owned was the 94/95 one, I maybe the only one that thought it looked smart, lol. Yeah would be fantastic to have bespoke based on that kit, hopefully it's not just another template.
  18. Still have my Paulas Benara 97/98 shirt, it was quite rare back then for a club just to have a kit design for one season, etremely rare to come across one. Benara era kits were some of the finest designs we have had.
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