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  1. Heavy rain most of the day Friday/Sat Morning, Sat afternoon more rain/Thunderstorms forecast.
  2. Can remember when Levein sent Kenneth out on loan to Cowden, Levein felt Kenneth thought he was Billy big time and had made it in the game, he came to Cowden to find out that you need to put in hard work and 100% commitment.
  3. Are they on sale at Central from tomorrow morning or just before game? Not making it to the game so trying to see if it would be better ordering it from FN. Cheers.
  4. 😍 Smashing looking kit, can't wait to get my hand on mine.
  5. Who is sitting hitting the refresh button, lol.
  6. Must be the most anticipated Cowden shirt ever.
  7. Anyone know the time it's getting revealed?
  8. Trying to visualize how the sponsor will look on it. Will it be red?, combination of blue ond white? or on a white panel? Either way I got my cash for it put aside, looks a cracker.
  9. New Man U away kit released today, based on a wall in some part of Manchester apparently.
  10. For some reason I was thinking it was at Cliftonhill Flannery wiped out Keith. That was the best part of that game Meechan o.g,lol.
  11. Ahh, Sandgate. Forgot about that, 9 weeks they had to water a corner of the pitch. Was it no a hour or so before kick off it was called off?
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