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  1. Yep, looks like it's the final straw for Coxy, walked away from the ground during the game tonight as his mental health was made a joke of again by a certain Stenny player. He is saying on facebook he is finniished with Football. Ref wasn't interested when David brought it to his attention. SFA and Stenny need to take serious action.
  2. Got beat 3-1, am sure it was Gus Malone that scored for us. They did give Sumo it tight, think he played a handful of games for them the previous season.
  3. Was huving a rumage through some old stuff earlier and came across a some old Cowden stuff. Cowden 91-92 team pic from a special Central Fife Times edition from 2003 Got a photo taken of me sitting in the drivers seat of the striking team bus away at Berwick in 91, lost it many years ago though. My season ticket book from 2000-01 season, brilliant season following the team home and away. And the match programme looking a bit tatty v Clydebank in the cup from 1992..
  4. Yep, 3-1, 3-2, 2-0,1-0 in the league and 3-0 in the league cup.
  5. Toorie scoring the winner to beat Elgin 1-0 in 2000/01 season, on a Sunday I think, a right few of us were already out the gates when he scored.
  6. Remember that, the noise we made when it went it, we all clapped the players off the pitch at the end which seemed to go on forever, lol.
  7. 14 June Czech Republic @ Hampden 18 June England @ Wembkey 22nd June Croatia @ Hapmden
  8. Beuty. Got mines ordered. When is the last time we had a white away kit? Late 80's early 90's?
  9. Sandy Robertson's shirt from the Scottish cup match at ibrox in 1991 on ebay. We're these shirts bought from a local sports shop on the day of the game or Am I imagine it/thinking of something else.?
  10. Was watching on YouTube the 1989/1990 Scottish league goals. Celtic wore green socks with their home kit against Dunfermline at East end Park in 1989. Don't know if they did this all the time against Dunfermline prior to this match.
  11. Was never going to surpass last seasons belter. Same blue body/white sleeves as the 2010/11 shirt. Your average looking kit, but why oh why have we reverted back to red socks? Should have been white or blue. Will still get shirt to help the club. Can we please have a yellow/green away shirt, blue shorts and white socks
  12. Thie following is from an article on the Aberdeen website titled, the history of the blue kit. Goes on to say it possibly could be links with Chelsea in the 50's. By the mid 60’s it had been altered to be a blue shirt with white and red stripes. https://www.afc.co.uk/2017/06/26/the-history-of-the-blue-kit/
  13. The first game a 3-3 draw with the Bankies, I honestly thought we were going to do no bad, then think it was the Wednesday night following we got roasted of the pars, then it was pretty much humping after humping from then on in with a win over Ayr being the highlight till we got a shock win at eep. Cup run should have went a further round if we scored the penalty that the bottler of a ref never gave vs Hibs in the cup. Another highlight was big Eric punching the niggling George McCluskey.
  14. He just left when I started following Cowden, so just going with the keepers I have seen play.
  15. Damn good keepers, John Martin, Craig Gordon, Davie Hay, Thomas Flynn & David McGurn. Ok keepers, Buzz Lamont, Stevie O'Hanlon, Alan Combe, Andy Carlin, Kyle Allison & Youseff Bejaoui. In between ok/bad, Stevie "Away" Hutchison, and Ross Godfrey. Useless and murder, Stephan Gollasch, Stephen Orr & Michael Andrews.
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