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  1. Exactly. What little I have seen of Stirling, left me wondering why he didn't feature more often. Naysmith clearly does not rate him for whatever reason. I am pleased we have Thomas back. His is more of a mercurial talent and at least Naysmith will definitely give him some game time.
  2. It was freezing. How we didn't score at least a couple I will never know. We did not play particularly well but should have won. Never mind, I still enjoyed a good day out. Great turnout from the Queens fans today.
  3. Any idea what the parking is like near the ground?
  4. He is certainly very left-footed going by the clip posted earlier. He looks like he has some pace and plenty of skill.
  5. Queens have signed Dom Thomas on loan from Motherwell. Right-winger.
  6. Dom Thomas is joining us from Motherwell. He is a 20 year old right winger.
  7. Falkirk vs QOS

    Hoping for a flukey draw but more or less expecting a heavy defeat. Just hope new manager bounce can give the players some impetus but not expecting much difference from last few games.
  8. I was there as well. A wild stab in the dark would be in the region of 2000. Possibly not quite as many but not far off.
  9. Disappointed with that draw.
  10. Anyone got an open all mics link?
  11. I have every confidence that he will make a significant impact. He looks leaner than last time and has such tremendous experience behind him. I just wonder if he will play in a more withdrawn role as he has been doing for most of his time in England. Just give him the ball and let him work his magic.
  12. I haven't posted in ages and now I am speechless. The man is a legend. What a signing.
  13. Chris Mitchell

    He was such a good player for us. Truly tragic news. Thoughts are with his family and friends.
  14. Queens v Livingston

    That was awful. We were marginally the better side in the first half but were far from convincing. We can't seem to keep possession for a prolonged period of time. Livingston were far better than us in the second half. They played quite a few long balls and their side is certainly not lacking in height. We looked powderpuff in comparison. I thought only Marshall and Hilston emerged with any credit whatsoever although Thomson didn't do much wrong. Our midfield was terrible throughout. No skill, no creativity, no pace. Bottom 4 is definite based on that woeful performance.
  15. Any news on tonight's U20 match v Queen's Park?