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  1. Was interesting to hear Craig Fowler on the Terrace podcast say that it was Ann Budge that offered Zlamal to us rather than us asking
  2. Can’t wait to Czech out who our emergency goalkeeper is
  3. One of those rare victories with no positives to take whatsoever. Shite.
  4. Hard to fathom that St J aren’t 2/3 In front, some glorious chances missed
  5. Is Magennis not the club captain? Yeah Accies TV commentator keeps calling him that though 😂 obviously got his Kyles mixed up
  6. I was under the impression our own channel was showing it going by the website? It’s Audio only I believe
  7. Probably clubs wanting to sign players before signing off on the players coming to us?
  8. Tony Fitzpatrick spoke before the game on St Mirren TV about some changes behind the scenes (new General Manager etc). I did think it was interesting there was no mention of Gus
  9. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5883764/st-mirren-to-axe-mcpherson-cost-cutting/ Doesn’t look like he’s being replaced.
  10. “Founded in 1893” is Dundee too
  11. Less than half an hour after the final whistle of the first game of the SPFL season & we’re previewing the English FA Cup final
  12. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3726-football-is-back St Mirren charging £12.50 per game on PPV
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