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  1. I love the “enthusiasm” of whoever the co commentator is for Saints Tv is today 😂
  2. You’d think the SPFL would have to be provided with some kind of evidence before they would postpone a game
  3. Came on to point out how thick John Hughes is but I see I’ve been beaten to it
  4. The 5-2 game at tynecastle last season I was off as soon as the 5th went in
  5. McCarthy called up to Ireland U21s so we’re without him for the league cup games
  6. Genuinely surprised Evra was still there when they came back from the break
  7. Sign 13 players on loan from Hearts & play the game
  8. Was interesting to hear Craig Fowler on the Terrace podcast say that it was Ann Budge that offered Zlamal to us rather than us asking
  9. Can’t wait to Czech out who our emergency goalkeeper is
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