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  1. It got a bit niggly towards the end but the closest thing to a red was the kick that Paton got booked for.
  2. Pars vs St Mirren

    That's a very diplomatic take on Williamson's defending ability! (To be fair, it's been much improved recently and along with Higgy, they have that right side nailed down).
  3. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    I've heard he's bananas.
  4. Decent player with chocolate ankles.
  5. Pars v Arbroath - Return of the Dick

    Not relevant because the evidence shows it was not accidental. Regardless is this yet another change in the laws that's come in this season? As far as i am aware, preventing a clear goal scoring opportunity is only not a red if it is is accidental and a penalty is awarded. because in that instance, the clear goalscoring opportunity is deemed to be reinstated.
  6. Pars v Arbroath - Return of the Dick

    The red for Arbroath was unlucky. Hopkirk did well to get in front of the defender, then it's just a bit of a tangle. If it's deemed a foul, the ref has to send him off. It's a tough call for the officials really.
  7. Yeah, no personal issue, but he's just not good enough even as back up in this league.
  8. Royal Rumble 2017

    Winning the sweep definitely softens the blow from the shite finish.
  9. Royal Rumble 2017

    I will wet my pants if hbk enters the rumble
  10. On the day sales are allowed so may as well make before the day tickets as tough to buy as possible. The idea of " all ticket" matches will then become a running joke similar to the fife derby u turn to allowing on the day sales. If this causes issues, they'll really have to revisit the rules.
  11. Royal Rumble 2017 Pool

    I'll jump in
  12. Pars v Buddies

    those were his only attributes
  13. Istvan Kozma has to be top of the list for us.
  14. At no point in that game did it feel like Raith had a goal in them. After the first goal, pars sat in and held shape so conceded most of the posession over the next hour. We defended the box well but we were very poor with the ball for the remainder of the first half, and that was very disappointing after a lightening start. We hit better on the break second half, once Higgy got going, he tore them apart and if Clarke could finish a one on one, he'd be sitting on a couple of goal of the season candidates due to Higgy's build up play. That was a big win, doing the ugly stuff well, and the league is really starting go bunch up. Our general play hasn't really changed but we've stopped Santa Clausing goals so freely over the last month or two. Good to see the team and manager learning and improving on the basics.