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  1. The “Stick Badge” episode may be the finest ten minutes in the history of television.
  2. Both options are available. It defaults to the dubbed version but you can change to subtitles.
  3. Agreed. Extraordinary documentary. He must have been an utter nightmare to work with on that film. Particularly when he was "Tony".
  4. Tom Hately been freed by Dundee. I know we were keen on him a few years back.
  5. Call me cynical, but I suspect that whole episode was about writing Mary out of the show. She and Martin Freeman split up in real life about a year ago.
  6. Enjoyed the first episode. I remember the designated survivor being touched upon in a State of the Union episode of West Wing back in the day, but struggling to imagine how a terrorist attack could happen in what must surely be the tightest security arrangements on the planet, given who attends it. Looks promising and will certainly stick with it to see how it pans out.
  7. Just read that this is a remake of a UK series, Criminal Justice. Don't remember it but will look out for it now.
  8. Love them both but Star Trek is on another level. Roddenberry had a vision in the 60's that was decades ahead of its time. He pushed television boundaries (inter-racial kiss, multi-national crew) and forecast technology that we now take for granted.
  9. It's good, but it's not right
  10. I might be reading the numbers wrong, but the 2380 figure relates only to people dying with 14 days of being deemed fit for work. Therefore you starting point is considerably lower than 2.5m, meaning that the death rate is wildly disproportionate.
  11. Joan Burnie. Just Joan. Just feck off, ya man-hating, self righteous, judgemental, writing-for-a-piece-of-shite-rag-like-the-record, stuck up, kitten drowning (probably), waste of a pulse. The wife speaks very highly of her, mind.
  12. Really enjoyed it. Similar feel to TWD. Will take a bit of time to get used to the new set of characters, though.
  13. Kit Harrington been in Northern Ireland at the same time as the rest of the cast assemble there for a read through of the S6 scripts. Coincidence?
  14. Yeah, I thought it was excellent. Spent most of the episode trying to work out what the lead character's running inner monologue reminded me of. It was only towards the end that I realised his delivery was almost exactly the same as Dexter. No bad thing!
  15. That was the press conference today when he pretty much said he was continuing. The original tweet about the press conference "tomorrow" was in the early hours not long after Jum got his electoral jotters. Tweeter later confirmed he meant Friday. Fear not, Jum is clinging on to deliver more hilarity while on a Labour salary.
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