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  1. I have no idea, and much like everything else at the moment I don’t think anyone else does either.
  2. The Telegraph article posted earlier, where does it mention no promotion or relegation? When is all of this likely to be decided? It’s all getting a bit boring and I just want something, anything to be decided so that we can all get on with the meltdowns and arguments properly.
  3. The Sporting Director wouldn’t be in charge of that kind of thing.
  4. At a time when all aspects of life are being disrupted, it is actually quite heartening to see little moments of normality continue. Fifespud’s latest feverish excitement over a potential crisis for United felt almost comforting as I read it this morning. Keep it up Fifespud!
  5. stumigoo

    FIFA 20

    I know that if people start to turn away it won't be in huge enough numbers for them to take much notice but it might be the start of a slow turn in the tide given the number of free to play games now available and some of the bigger YouTube folk now advocating other games or streaming other games. I don't know how much damage has been done this game cycle but it has been one of the the more problematic seasons for FIFA in a number of years, with ongoing issues at some of their tournaments and this current situation not helping. It is just a shame that there is so much potential, especially at a time like this, but EA always just do the bare minimum.
  6. stumigoo

    FIFA 20

    Think that is me done with FIFA for the time being. EA could have made such a big deal of this situation and made the game really engaging by rewarding players with a huge variety of SBCs and rewards. They could have brought back different promos and increased the pack weight to get everyone back involved but instead its terrible SBC after terrible SBC and a TOTW re-run of very little value (especially this late in the game cycle). Grinding away at the Weekend League for example is now redundant. Not sure if others are like me but with all this extra time I've gone back to certain games like FM20 and bought a couple of games that were on offer in the Playstation Store (AC Odyssey is superb). I get ready for some gaming each day and those other games are now at the top of the pile, FIFA, a game that I've always loved despite the flaws, is now dull and repetitive but it could have been so different if EA actually tried something different.
  7. stumigoo

    FIFA 20

    I’ve played a few games today, haven’t noticed much of a change in the standard of opposition. I think quite a few will be playing FIFA 19, as I think they have randomly reopened the weekend league from last year.
  8. We had about a third of our pupils off yesterday and teachers started to also stay off. We also received an email yesterday evening from the authority confirming that anyone working for the council who is in the vulnerable group shouldn’t be in work, which is the first time they have explicitly said that (before it just sounded like guidance). I’d imagine today might tip the balance in terms of some schools being viable. It’s making people feel guilty though, I’m in the vulnerable group for my asthma but on one hand I don’t want to let my colleagues down or let the pupils down, on the other hand it’s an unprecedented event and I have a family to think about (although when I put it like that there isn’t really competition for what I should do).
  9. I’m a teacher, I’ve also had asthma my whole life and get flu jabs every year. It’s the lack of concrete information about what I do and the uncertainty that is playing on my mind. I’m not totally against keeping the schools open for now, we are providing an essential service for the general population, however I also get angry when thinking about being exposed every day to the virus (potentially) and then going home to my own family.
  10. I will shoulder this burden. Personally I think it would be a good opportunity for a trial run at some kind of league reconstruction, I think the Germans are looking at a similar plan, with no relegation but promotion for a set number of teams, allowing for expanded leagues next season. Expand the top league to maybe 16, 12 in Championship, 10 in League One and then 10 in League Two (allowing for promotion through the pyramid system). I did that quickly so the numbers might not add up. It won’t happen, and some might think it’s a crazy idea, but that would by my preference.
  11. I thought the atmosphere from the Dunfermline fans (the group in the corner) was good actually. Our away support at Dunfermline is similar to the support we take to St.Johnstone, for a lot of people it is the away game they go to with more of the day tripper type vibe very apparent. Nothing wrong with that but it means when things don’t go our way there is more unrest and less of the atmosphere you would get at a slightly further away ground.
  12. Horrific display by us today. Queen of the South away is still the number one but today moves into a close second for worst display of the season.
  13. I’d always recommend TransferMarkt for player stats and records, it is usually very accurate. The Primavera is the Italian youth league.
  14. stumigoo

    FIFA 20

    That’s just happened (the upgrade). I will use Werner as CAM going forward probably.
  15. stumigoo

    FIFA 20

    I had some decent Fut Stars pack luck with Greenwood and a couple of lower value cards. I then basically sold every asset I had that was not in my first team squad in order to get the Haland card. He is genuinely amazing. Previously I had packed De Jong and he is outstanding. Very happy with my team and will stick with this for some time I reckon.
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