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  1. The lack of a reserve league is a bit shit for the Premiership and trying to keep players match fit/develop players. Has anyone been far enough in the beta to know if it returns? Initially I had just my U18s but an U21 squad tab appeared out of nowhere due to the Challenge Cup. I could arrange friendlies manually for that ‘squad’ but it’s rubbish there is not an actual reserve league.
  2. Daily Record, whilst reporting on this, drop into the article that McNulty might be out “for several months”.
  3. I enjoyed that first 45, despite being stuck in the house. We seem to have players who just appear much more relaxed and much happier this season. Hopefully the Fuchs incident is not what has been suggested.
  4. He has been wearing it for quite a while now. Spotted him at McDiarmid with it on (so about six weeks). Nothing from the club about what it might be or how long he is out.
  5. No I think the idea is that we do have a Red Zone but that it doesn’t actually impact (or theoretically impact) season ticket holders. United asked about this and were told that clubs have claimed that due to season ticket holder relocation, or prevention from selling season tickets, that they have the streams as a compensatory thing. From what I was told on the phone we are the only club where season ticket seats have either been prevented from being sold or relocated to elsewhere and as such, other teams have used this as a way of still providing streams. Rangers just don’t, for whatever reason, which leaves us as being (according to the club) the only team unable to offer season ticket streams this season. I’ve already had people tell me that this is all nonsense and that United are still not being entirely transparent, but I’ve lost the energy to keep going back to the club and arguing the point. I was also told that the day red zones disappear, is the day that PPV in general just disappears (because at present clubs cannot sell to capacity).
  6. No worries. I’ve had little else to do, so a crusade against United has kept me busy! Heart has been fine, my main issues have been constantly exhausted, shivers and dizziness. I do feel better today than I have done since Monday so fingers crossed.
  7. The club actually phoned me. It seems clearer now (I think). United do not have any ‘Red Zone’ within an area that would normally be used by Season Ticket holders, other clubs have been able to claim that red zones have technically impacted on season tickets and have circumnavigated their way around it using that. In other news, the Covid isn’t going away and now I have reached the dreaded no taste and smell stage. Which is shite.
  8. Ross County have now replied to me. That makes 10 out of 12 still offering streams. Only United and Rangers do not.
  9. I’ve tried to communicate with them, and I’ll see where it goes but it feels like a pointless crusade at present.
  10. It might be that. I’ve since sent them information that at least 9 out of 12 clubs offer a streaming service to ST holders. There is also a line in United’s own Season Ticket package that claims the club will continue to offer streams to fans unless there is a change to the broadcasting deal.
  11. Do Hibs still offer season ticket holders a ‘free’ stream if someone cannot attend a game due to Covid? I know a few clubs do, I’m currently having a fall out with United regarding this and couldn’t see what the Hibs policy was. Cheers.
  12. Can I ask a quick question? Are you guys still allowed ‘free’ to access a virtual season ticket stream if you cannot attend a home fixture this season due to Covid?
  13. I’ve seen at least six clubs offer a service for Season Ticket holders (can’t see any info on - St.Johnstone, Livi, Ross County and Hibs). I think Rangers don’t and United obviously don’t.
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