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  1. Ally Maxwell Jamie McQuilken Brian Welsh Rab Shannon Christian Dailly Steven Pressley Andy McLaren Dave Bowman Gary McSwegan Robbie Winters Craig Brewster Subs - Ray McKinnon Grant Johnson Owen Coyle That’s the team vs Partick in the 95/96 playoff final. The first season I started going to games. There are 9 or 10 names from that squad who were outstanding. Not necessarily saying in comparison to the current crop but it is a ridiculously strong side.
  2. Siegrist has been very good so far this season. After a slightly wobbly campaign last year he has been pretty consistent in the games so far.
  3. I don't agree. I think the league has been great so far...
  4. According to media reports it looks like they are about to announce healthy finances, a huge investment, a new chairman and a tie-in with Atlanta United.
  5. He’s in my team due to contribution on and off the park, the squad contains others who fit that bill. I’ve had a fair few - “can’t believe you’ve included _____ he was shite” but I do say, constantly, in the blog post that it is about players who I personally felt I had a fan connection with over the last ten years.
  6. Yeah I think that from the feedback this morning and comments on social media, the majority seem to agree with the same names but disagree about the order. I put Dillon, Rankin and Dods in the side for nostalgia in terms of me as a fan and players that I always had soft spot for (more than ability). I think some are maybe guilty of forgetting a little bit of the spell between 2008-2013 when we were incredibly stable and probably took for granted how decent we actually were and how regularly we competed with the best teams in Scotland (whilst having some fairly average players playing above their level). For someone like Dillon there are those who forget that period and only remember 2015 onwards when things started to spiral downwards. The last few years have pummelled us but hopefully we are back on track...
  7. We did to an extent. The board were guilty of hanging about when deciding to get rid of McKinnon and Laszlo, to the point that they allowed both managers a summer to build their own squad before then sacking them. It set us back each time. If it was me, and it isn't ideal this early into someone's tenure, you need to make a decision pretty quickly with regards to McPake. You have Queen of the South and then Arbroath, anything less than six points then you are into a run of games (Dunfermline, Partick, United, Inverness, Ayr, Dunfermline again) that could be make or break for the season.
  8. I have seen a few people mention Butcher but to have him ahead of players like Robertson, Buaben, Swanson and even Rankin isn't for me.
  9. I was trying to strike a balance between ‘good’ players and those that stood out for me in terms of certain games, time periods or particular memories, partly because I knew I would have so many different options in certain areas of the park (a nice problem to have). Rankin is the one that is the most obvious to replace but I would still have Dods ahead of Fojut. Edit - I would imagine 99% of teams/squads would contain a different combination of roughly the same 18-20 players. Sadly the majority from quite a few years ago now!
  10. Let's get back on track. I'm ready for the comments... Link
  11. Buying in advance the tickets are cheaper and on top of that the season ticket prices reflect this and are cheaper still. My ST, which is in an upper tier works out at £21 per game but you can get tickets that work out at less than £20. The United board made the decision to widen the gap to reward season ticket holders but also allow for 'membership' tickets where you can buy into a discount and/or advance purchase tickets at a reduced cost. We've also got a fairly stable core support and the past few seasons have shown that the majority of season ticket holders, plus the 'walk up' fans will pay these sums of money so it wouldn't benefit United financially to reduce prices if they know people will pay. Edit - I do think that football is too expensive, a blanket £15/£15/£20 ticketing structure would be great, but it just isn;t going to happen unfortunately.
  12. You are correct, Aberdeen bring a notoriously small away support to Tannadice.
  13. Apologies now, but ‘Shanfranko’ is getting nicked.
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