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  1. My gripe with the kit and training gear launch was the fact that they mentioned in the club statement that a new shop website will be launched in August to allow for online purchases, and that at present the kit will only be available in-store. It’s pretty amateurish to decide that the club needs a new online platform and then to not have it available for the launch of the new kit and training range. To be honest much of the communication and information from the club has taken a nosedive since Mal Brannigan left. Not that he was amazing or anything, but he hasn’t been replaced and it has meant Asghar and co all doing a bit of everything around the club and certain areas slipping as a result. At present it is a Sports Lawyer, Financial Director and Sporting Director trying to do much of the work they would never have been exposed to previously. We still have a media team, commercial team and retail team but it seems like they haven’t had anyone to co-ordinate everything. Some of the moans (and I’ve been guilty myself) could all be sorted with just a bit of effort and additional information being published by the club. Dave Cormack published a big Twitter thread explaining the procedures surrounding Aberdeen’s attendance application and all the logistics regarding that. It’s something that leaves fans with enough information to quell them and give some reassurance. With Asghar off social media and nobody at United in charge of general communication there is nothing coming from Tannadice and it leaves fans bickering with one another on social media. Take the Rangers game, we won’t find out if we have been successful with our application for additional attendance until after Dundee find out about next Saturday, but a holding statement or little piece published on the website at least gets some information out there and allows for some fans to at least understand where the club is with that matter (I only found out through someone who was at the supporters meeting last week, which should also be publicised better by the club). With a lot of uncertainty over the appointment of Courts, the club don’t then help themselves with the lack of social media activity and communication with fans.
  2. Dundee are still waiting on the Council to give them approval for increased numbers at Dens next week. We have someone at the club asking the questions and the plan is to have (according to the supporters meeting this week), “at least” all season ticket holders attend if they can get the approval.
  3. Thanks. It was old age in the end, and it happened in as positive a way as possible - happened over just a few days, no pain, able to hold conversations, saw family etc.
  4. My grandpa died last week. If you are a regular on this thread, you’ll know that my dad (also a United fan) has struck up a random friendship with Adam Legzdins. I saw my dad yesterday and he told me that Legzdins had found out about my grandpa’s passing, and that he had turned up at my parent’s house, unannounced, with a condolences card and had a chat with them. I think it meant quite a lot to my dad. So, Adam Legzdins = Good guy.
  5. Some ramblings - https://perennialunderachievers.blog/2021/07/08/dundee-united-season-2021-22-preview/
  6. Absolutely fuming/frustrated this morning. Our wee one has to go to A&E, hopefully nothing serious, but only one parent is allowed to go. I’ve been double jabbed, wife has been single jabbed. We’re teachers so have about a thousand of these test kits in the house, each testing negative, but only one can go to the hospital. Honesty, get this shite so far to f**k.
  7. Really not keen on either of our tops for this season. Usually I’m a fan of nearly everything Macron do, but can’t take to these at all.
  8. Caught a bit of Roger Federer getting interviewed on Centre Court. Place completely packed, not a mask in sight (apart from the employees). Find myself a mix of delighted to see a full house for an event but also fucking raging that I’ve had to be entered into a ballot (unsuccessfully) for one of just 500 tickets to United’s first League Cup game (and one that in a ‘normal’ year would still be left with tonnes of space given we would have 3000 maximum). As someone said earlier in this thread - either there is a problem with large outdoor events, or there isn’t. We either need to avoid these things completely or we just need to crack on and get everyone back to the football and other larger scale events. Of course, It’s blatantly obvious that Wimbledon is as full as it is due to it being driven by social class and political pressure by the wealthy.
  9. We thought about waiting to make this announcement or keeping quiet a little bit longer but yes, he is my father.
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