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  1. It is. You get the choice of your relegation spot.
  2. Why would Gretna choose to go south then?
  3. @Burnieman, I'm sure @AML67will agree. Whilst difficult, should we get there and have the opportunity we'd give it a bloody good go.
  4. When is the AGM? Hoping to hear how the Threave situation works out.
  5. Assumed they are working towards it, hopefully they do, and one of the Dumfries clubs.
  6. So, whenever the SoS has to merge - playing devil's advocate - with the WoS, what happens if all 11 clubs (excl Stranraer Res) or the 3 current member clubs (possibly 5 soon) want to stay at T6. You can't force them down to the bottom Tier. We all go onto the park to win, compete and be successful. Yes, we may struggle against most of the T6 WoS clubs, but you can't penalise the clubs for that. We've been a part of the pyramid from day 1, and have worked tirelessly to be a licensed club and maintain the required standards to keep that license. A conversation needs to be had, but it needs to be open, transparent and fair to all parties in both associations. So, let's hear it. What's the fairest solution?
  7. The cups are derived from the different associations that make up the SSFL.
  8. Yeah, it would appear I've made an arse of that Gordon - w/c 9th August
  9. The draw is tomorrow. Hoping for a PR1 bye and hopefully a winnable home tie.
  10. Not a mole. Just a friend of a friend.
  11. Replays to be scrapped from 5th round forward. VAR at Semis and Finals Changes to the monetary payments.
  12. Dumfries and Galloway moved to T1... Scottish Cup Saturday with Fans, ooft.
  13. All going well, D&G will hopefully be down to Tier 1 come the 12th December. If so, we will be looking to how we can ensure fans can attend the match; likely need to make arrangements ahead of the game to ensure only those meant to be there can/should.
  14. With a number of West teams unable to play for various reasons, I'd like to note that Newton Stewart FC are on the hunt for a new manager. The role may be of interest to someone not in a position this season or looking for their first stab at management. A Current C license is required ideally, or someone who is on the road to obtaining one. If you or anyone you know may be interested then please drop a note to the club secretary Gary Mckie - [email protected] Ps. Here's our equaliser today;
  15. From the south looking in, and given we travel similar if not further distances this is all money driven. I get these clubs play players handsomely but the purpose of the game and premise is not money. We are all having to comply with covid rules and its a get out. The clubs if unable to play or unwilling should drop down graciously and let those who are of a suitable standard (professionally/ health based) prosper. Our budget this season has already gone on Health and safety and player welfare. More important than funding a cup
  16. Made up and been made to look like eejits
  17. Absolutely nothing informed to the clubs so if the catch up acct has been fed info then questions will be asked.
  18. Not all clubs cancelled their training tonight...
  19. Now i wonder why we have had to have out training cancelled. Was told this morning the SFA had been given evidence of a friendly.
  20. Zoom call Friday to discuss with the SFA
  21. I watched Duffy score a hat trick away to Albion Rovers and he was a standout. Wouldn't say his legs have gone; maybe lacked a bit of fitness. He'll do well at Stranraer
  22. A guy I work with told me the exact same thing this week. Apparently the SFA and WoSL are aware.
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