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  1. Reading through pages and pages of this thread and the disparaging comments towards the South League is frankly embarrassing. We have a league that caters for football from Gretna to Stranraer. Yes, we may not have clubs that are of the same standard as some East Teams or Juniors, but so what? We've always been accommodating towards teams looking to get their foot in the door and offer nothing but a foundation to play football and progress. We have 4 licensed clubs and other clubs within looking to spend time money and effort to do the same. Maybe some clubs aspirations aren't to get the the LL or SPFL. Maybe we know our level, but maybe there are some who might want to give it a bloody good try. We are at T6, and whatever the future holds for our level we will deal with it. If any team in the South want to go to the WoSL I can assure you the other clubs will support them; because that's what's we do.
  2. Have been getting updates all day from the Camelon guys ahead of our game tomorrow. Pitch inspection at 9am as it stands.
  3. Caledonian Braves - have they played any pre season games?
  4. Aye. Thursday, another member club had a call to say it was today apparently. Usually you are asked to attend...
  5. You guys must be fucking buzzing. A draw away to Newton Stewart would be a crowd pleaser
  6. Draws tomorrow apparently... Not that ive had formal comms
  7. On their Twitter they are looking for a game. Possibly misinformed?
  8. What needs to happen is more promotion of the league and less down play on a team/ people because of personal vendettas. The EoSFL have done a terrific job due to the integration with the junior teams. The SoSFL could learn many a lesson in its long term aims of being a SoSFL or WoSFL....
  9. Burntisland away for a 7pm kick off on a Tuesday was always murder.
  10. Some decent games in amongst those announced. Looking forward to football starting again and hopeful we can improve a good bit on our better end to the season than we began for last season.
  11. Club licensing feedback was sent out last week - clubs given until this week to send in Derogation applications for any issues. I suspect a review of the BR floodlights and reassessment this week is the correct decision to make. SFA AGM is the 12th June. Would hope that this issue is raised to avoid thks happening in future. Best thing is to agree the yearly review cycle and give clubs the full term to comply to any new changes.
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