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  1. I'd suggest if there are concerns regarding a players eligibility it is referred to Sandy Bryson and the guys at the SFA rather than raising it on a Football Forum.
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    5.7 - Released by the SFA last night for new Licensing Criteria for Entry Level. Unless you are a current license holder, any new applicant will require floodlights. Hopefully helps.
  3. Scottish Cup 2018-19 qualifying

    Happy with a bye and then a home tie.
  4. Transfers and Predictions new season

    No offence, but those figures are mental
  5. Newton Stewart

    Such wonderful insight... We shall refrain from your clubs performance of last season eh... Considering Stranraer played a strong team and Newton Stewart's performance restricted them speaks volumesof your... judgement. Enjoy your weekend.
  6. Many attending the Friday night friendly against Newton?
  7. South Fixtures 2018-19

    News to me... we've at least 15 signed so far and more to come.
  8. New clubs in South of Scotland League

    It's worked for quite some time now.
  9. newton stewart

    And announced.
  10. The future of the pyramid

    The WoSL would be the level below the Lowland league and on par with the EoSL.
  11. New clubs in South of Scotland League

    Apologies for the shitey screenshots.
  12. New clubs in South of Scotland League

    There's no way they can sort it in time surely.
  13. SSFL - The Future

    It's an actually somethiny the SFA have been promoting. Ultimately opens up new funding streams for clubs.
  14. SSFL - The Future

    I think it'll likely replace the SoS or at least be a rebranded SoS to begin with and take invitations.