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  1. Zoom call Friday to discuss with the SFA
  2. I watched Duffy score a hat trick away to Albion Rovers and he was a standout. Wouldn't say his legs have gone; maybe lacked a bit of fitness. He'll do well at Stranraer
  3. A guy I work with told me the exact same thing this week. Apparently the SFA and WoSL are aware.
  4. Saints released a statement there. In the comments it looks as if they've held a training session?
  5. Thanks for clarifying. In that case then there should be no issues with them going up surely? A lot of new scenarios requiring detailed once this mess is over to ensure this works better if such scenario ever presents itself again.
  6. Are they going for a License above Entry? From my own conversations, no Entry Level licenses are currently being assessed until later on in the year for us currently Entry Holders so they may not have a license in time for any potential restart?
  7. Only the winners would have received the place, and it was between Stranraer and Threave; both teams already receive a place in the SC. The only potential negative to it is that Threave (IF they won the league) won't get the opportunity to contest any Play Off for the LL.
  8. That's your trouble. You just don't understand much.
  9. What a very angry little man. It could be quite interesting to see if there are any deserters from the WoSL setup. Already a few rumours out there.
  10. Your application to the SoSL is in then 🤫
  11. Applications to join the South of Scotland league for the 20/21 season close on the 30th of April Clubs play in the league from around Dumfries & Galloway and Glasgow! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Emails to league secretary Richard for more information: [email protected]
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