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  1. Thought we looked good yesterday. Dorrans miles ahead of everyone on the pitch. There was a great moment when two Arbroath player launched themselves at the ball for a header and missed it. Dorrans just took a wee side step and the ball landed at his feet. Brilliant. Just hope he can stay fit. If Hemmings finds form we could do very well this year. Think we have looked decent and McPake starting to find his best starting 11. Still need a goalkeeper- Hamilton creates panic at the back and everytime a cross goes he stays rooted to his line. Can we win the league with him in goal ...not so sure.
  2. Another great signing for this level. Still in desperate need of a keeper if we're to have a real chance of winning the league.
  3. Just home from work to the news. Incredible signing for this level. No idea how we pulled that off , as hes more than capable of playing at a higher level. Delighted. A keeper, another midfielder and maybe cover for defense then I'd fancy our chances of winning the league.
  4. Bloody hell. Time had not been kind to him.
  5. Another 5 first team players needed or we won't make the playoffs. Can't be depending on 16/17 year olds to fill the gaps.
  6. Feeling a bit like this too. Pleased with the signings we've made but still short of 4 or 5 players. Would love to say we will win the league but playoffs are our best bet. Two strikers and a keeper are a must.
  7. The Mule. Good film but anti climatic. Needed a bloodbath/ shootout to finish it with Eastwood massacring the drug cartel with his Magnum. 6/10. Under the silver lake. LA hipster movie -Weird for the sake of being weird. Quite boring and I fell asleep in the middle. Good soundtrack. 4/10. Toy story 4 Average compared to the other toy story movies. Toy story 3 is a great film and this one didn't need to be made. Characters seemed quite one dimensional compared to the other films and the story line was wafer thin. The first thirty minutes was dreadful while the storyline was shoehorned in. Forky also quickly forgotten about was his purpose of setting up the story was fulfilled. This film felt like a bit of a mess compared to the others . Quite disappointed with it but the kids liked it which is the main thing. 3/10.
  8. Interesting interpretation of the truth. I gave you a red dot , I seem to remember it was a favoured Dundee line up or saying that El Bac was good. Whatever it was I red dotted , it was totally insignificant. You then sent me an abusive message because I gave you a red dot. Sometime later it transpired you had also done this to someone else on p and b. The fact they that person is a DAB is irrelevant. I posted what you sent me on a thread as did the DAB. You then had a meltdown. Thank you.
  9. Bigmouths red dot  meltdown

  10. Well I would say , Elton for example , non league football- would not imagine his wage demands would be high. Don't think he's found a club since he left which would indicate there's not a bidding war from clubs for him. Moussa - total shite . Probably played in exchange for his tea and lodgings
  11. It's not me setting up other accounts, you fucking fool. Why is almost everything you post full of vitriol and abusive language? .....I know we are getting relagated but try not to crack up about it. You need to try and chill out.
  12. Signings mostly pish loans and will be having the majority of their wages paid by other teams. Elton ,Moussa etc are cheap signings. Total duds , probably on minimum wage.
  13. McIntyre is shite, but this has been coming for the past three years. The board cut corners and signed players on the cheap...Elton, Yordi, Moussa etc.. No money has been invested in the team since then. Fully expecting Nelms and co to empty the bank account and disappear into the sunset in the next couple if months.
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