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  1. McPake loves trying to butter up the fans: “We need the same energy levels and when the atmosphere isn’t created by the fans we need to get the fans going because when they get behind us, trust me, this is a tough place to come. “Motherwell found that out on Saturday and, speaking to a few Motherwell players, they mentioned that It was like a morgue other than a few bursts of singing throughout the match due to everyone freezing their arses off.
  2. Spot on. Never really thought about it before but you're right. The seats and the random multicolouring all over the shop really does add to the cheap and nasty vibe.
  3. What an article! https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/international/dundee-legend-doug-cowie-oldest-surviving-scotland-internationalist-last-link-to-storied-era-best-ever-better-than-billy-steel-3477222
  4. I thought there was potential with Eccleston being re-cast as the doctor once again. He seemed to be getting into the swing of things again with a few of the radio productions but with RTD back that'll be that dead.
  5. St Johnstone's chat last time was that Shaun Rooney is a hard man because he has a big head. This is an improvement.
  6. If Brechin get through, I'd love Brechin away. Love their ground and with them being out the League system it'll not be often we get the chance to go back.
  7. I thought your full backs were particularly poor on Saturday. Right back was a clumsy mess and the left back just didn't look like he knew the basics of football. I always like Grimshaw when he plays against us, but he was another that was completely anonymous. He'd have been better off in your RB position though IMO. If we didn't notch our 3rd, KVV looked like a man that could have easily dragged you back into the game. Criminal why he never started regardless of the other strikers' form.
  8. So to sum up, the only 'tube' was the Motherwell player.
  9. My Caley supporting mate text me the same thing yesterday. Didn't realise it had been mentioned on here. I hope it's nonsense though.
  10. Something weird going on at the club. We apparently used Motherwell's commentators for DeeTV, barely had any of the usual match day Twitter build up that we usually have and obviously this incident. Think our manager had contracted Covid (?) too which seems just to be getting vaguely nodded to in his post match stuff as he wasn't able to be with the squad for a while. Bizarre all round tbh.
  11. Thought we really dominated St Johnstone in our home cup game but couldn't finish our tea. They then suckered punched us and killed it off as we just inneffectively threw bodies forward without any real ideas. Felt fairly confident going to McDiarmid in the league game there after but we put in one of the poorest performances I've witnessed from a McPake Dundee side and there's been a good number to choose from, even this season. If the Dundee that turned up today turn up, we should be building some momentum with another 3 points, but we could just as easily be sending St Johnstone into mid table obscurity when they really deserve to be slugging it out at the bottom right now.
  12. Has McPake had covid or something? Mackay in the pre match interview said he's been phoning McPake every day and now McPake in the post match interview joking that he 'should maybe stay away' as his coaching staff set up exactly how he wanted whilst he was away.
  13. Did Adam get booked or did he pick up a knock?
  14. Alexander fair hanging his team out to dry today. You can sense the rage.
  15. This is why you're being viewed as 'in bits'. You fail to see that those needn't be mutually exclusive.
  16. Aye, playing Cummings as a winger was setting up for failure.
  17. I've no doubts about that. There's obviously a reason you have the points you do. I'm beginning to maybe see why Alexander tends to get punted from his clubs down South. When it's not firing on all cylinders, it's playing with all the organisation of an U12 team but if the fans forgive shite like today he'll have you midtable-ish. Would that be a fair assessment of Alexander's tenure or am I just spouting pish?
  18. We need to be beating this lower table rabble if we're to continue our push for Europe tbh:
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