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  1. The most embarrassing thing about Griffiths today was the Rangers fans' chants and there were a few things to pick from tbh.
  2. Started with a plan to soak up pressure, hit on the counter and grow into the game. Once Rangers score the 2nd, it's damage limitation hence how Adam and Mullen were subbed off to rest them for next week. Never really had even a sniff of a chance today with our injuries. The last slither of a chance we had was dashed when Anderson was confirmed as out.
  3. We've been pretty good at the counter as of late. Rangers just the better team and able to smother us and pin us back.
  4. The only thing stopping this being a doing by HT is Adam Legzdin.
  5. Adam in the Scotsman saying that if he plays another 8 league games this season it'll trigger an automatic one year extension.
  6. You can tell Madden gets told to f**k off quite a lot the way he just let Neilson off with it after he'd booked him.
  7. Love Paul McGowan. Gets written off every season and always ends up being one of our most important players. He's excelling in that role just off Mullen and I credit his business for allowing Mullen's hard work to pay off.
  8. The ref said it was Sweeney with his arms over the defender at the time. Very soft.
  9. We are gonna have a shiter. The McPake era actively dislikes the word momentum and absolutely detests the word consistency.
  10. As a complete a side, was it not this time last year you were 100% certain that Sturgeon would be gone by January 1st 2021 and wanted a charity bet on it? Fancy the same again for this January?
  11. McPake talking about how he knew almost that Ashcroft was headed for disaster. Said he'd prepared Fontaine to come on as Ashcroft's hamstring had tightened, but the incident where a 'rapid' Motherwell player broke free, but Ashcroft done well to recover. McPake says he remembers thinking, 'Just sit down. Even if it meant let them go and score cause they weren't getting back into the game. We were solid enough, we knew that, that's rich coming from when we were 12 minutes up against Dunfermline, but it's a different group now and if we'd got him off, it'd have only been a minor injury, but big Ash, being big Ash, desperate to keep the clean sheet opens up and feels the hamstring go.' Sounds like it could be a season ender. McPake goes on to say, 'We'll know more tomorrow, but we're not expecting particularly good news to be honest.'
  12. I think the whole back line needs addressed, personally. Ashcroft's deficiencies can probably be hidden with a classy CH next to him to allow him to be the 'rough and tumble' CH, but then I think Sweeney has all the attributes to do that better than Ashcroft with a bit of stability in the backline. I also really like Marshall going forward. Think he's cracking going forward, but he's chronic defensively at this level, no idea what we can do to get the best out of him. Don't think having two no nonsense, rugged and slow CH's helps cover for him though. RB needs addressed regardless of Cammy's form, but agreed that he's played decently of late.
  13. I typed in 'E2 St Johnstone' into Google and this is the first link that comes up, directing me right to this post by Biggie. I can't disagree tbh.
  14. I can't disagree, but not because I rate Ashcroft. It's an area that requires open heart surgery come January or the summer IMO.
  15. Lee Ashcroft is out for tomorrow. That's a blow. As much as he's quite pish, he's unfortunately probably still our best CH - just can't decide on Sweeney - it's an even bigger blow to see Fontaine coming in. Fontaine will give up at least one golden chance per game so up to St Johnstone to take it.
  16. Nah, that's just nonsense I'm afraid. 'Don't back down, double down.'
  17. Third post on the trot since you c***s are mute, but if KVV could hit the target he'd be a player.
  18. Holy f**k Paulo. Just sit fucking doon wi pish like that.
  19. Feel like Motherwell's away kit should be United's. Since it's not United's, I'll confess to liking it.
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