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  1. The live wrestling forum for Raw.
  2. I might be wrong, but I don't think the Premiership Forum has a thread for this? If we do, I'll happily close the thread. I know the Championship has one that thrives only too well due to some shocking journalism. The inspiration behind this thread came from BBC Sport's online report of Celtic's game against Stjarnan yesterday by Chris McLaughlin. Former Motherwell keeper, Gunnar Nielsen was playing for Celtic's opposition and here are McLaughlin's attempts at spelling his name, throughout the report: Neilsen Nielson (Twice) Neilson And then finally, in the listing of the line-ups he got it spot on with Nielsen. Surely at the top level, that's unacceptable? The fact that he kept changing the spelling throughout has to be some sort of in-joke? Here's a link to the article: Link. Anyways, feel free to chip in with your own examples as and when you find them!
  3. If we were to rate the league's managers 1-12 in order to best to worst, we'd have a fairly decent debate. However, I reckon if we judged them as players we'd see some more interesting results as the likes of Gerrard can't really be rated as a manager as of yet. Here's my go: 1. Steven Gerrard 2. Neil Lennon (I'd have Neil McCann ahead personally, but I'm trying to be objective and Lennon had a much longer period of time at the 'top'.) 3. Neil McCann. 4. Steve Clarke 5. Craig Levein 6. Alan Stubbs 7. Derek McInnes 8. Martin Canning 9. Stephen Robinson 10.. Tommy Wright (I'll confess I didn't see much, but he seems like the Steve Harper of his generation consistently the number 2 or 3 wherever he went) 11. Brendan Rodgers 12. David Martindale (Since Livi don't have a manager as of yet, he's being designated in this position as the highest ranked current member of staff). I expect this to be extremely subjective as I could see any from 2-6 being in any sort of order. This thread stems from a thread I made about 8 year ago in the First Division forum so seems apt to rejuvenate the debate now as we are in the extremely boring pre-pre-season period.
  4. With Dundee unveiling next season's home top, I thought it was worth starting the annual thread, as it is too easy for the strips to be lost in the individual club threads. So here's our effort:
  5. Podcasts

    Here's a trailer for a podcast I've recently started listening to:
  6. Podcasts

    Probably more than one thread about this but what are you listening to now? I've been listening to Serial which was absolutely amazing but I dunno how I feel on the second series of it so far. Is there anything similar to it or even wildly different but equally absorbing that's worth a listen?
  7. Isn't the message of the video to speak out? That's exactly what the boy is doing. He rightly said he wouldn't have ever spoken out if it wasn't for the video and witnessing the 'hypocrisy' from your manager.
  8. League Cup Group C

    Hearts should have their result overturned and a £2000 fine IMO.
  9. Coefficientwatch

    If Aberdeen can add 0.5 to our tally with a draw then they'll have done well.
  10. Right lads, we both don't have a fucking clue what our teams are gonna be like so let's just cut the nonsense for now and come together. We need a song for our strikeforce of Moussa and Mendy. If anyone can fit Ngwatala into a catchy song as well, that'd be swell.
  11. As daft as it sounds, this will be a great indicator as to where our respective sides will be battling in the league in the coming season as we've both flooded our teams with complete randoms so it'll be interesting if it's a close game or a complete demolition for one side over the other.
  12. Scotland's Coolest City

    Inverness city centre is like Dundee's Lochee. I was in Lochee the other day and nipped into Greggs. I purchased a cup of tea and a steak bake. I couldn't put milk or sugar in my tea though as there was two junkies popping various pills on the counter.
  13. In the same vein as the 'Top 50 Worst Posters', 'Top 50 Best Films', 'Top 50 Horror Films and 'Top 50 Biggest Fud's on P&B' I thought that we actually do a 'football' related one. Some time ago, someone tried to do a 'Top 50 players' one but it never took off, as people just voted for their clubs current players. Hate is such a strong word, but some players just grind our gears, if hate is too strong, then severe dislike may be more apt. Vote for your top 10 most hated players to have played in Scottish football. Number these 1-10 and send the PM to myself. 1 being your most hated, 10 being the 10th most hated. You can cast your mind as far back as you like and use whatever logic you like. They do not have to have played in the top flight but they do have to have played professionally - That's my only rule. Depending on the uptake towards this, I may reduce it to top 20/15/10 dependent on how many people vote. Feel free to discuss some contenders to keep the thread up the top so that people can see it, but try to refrain from posting your full list for now! Scoring is as follows: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, 3rd = 8 points and so forth. In the event of a tie, the poster who has appeared on more different lists. If there is still a tie after this, then the poster with most 1st places will be given priority, then most 2nd places, then most 3rd places and so on. Deadline is Sunday 10th December.
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Davo has fair put on the beef. Fs.
  15. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Oft. What is the last two pages? I only came over to see some foaming fury about Laszlo ffs.
  16. That is hilarious. Richard Foster providing the LOL's yet again.
  17. I've not done a lot of foreign away trips. I've visited every stadium in Scotland bar Hibs for some bizarre reason. I've visited the San Siro, Nou Camp and Old Trafford. I've also been to the Etihad. Other than that - I'm a bit sparse - the few left on my 'bucket list' are going to a Boca Juniors game, Real Madrid and Dortmund. Bayern's stadium looks amazing as well. Other than those though, where am I missing out on? What's the best stadium experience you've had? Where is a must visit? What else should I add to my bucket list?
  18. All things Dundee FC

    So is it just Haber left that McCann is desperate to rid us of? We are in a weird position of still having a relatively large squad but still needing 2-3 additions.
  19. Do you need a target man? McCann seems desperate to offload Marcus Haber. He'd destroy this division.
  20. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Whit?! Why would a shit managerial appointment force your chairman who by all accounts has wrestled you free from the Baldy Snake, resign?! Madness. United fans seem to just love a boardroom shake-up these days.
  21. Reading your comments in this thread led me to remember Hartley's love for a super narrow side. Those clamouring for a winger - lol! Hartley doesn't do width.
  22. All things Dundee FC

    Imagine turning down Marcus Haber for free then signing Simon Murray for 150k. Madness.
  23. Goalkeepers #1: Jack Hamilton (24) - May 2021 #12: Elliott Parish (27) - May 2019 Defenders #2 Cammy Kerr (22) - May 2019 #3: Nathan Ralph (25) - May 2020 #4: Steven Caulker (26) - May 2019 #5: Genseric Kusunga (30) - May 2019 #21: Darren O'Dea (31) - May 2019 #24: Josh Meekings (25) - May 2020 Midfielders #7: Roarie Deacon (26) - May 2019 #8: Glen Kamara (22) - May 2019 #10: Elton Ngwatala (25) - May 2020 #18: Paul McGowan (30) - May 2019 (Option of a further year) #22: Karl Madianga (24) - May 2019 (Option of a further year) #27: Jesse Curran (21) - May 2019 #28: Lewis Spence (22) - May 2020 #33: Craig Wighton (20) - May 2019 Strikers #9: Sofien Moussa (30) - May 2019 #11: Jean Alassane Mendy (28) - May 2020 #21: Marcus Haber (29) - May 2019 Manager Neil McCann (43) - May 2020. Loans Out: #20: Faissal El Bakhtaoui (25) - May 2019 - Dunfermline Athletic (End of season) #21: James Vincent (28) - May 2019 - Dunfermline Athletic (End of season) #34: Kerr Waddell (19) - May 2019 -Greenock Morton (31/12/18) #36: Kyle Gourlay (19) - May 2019 - Elgin City (31/12/18) #38: Calum Ferrie (19) - May 2019 - Stirling Albion (31/12/18) Youth Expected to Complement First Team Squad: Jack Lambert (MID) Matthew Henvey (ATT) Left The Club: #3: Kevin Holt (25) - Pafos #14: Mark O'Hara (22) - Peterborough United #15: Jon Aurtenetxe (25) - Unattached #16: Julen Etxabeguren Leanizbarrutia (27) - Unattached #: Nicky Low (26) - Derry City #23: Randy Wolters (28) - N.E.C Breda #26: Kostadin Gadzhalov (28) - Botev Vratsa #40: Jordan Piggott (19) - Unattched. #67: Jeremy Malherbe (27) - Panionios . #7: A-Jay Leitch-Smith (28) - Returned to parent club. #17: Simon Murray (26) - Returned to parent club. Ages as of 31/05/18. Link to Premiership Squad Lists 2015/16 Link to Premiership Squad Lists 2016/17 Link to Premiership Squad Lists 2017/18
  24. All things Dundee FC

    Trust a St Johnstone fan to post a picture of a 'Spud'. Ffs.
  25. It wasn't intended as a criticism. I was hugely excited when we brought him in. I thought he'd help us forget about Hemmings and Stewart. He's got cracking ability but seems to lack in positioning, the ability to pass, hold onto the ball and has no form of tactical sense plus he's incredibly lightweight. Don't get me wrong - I hope he does really well for you and smashes United several times over. I'm just giving an honest assessment. He has the potential to once again be a roaring success for you lot as he has been before but his comments today were a bit bizarre and shows a highly inflated ego, with not the ability to match to make it in the top flight IMO. The best way to describe his Dundee career was a player with unbelievable talent for getting fans off their seat only for them to sit back down in continuous disappointment. If Vincent was a success for you, El Bak will fucking smash it though. All the best.