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  1. I'm not saying I want him or think he'd necessarily do well, but Ian Murray whom Dunfermline & Raith are both linked to seems a superior option to Kevin Thomson right now considering his experience. Had a bit of a disaster at St Mirren tbf though. What's the script with his stint with you lot? @Gareth_Glasgow
  2. Is Dominic Hyam any good? Notice he's getting a regular game for Coventry since I started an FM save with them.
  3. Turned into iniesta you mean the ref shit himself when he should have been sent off for a deliberate hand ball when booked already. The ref won that game for you.
  4. The guy you've quoted isn't even a Dundee fan you absolute fucking trumpet.
  5. Sorry for the late notice, but I won't have as much time as I originally envisioned so will need to pull out! Thankfully it means league a is more balanced with 8 players rather than 9!
  6. She's the American Katie Hopkins. Best ignored.
  7. Nick Khan has some grip on the company now with Stephanie taking a leave of absence. He's slowly eating the company away from Vince. He'll be the successor sooner rather than later IMO.
  8. That strip manages to make even a fucking simpleton like Dodds look elegant. Thanks for sharing. Thank you.
  9. Davidson is a cowardly fucking shitebag. On and off the pitch. Brilliant stuff for the neutral.
  10. Tonight's result is on Davidson and Davidson alone. Dreadful in game management. Really fucking chronic. James McPake would've been proud of those subs.
  11. Fair play to Caley. Spent the first half slating them. Done well to capitalise on Callum Davidson's incompetency.
  12. I've not witnessed a team shit the bed as much as Davidson has caused St Johnstone to shit the bed tonight in a long time!
  13. St Johnstone with 19 shots and 7 on target. Inverness with 2 and 0 on target. It's still a case of how many tonight.
  14. Yes, opposed to that rabble. As the second bottom team is currently showing... it's fairly straightforward stuff.
  15. The Championship was a fucking rabble this season with an inspired part time team pushing an insipid Kilmarnock all the way. The second bottom of the Prem was always gonna dish out a bitch slapping.
  16. This could get messy for Caley. They look like they're managed by Billy fucking Dodds FFS.
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