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  1. Chris Pozniak was another shite Canadian. Claim to fame was his advert. Rhian Dodds another.
  2. I know it's cliché to take the piss out of Man City fans and that they just now expect to beat Man United, but feels like you could hear a pin drop. Any other Derby where the crowd would be this quiet when they're up 4-0? As I say that, what a cracking strike by Antony.
  3. Lyall Cameron misses an open goal although he was on the stretch.
  4. Open All Mics. Rory Loy just about did one of those foreign commentator celebrations and went mental. Thought he was more of a Rangers man?
  5. Mulligan having a bit of a mare. Twice he should have at least been working the keeper there but waited for the Hamilton player to get back and block. Ball keeps bouncing off him when it's played to him as well. Can't seem to trap it under control
  6. United fans fighting each other in the stand according to the radio.
  7. French at CH and McGhee at LB is the the way I'd have went tbh.
  8. On the firestick, unfortunately. It's also got no sound. Good camera placement though.
  9. SPFL stream saying we are playing at Broadwood Stadium today. Weird that. Apologies for the terrible image but I cba getting off the sofa to take a better one.
  10. Looks like the loan window is closing without an addition.
  11. Ludo*1


    Couple of quality of life improvements and addition of basically a glorified notepad and the licences for the European competitions have been added. That's genuinely it.
  12. I'd also have auld man McGregor ahead of Hart.
  13. Yes, us, in your head. Now go back to enjoying Jacqui Low systematically rip your fanbase a part and enjoy the 15p we gave you and be on your way. Thank you.
  14. He was linked with Dundee & Dundee United on deadline day from sources down South and has played 1 game at League One level this season which was the last game they played.
  15. So what's the script with this BoE move? Is it a case of them backing the government or undermining it? I know the reality is that they're trying to save their arses in response to Kwasi's move but how will this be interpreted?
  16. This was only last week so would have been a loan deal. It was given as the reason he wasn't in the squad on Friday. Dunno if that matches up with what McPake was saying or not.
  17. I mean, as I said in the Dundee thread, 3 goals in 7 games isn't bad for a back up striker. Same track record as your main man Graham in probably fewer minutes. But aye, he's not the best.
  18. You lads and another club were in for Niall McGinn and we accepted but he turned you (and the other club) down.
  19. About a year to 18 month ago, the RB spot was fucking chronic with O'Donnell the clear choice. Hickey and Patterson's time is now. Cracking time for both to break through.
  20. Fair play. Been very critical in the past and will be again in the future (such is the life of a fickle fan) but that's some achievement.
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