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  1. Charlie Adam was saying on the radio show that he does throughout the week that we'd been practicing stuff to catch out Craig Gordon who's an absolutely excellent keeper but scared to come off his line. Arguably, our goal could have been dealt with by him if he commanded his 6 yard box better. Ultimately, it was that Bangime (?) who sold the Hearts jersey though as he was beat in the air by the smallest man on the park.
  2. Cammy Kerr practicing throw ins in the park with his girlfriend all those years ago came good today. It was a cracking throw. Much better than Fontaine's pish long throw and better than Charlie Adam's too.
  3. Pretty sure we tried to sign that Baldwin last year but he signed for an English club instead. Sounds like a bullet dodged. Alex Robertson played much for you?
  4. Opted for a Starry's as I missed these posts unfortunately. Noticed that that Himalayan Dine In is directly across the road as well. b*****d. This place any good?
  5. Spending the weekend in Airdrie. Had a 'Touch of Spice' last night and it was fucking minging. What's the best takeaway in Airdrie/Coatbridge?
  6. Charlie Adam being injured fucked us for a period. Our whole style of play, formation and system is built round him. His presence, even when he's not playing very well means that teams will always try to combat him allowing the likes of McCowan and McMullan more time and space. Without him, teams just doubled up on McMullan and it meant Jordan McGhee had to be our prominent creator and as I'm sure you know, that's just not his game and like a deck of cards everything that was so good turned to shite.
  7. You fucking will be if we keep going unbeaten! Best good luck charm ever.
  8. JR announcing on Twitter that he has skin cancer and is likely to get radiation to combat it.
  9. Very good point for us. Builds a wee bit of momentum going into a massive game next week.
  10. Feels like a matter of time before Hearts get their breakthrough. Need to get to HT and reorganise.
  11. Second time in as many games that Griffiths has saved one off the line.
  12. Who would be considered a 'prominent' Dundee supporter that Nelms would approach? The Marrs? They'd not be Dodds' biggest fan. Harry Mac? He was involved with the club when Dodds voted against the CVA so unlikely. Who we talking here?
  13. 19 notifications. All from Pippin. Because he's lost the fucking plot and offering our charity bets on a Hearts vs Dundee thread. Fucking hell. Mentalist.
  14. Fucking St Johnstone fans man. I was enjoying our Hearts vs Dundee slag fest and they stink the place out everywhere they go.
  15. I'm actually looking forward to this game. I expect we will get a couple goal beating, but on the off chance we don't, it's been very hyped up by the Hearts camp that'd be quite funny in addition to the usual delight of your team winning.
  16. Grim. Why was he pointing a gun at the director of photography though, prop or not?
  17. I've wound up a... St Johnstone fan?! f**k sake. ETA: Had about a dozen or so notifications pop up. Safe to say the weird stalkerish St Johnstone fans haven't escaped being wound up. Deary me.
  18. Another that clearly doesn't understand the search function.
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