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  1. Just now, Shadow Play said:

    Not sure that’s the reason.  He could have played the 90 and been subbed if it went to extra time.  

    Too many stories about fall outs for my liking.

    If you’re going to go off on one at a fans Q&A session there is every likelihood you’ll lose the plot when the pressure is on.

    I reckon the whole fall out shtick with McGowan is coming from the reputation that McCann has of falling out with players and that McGowan wasn't in the squad. I don't think there's anything actually in it, I think people are putting 2 and 2 together and rumours are spreading like wildfire. I'd be surprised if he's not in the team next week.

  2. McGowan isn't the player he once was for us, but he's integral to our team. Forget the captaincy, forget the fact he's a wee ned, forget the fact he gives off the image that he's an angrier man than McCann, he's the leader on the pitch. He carries us through.

    Every team needs a McGowan. Not necessarily an angry wee man, we've had completely different styles of leaders in Rab, Barry Smith and Eric Paton to name but a few in the past decade or so. Right now, McGowan is that man and regardless of his performances, he's integral to our squad.

  3. 59 minutes ago, ali_91 said:

    Well no, Tommy Wright has far more goodwill in the bank than any other manager in the league, it would take more than sitting bottom in October after playing all of last years top six after seven games for him to have any pressure on his position. 

    We'll see if it does occur that you're stranded at the bottom. I'd put money on you being the first to cry for Tommy out, mainly because you're a fucking zoomer tbh.

  4. 5 minutes ago, G_Man1985 said:

    I'm sure I read somewhere Watt was training with McPake during the summer ( or a at least a wee bit of it) just makes me wonder why we didn't go for him ?

    He helped out with the youths for a week. I'd have been disappointed at the time had we signed him tbh. I don't know if he is genuinely turning his career round or having a David Clarkson style renaissance, but obviously I'd bite one's hand off for him at present.

  5. 6 minutes ago, G_Man1985 said:

    Both McCormack and Brown got sacked while sitting top of the table .
    Hartley got sacked for having 1 very bad season :-(

    We were 2nd under Brown and he resigned despite Scot Gardiner trying to persuade him to stay as he didn't believe he'd get us up.

    Jocky for McCormack turned out to be one of the very few good decisions the Marr's made as well.

    Hartley, as much as he's probably been Dundee's best manager in the best part of 20 years only Barry Smith saving the club and Jocky's 2nd spell come close, absolutely deserved the bullet as he was taking us down.

  6. I'm away to be very controversial and make a sweeping statement, but based on 45 minutes of actions and 1 training period, Kallman worried me. He didn't seem fast and I can't remember him touching the ball. I'm obviously not writing him off but it wasn't an auspicious start.

    Moussa in his 15 minutes of craziness embarrassingly looked like our most effective forward in the limited time he was on. I'm beginning to worry that Mendy is just pish and it doesn't matter who partners him.

  7. Is there any clear identifiable reason as to why Mourinho has turned into an absolute dour puss that has turned into a poison for the clubs he's at rather than having the effect that one of the best managers the world has seen, should be having? It seems to stem from that disastrous season at Chelsea. He's never been the same guy since then. His personality has completely changed. He's always had a huffy tendency, but he's been in a permanent mood for about 4-5 year now and just saps any positivity from Man United.

  8. Just now, RandomGuy. said:

    I honestly doubt it. He's gone three months without a win and not been under serious pressure. Sure, one or two will moan, but the majority understand that sequence of games is a nightmare. 

    I suppose it depends how the rest of the league performs. If you're 1-2 points behind the 'pack' that tends to form then he'll get more leeway than say if it's 5-6 points.

  9. I done some number crunching a couple of year back and here's the results now including McCann's record for comparative reasons:

    Neil McCann - GP: 59 W21 D9 L29. WR: 35.59%

    Paul Hartley - GP: 138 W: 46 D: 37 L: 55. WR: 33.33%.

    John Brown - GP: 39. W: 18. D: 8. L: 13. WR: 46.15%

    Barry Smith - GP: 102. W: 39 D: 27 L: 36. WR: 38.24%

    Gordon Chisholm - GP: 21. W: 8 D: 5. L: 8 WR: 38.09%

    Jocky Scott - GP: 65. W: 31. D: 13. L: 21. WR: 47.69%

    Alex Rae - GP: 97. W: 42. D: 22. L: 33. WR: 43.29%

    Alan Kernaghan - GP: 37. W: 9 D: 16 L: 12 WR: 24.32%

    Jim Duffy - GP: 142. W: 44. D: 38. L: 60 WR: 30.99%

    Ivano Bonetti - GP: 90 W: 29 D: 21 L: 40 WR: 32.22%

    Jocky Scott - GP: 95 W: 35 D: 18 L: 42 WR: 36.84%

    John McCormack - GP: 47 W: 22 D: 15 L: 10 WR: 46.81%

    Jim Duffy - GP: 137 W: 57 D: 42 L: 38 WR: 41.61%

  10. Just now, RandomGuy. said:

    You'll win 1-0 with Moussa scoring and he'll be your hero again, dont worry.

    FWIW McNamaras last game at United was at McDiarmid. Their fans were desperate to get rid, the players weren't playing for him, and he was sacked before the players even left the pitch. Be careful what you wish for.

    I wouldn't be surprised right now if we sell our top two players before the game as well. 

    There comes a time when you can't just stick up for a guy because he's passionate. 

  11. Well played today Ayr. Played with purpose, played with no fear and took your chances well. Absolutely no ill will towards them. Well deserved and I want it known that my future rantings on this thread and the Dundee thread aren't with the intention of taking anything away from Ayr. Could have easily been 4-5.