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  1. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Bad Grandpa. Feels forced, few laugh out loud moments but it's your typical Knoxville affair really. It's pretty poor as a film. 4/10.
  2. If you can get past the two annoying hosts, DDP & Jake the Snake provide a cracking interview:
  3. The Creepy & The Strange

    Annual Halloween bump! Sailors alive underwater for 16 days, no-one able to save them, but everyone knew they were there!
  4. Monday Night Raw Live

    Kane removing the mask again. Had to be expected though to help promote See No Evil 2. Once the film is done with his push will be over.
  5. Monday Night Raw Live

    How's Raw been so far?
  6. Known Bugs and Issues

    Still getting the quotation problem. All I'm doing is hitting the 'quote' button and I'm getting the, 'Swarley, on 17 Oct 2013...' as the quote heading and also inside the quote. Any ideas?
  7. Quick Question Thread

    I'm hitting quote to just the last person that posted. My question is, once I've posted I see the quote heading, for example: 'KeeperDee, on 27 Oct 2013 - 20:26' but then I also see that again inserted into my quote if that makes sense? Is this just me? Does my quoting of KeeperDee's post just look like a normal post or what?
  8. Monday Night Raw Live

    D-Von Dudley has legitimately left TNA. Surely he'll be in for a WWE return?
  9. PS4 or Xbox

    Gary will claim the moral victory as Xbox outsells the PS4 in some backward state such as Utah or something and use it as evidence as to why the Xbox is better.
  10. Grand Theft Auto V

    The end of the story mode just felt rushed. Nicely paced all the way through, then the ending and dealings with all the antagonists are simply squared up on the last mission. Massively disappointing in that sense. The Last of Us is game of the year for me.
  11. Grand Theft Auto V

    I'm going to throw this out there now that the storm has calmed down, this game is overrated. It's not the best game ever. It's not even the best GTA game. It's brilliant, a really good game, but isn't anything like the best.
  12. Independence - how would you vote?

    Tonight's result has nothing to do with the battle of independence. No sense of triumphalism, just a job done result.
  13. PS4 or Xbox

  14. Football Manager 2014

    Was Super Tommy doing the Dundee updates this year? Can't have been, surely? First time in a long time that Dundee's player ratings are way off. It looks like someone has just randomised our team.
  15. I never used my P&B name, I instead gave my full name. (Not including middle). I expect Barry just to ken it's me.
  16. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    People who are happy when I feel like shit.
  17. Independence - how would you vote?

    I'd be interested to see how a new poll on independence would come out on here. Perhaps at the end of the year it'd be worth setting up a new thread to see if there's been a swing one way or another on P&B.
  18. But, but, but, Nacho Novo & Craig Reid...
  19. The 50 Best Posters in P&B History

    If I don't secure a place on this list, I'll be confirmed as a complete and utter zero pointer having failed to register on either the worst or most influential lists... So I'm going to get a pre-emptive strike in... Aww, f**k it what's the point you won't remember anyways!
  20. Coronation Street

    All I can keep thinking is, 'hard-necked b*****ds turning this on David!'
  21. It's nice to think that P&B has created the new, Dundonian Irvine Welsh. Add some HIV, heroin & brutality to the next novel and it'll go from being a cult online sensation to a bonafide classic. That's how these things work, obviously.
  22. Monday Night Raw Live

    Goldust is in the form of his life right now, every match he's putting on is of great quality.
  23. Mafia Watering Hole

    Pretty sure I recommended you and GtG IIRC. As long as it's not NOW representing us I think our group would do well.