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  1. Reckon Anderson and McGhee do that role now. If we are looking to move McGhee back to CH long term then he'd be ideal to fight it out with Anderson.
  2. Not meaning to be rude, but what about it? Has there been something in the news about Covid meaning companies have extra time to file their accounts? Even the likes of Livi and United have published their confirmation statements. ETA: Apologies, Livi's aren't due until the end of this month.
  3. We normally release our accounts for public consumption for lack of a better phrase at the end of February. In 2020 we posted the article on the official site on February 28th. In 2019 we posted the statement on February 27th. This year we've not done it yet according to Company House. It's now listed as overdue: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/SC004585 Is this a potential issue or just a harmless delay?
  4. I only watched night two, but as has been said above, outside the main event, it didn't have the feel of a Wrestlemania with some absolutely turgid matches. Even the main event felt like a B show filler and not the end to Wrestlemania. It delivered and interesting enough, but I preferred last year's Mania (largely due to the two cinematic matches tbf). The thing that obviously elevates this year's is the crowd. Amazing to have a real crowd back but there was far too much shite on night 2 and as such has to be one of the lower end Mania's for me. Will reassess after watching night 1 which is where the quality seems to have shone through. Watched clips of the Banks vs Belair match and whilst I've never been the biggest fan of women's wrestling, that seems like it is a brilliant match with an engaging story! Looking forward to watching that fully.
  5. Why has the 'technology' of announcers tables breaking developed into looking utter shite? It looked better on the old school tables.
  6. That's such a half arsed performance from Heyman in the background there.
  7. This has been horrific. This final match has a lot to live up to.
  8. Spells out night one obviously, but I reckon she'll be the surprise if any. Good to see that she's a Jim Cornette man as well. ETA:
  9. I don't know if it's because of the gimmick and it turning into just a regular street fight, I'm not feeling this match.
  10. RVD saved that segment from being the most cringeworthy of the night and that's some going.
  11. Sheik delivering some quality content:
  12. I've picked the wrong night to watch live evidently.
  13. Well, that was utterly fucking awful all round.
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