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  1. It's not a theory I necessary believe in when it comes to the Egyptians, but it is one that's not talked about a lot that I'm really interested in. It's not really a conspiracy either - it's just that there is a train of a thought that the Sphinx is much, much older than the pyramids and was possibly built by an earlier civilisation. Some say it's 26,000 years old, some state between 7000-10,000. I believe it to be nonsense, personally and there's been loads of claims disputing it. Here's a wee shitey video that talks it through: There's another theory that the pyramids were built around astrology - Yet the Sphinx doesn't seem to have any significance in this regard EXCEPT if you go back much further in time which is explored in full here: https://www.ancient.eu/article/236/the-mystery-of-the-great-sphinx/ And since I've dived into the world of stuff here - Here's a bizarre and laugh out loud article (As always) by the Express saying that the Sphinx had the face of a lion: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1091417/egypt-shock-giza-pyramid-sphinx-lion-face-theory-spt
  2. Salmond is and was the greatest politician Scotland has seen in the past 20 year, but we needed a softer touch and we've got that in Sturgeon. She has massive appeal with people that were turned off by Salmond's abrasiveness. Sturgeon has been the perfect following act for Salmond. There was nothing quite like Salmond trolling someone. As much as George Galloway is an absolute fucking roaster and an irrelevance - I'd have loved to have watched them two debate each other!
  3. He's always been good with the ball at his feet and can produce bits of Gary Harkins-esque magic with the ball, but in his 82 appearances for us he showed that about 4-5 times and not even for full games largely over 5-10 minute spells. I truly believed he was the latest in a long line of over hyped Dundee youth products. To be fair, his appearances started when he was 16 and he had a major injury interrupt any progress. Dundee were desperate to get him back in Jan and by all accounts, he wanted back as well after some people leaked WhatsApp messages. Hearts started playing funny buggers though and demanded a higher percentage from us 'Because you're Dundee and you can pay more'. He then went to Arbroath and probably had the best 2-3 months of his career under Dick Campbell. I've no idea if he'd be any good for us. I still have major, major doubts over his ability to make it in the game - But he'd be much better than the likes of Simon Murray IMO. ETA: To actually answer your question, he's a striker but I've always felt he'd be better just in behind them - That's no longer what we need though.
  4. Someone on Kickback saying that Uche & Wighton's contracts are to be terminated. I'd have Uche bullying defenders in the air whilst Jakubiak/Mullen harass them on the ground tbh. And whilst I'm not Wighton's biggest fan, I'd welcome him back with open arms before Murray.
  5. He's the reason we don't hand out 3 year deals any more. (Probably)
  6. Hibs (And many other clubs) would absolutely be all over Griffiths if he were available. There's not a chance, in a million years, he returns to Dens even on loan. Once he's fit again, whether he's in Celtic's plans or not, he'll still be heavily in Steve Clarke's plans and a move to Dundee on loan won't do anything for Griffiths. Absolute non-starter. We'll get Murray, undoubtedly.
  7. To be fair to Strachan, Hamilton was at the club before him!
  8. Jakubiak quoted as saying that we only approached his agent (Peaso) last night and he knew he wanted to come straight away after how his agent sold the club to him. He also said that he spoke to Andrew Nelson yesterday as well. States that there was a Prem club still wanting to hold talks with him and he'd spoke to them briefly previously (Doesn't name them) but that he was sold on what his agent said Dundee could do for his career long term. Said he doesn't want to be judged on his loan spells as he was always thinking about going back to Watford (He doesn't say this in the negative way I've typed it - He means more that he's only there for 3 month or whatever so never has time to settle).
  9. Updated with the main man leaving and the signings of Danny Mullen & Alex Jakubiak.
  10. Do we think we'll sign any more? Probably be us done in terms of permanent signings and just utilise the loan system from here on out once the players are back training? We can loan in up to 5 players but McPake said when he got the job he doesn't like teams that have too many loan deals. Keeper, another CH & a striker are MUSTS for me if we're to go 3-5-2. Possibly a winger as well so that we can change shape when need be. Yet I can't see 4 bodies being added - loanee or not - due to finances.
  11. Copied from @craigkillie post in the LC thread: North Pot 1: St Johnstone, Hibs, Ross County, Hearts Pot 2: Dundee United, Inverness, Dundee, Arbroath Unseeded: Raith Rovers, Montrose, East Fife, Peterhead, Forfar Athletic, Cove Rangers, Elgin City, Cowdenbeath, Stirling Albion, Stenhousemuir, Brechin City, Brora Rangers
  12. We could have no strikers on the books and have to go forward with the youth team and I still wouldn't take yer shitey pal!
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