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  1. What a time to cut to an advert when clearly ITV weren't. Fucking hell.
  2. For what it's worth, I hope he has a stormer tonight.
  3. How so? Because I have a different opinion from you, I am happy to share it and back it up with evidence? What a strange post from yourself.
  4. I think so. Piss poor form in the English Championship playing for a relegating threatened side, then dropped from said side, piss poor form for the National side and been at the very least partly culpable for at least 2 of the last 4 goals the nation has conceded. The Czech striker has admitted he noticed Marshall was coming out too far time and time again hence how he took advantage. Do we have more pressing issues than Marshall for tonight? Yeah, 100%. Do we have a more pressing issue after this tournament is over likely in 2 games time? Not a chance.
  5. Aye, that's not what irked me. Just the thought that the 1893 takes precedence over ST.
  6. Bit annoyed that the 1893 members get the better opposition. I am an 1893 member, but I signed up for that to help the club whilst I bought my ST for the benefits. Bit of a petty thing to get annoyed about, admittedly.
  7. Still another 2 seasons of Macron! We were 8 with Puma beforehand so we've had decent quality (if not always in style) kits for the past decade or so. Makes a massive change from the Bukta and Viga days.
  8. Not 100% sure. Just remember a communication coming from the club that we needed to have 'declared' our strips at the start of the season as our fans are very 'traditional' and didn't like the home kit without white shorts. Perhaps it was the ref that didn't allow the variance.
  9. You're not allowed to do that now. The season we were relegated we were all Dark Blue despite at the time wanting to change the shorts on a game by game basis initially dependent on who we were playing. Could have changed since then right enough.
  10. 100%. The likes of Adam Legzdins (until now) and more famously, Steve Harper being paid £1000s every week to be a glorified ball boy in training is some life. I'm surprised that people knock it and say, 'They should get out and play at a lower level if they had any ambition!' - Their ambition is to make as much money as possible and give their family a secure lifestyle.
  11. Simon McCoy's Twitter is glorious. You can tell he's full of regret:
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