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  1. Not heard them tbf but it's not hard to imagine, aye.
  2. Must admit, not a fan of 3 man commentary teams in general and Excalibur is the weak link for me (although I am heavily bias with him so will accept I might be wrong on that front). If it wasn't so disrespectful, I'd wheel JR out as the main play by play guy for all the PPVs and pair Taz up with either Schavione or trial the likes of Paul Wight and Mark Henry who were hired for that type of role, were they not? Schavione strikes me as not having the greatest of wrestling knowledge these days hence how I'm open to change on that front. Taz is fantastic though and I do enjoy Schavione.
  3. It is unfair. He's been legendary in what feels like the last 3-4 World Cups. 37 now though. And seems to be pish at club level.
  4. The English love a shite, negative pundit. They also love a presentor that adds absolutely nothing to the show. The dregs that they have sometimes make me think that Gary Lineker is worth his hugely inflated salary since I don't mind him.
  5. Can't find a trace of it online but remember it clear at the time. The reason Julian Speroni ended up at Dundee in the first place was that he'd just broke through to the first team at Platense. In his 2nd appearance for the club, fans broke into the changing rooms at HT with guns and basically said if they didn't win that game they'd basically be killed. Anyways, straight after the game Speroni was on the first flight out of Argentina with his wife because whilst it was probably just intimidation tactics, f**k that for a laugh. Took us about 6 month to get the deal over the line due to work permit problems and issues with Platense but he spent his first 6 month warming up at Dens looking absolute sour pussed and probably wanting back to Argentina as Jamie Langfield was getting a game in that time.
  6. Think they're missing his good takes. Although in saying that, he was acting like a decrepit auld b*****d at times when he's supposed to be the main salesman of the show. Still, I don't get the Excalibur shtick. For reasons I can't explain, it bothers me that the main announcer wears a mask.
  7. Airdrie's attacking movement was much better than some of the Championship sides we've faced this season. Quite quick on the counter and whilst disappointing from our perspective, they were 2 well made and well taken goals they scored. Quite lucky their keeper had an absolute nightmare for our first 2 goals and that they ran completely out of steam with us showing our depth and fitness.
  8. Quite a few reasons IMO. We made 7 subs. Grayson is a little bit more forward thinking. The midfield was also terrible defensively as were the defence. Byrne wasn't up to much today IMO. Thought Robertson's contribution was better than Grayson and Byrne's though.
  9. Williamson is really coming to the fore recently. Shutting a lot of people up probably myself included. Probably the main player in our midfield right now.
  10. Maguire is a pretty good, backs against the wall CH. Ideal for teams battling relegation and are a bit shit when a team puts them under constant pressure. It's why he's decent for England.
  11. England do seem to have a knack for developing absolutely rapid players that lack any football intelligence.
  12. Pickford's slicked back, 1920's style haircut just makes him look like a bigger arsehole than he actually is which I didn't think possible.
  13. The two nations with the shittest chants going. England singing their own name with an extra syllable (ENG-GUR-LAND) whilst a brass band plays and the States, a nation that can only make noise when they're repeating their own name, Jerry Springer style, 'USA! USA! USA!'
  14. From Brad Friedel, Tim Howard and Kasey Keller the US have had a fair downgrade in the goal with Turner.
  15. Thanks @sophia for reminding us all to say: f**k Billy Dodds. f**k Scot Gardiner
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