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  1. Montrose on Tuesday is ticket only and they're putting segregation in place. Bit unlike the Angus clubs during pre-season to do that.
  2. If these youths make it to the first team, we'll have Christian Dailly & Lee Wilkie's sons at CH & Gordon Strachan's grandson at full back. Any other notable names?
  3. Worried about you lads. I'd imagine we'll be good for a couple of loans once Bowyer knows his squad more but it's a bit late in pre-season to not have any signed goalkeepers or strikers and barely able to field 11 players. League One is gonna be a very tough one next season.
  4. I can't see us letting him go. Reckon we'd need a very decent offer to part with him and don't think he's good enough for a club to pay around £150kish.
  5. Peterhead team is pretty weak tbf. They're really struggling to put a team together. Davie Nicholls said this in the build-up: Still, very good run out for us though!
  6. Brilliant play from Jakubiak to set up McGinn for the second.
  7. Bowyer said during the week that he wouldn't be risking Legzdins, Sheridan or Ashcroft today as he doesn't want to risk losing them for the season.
  8. Only caught the tail end of his career but he and his replacement Stefano Klos are still the two best goalkeepers I've ever witnessed in Scottish football.
  9. Cheers. Had got myself intrigued by the number 11 being allocated far more than I should have. Interesting to see McGowan given the captaincy ahead of Kerr. No McGhee in the squad and a trialist CH begs for the rumour mill to be started.
  10. Thanks very much for that. Certainly informative.
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