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  1. Half them are probably you! The vote on whether the Championship gets postponed or not.
  2. Looks like it'll be a boring January. Even more so depending on tomorrow.
  3. Aye, phone, cancel. They'll call you before the disconnection date. And they'll be persistent too. Again, just my experience.
  4. They had my maw in a similar situation. Refusing to budge on a £46 quid deal that new customers were getting for £20-odd. Commit to the cancellation. They'll phone you back with a cut price deal. At least they did in her case.
  5. It looks like it's going stale for McInnes. It happens to most successful managers in Scotland and he's had a decent tenure. As much as Aberdeen have humped us in recent seasons, the only players that the opposition had to be genuinely fearful of were Jonny Hayes & Niall McGinn. Previously there were others, but they two have been constant (Hayes obviously left and came back) and now they're both past their peak. They've a donkey of a striker that has the occasional purple patch and some of their other mainstay quality players are also aging in Shay Logan & Andrew Considine, The attempts to freshen up the squad haven't usually worked either and the likes of Hernandez, Ojo & Main haven't delivered near enough. The squad needs an overhaul built around the likes of Lewis Ferguson. They'll still be fine for another season or so, but McInnes arguably hasn't really solved issues that have plagued Aberdeen for a few year now.
  6. Someone on the other forum saying it was Dougie Fordyce that done the first inspection. Anyone that knows local Dundee football will know that explains a lot.
  7. The thread is about to become a cluttered mess with his shite.
  8. Soro looks good, but better than Kamara or Davis at present? I dunno.
  9. Yet another Morton fan that's clearly not read the thread.
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