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  1. All things Dundee FC

    Boyle was 22 when he left us and played nearly 100 games in Scottish football. Nabi is nearly 25 and played about 20 games in his career. Mostly as a sub. I don't think we'd miss him and reckon McIntyre will be punting him in January regardless as his contract expires then.
  2. All things Dundee FC

    Good luck to the lad. Not really good enough. Cracking ability but doesn't really make an impact. I'd be happy to offload him as I can't see him breaking into our midfield.
  3. All things Dundee FC

    Imagine a defence of Gadzhalov and Kusunga (Conveniently forgetting the bombscare element of both). Oft.
  4. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Miller actually started celebrating to begin with and then he caught himself and stopped. I've no issue with this. He plays for the jersey and is thoroughly professional which can't always be said about former OF heroes looking for a final paycheck.
  5. All things Dundee FC

    Credit where credit is due, I don't think Hamilton is a good keeper and was a bit iffy for the goal, but he removed immense pressure at times by claiming a few difficult balls into the box where I possibly wouldn't have expected him to claim it. If we can increase his confidence there might be a player in him yet.
  6. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Really enjoyed today. One of those where we could have taken all 3 if we kept 11. One of those games where I was just waiting for the goal to go in and sitting very nervously, continuously looking at the clock but Rangers only forced Hamilton into a single solitary save. Hamilton claimed a few crosses and we had some back to the walls defending but we thoroughly deserved our point. Delighted to be off bottom and whilst we have a few tough games ahead McIntyre seems to have injected a bit of belief into the squad and made us hard to beat.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    We've got a great chance to get off the bottom tomorrow and be in touching distance of Hamilton with a further game in hand.
  8. All things Dundee FC

    I've got something like 50 tweets over the 8 or so year I've had Twitter, and pretty much everything I've tweeted has been a retweet of some sort yet I've found myself blocked from Steve Martin despite never tweeting him or retweeting anything about him in my life. Anyways - the point of my ramble is that he'd posted a song titled, 'back stabbers' on Twitter therefore it looks like there is some drama brewing at boardroom level once again at Dens.
  9. Oft. He seems a bit rattled by us giving to a charity. Bit cringeworthy from our Yank owners, but bigoted?
  10. All things Dundee FC

    I think that top is a beauty. Not keen on the military connection with football, but that does tend to be the American way.
  11. Aye, he looked garbage. I know Woods has apparently made a few changes this season but he's always looked a steady, reliable keeper at this level whereas Mucha looks a bit of a bombscare.
  12. I thought the ball was going wide and Mucha tipped it in.
  13. Premier League 2018-19

  14. Strange thread this. Celtic fans trying to goad Aberdeen fans, Aberdeen fans being pretty respectful and accepting they weren't up to it and fans of other teams going on about how Celtic shouldn't celebrate winning a major Scottish trophy because of their budget.
  15. Premier League 2018-19

    Whit?! He's absolutely no chance with that.