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  1. We've just unveiled our home top for next season.
  2. See on Chorizo and Sangria, do you think they've started a 'Worst Ever Result' thread?
  3. John McGinn using his arse to stop the Spanish players surrounding Hickey.
  4. Get a zoom in on that wee p***k Pedro Porro or Joselu. I want to see their delicious tears.
  5. Typical Scotland. We get a half decent ref that let's the game flow and the opposition sub him off at HT. Ffs.
  6. Carvajal is a significant upgrade on Porro even if he did make a terrible pass as I typed this.
  7. If Dykes scored that, I reckon Joselu was getting sent off for the tantrum he'd have had at HT.
  8. Joselu losing the fucking plot is delicious.
  9. He led his jump with his arms and it wasn't a standing jump, he moved a considerable distance across the pitch with his elbow outstretched. Accidental but a yellow for me.
  10. Yeah, think the ref has been excellent. Not buying the Spanish antics and not clamping down massively on ours.
  11. Take it as a compliment because we've got them fucking rattled. Scotland have Spain rattled. Unreal.
  12. It is quite good that we've got a few masters of the dark arts in our side. Always feel like we've the potential to be too nice in the past. Refreshing to see we've got a bunch that love to act the c**t to get a slight advantage.
  13. Starting to feel a wee bit like an equaliser is coming. Getting beat in the air far too often.
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