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  1. Have to say found it darkly humorous that the Derry broke out into this song time and time again after St Johnstone fans were singing, 'paedo, paedo' or 'you're a shite Jimmy Saville'. Feel like it didn't carry the punch the Derry was intending haha.
  2. Any Rangers players with massive heads we should be shit scared battering us all tomorrow?
  3. Leigh Griffiths was earning his keep as the guy performing the light show at Celtic Park before European nights whilst he was unfit. Just booting different coloure flares across the pitch.
  4. You really have. You've repeatedly tried to say he's finished and mentally done as well which is completely out of order unless you know the guy.
  5. You'd think Lovejoy would eventually stop making a c**t of himself but nope, shovel in hand.
  6. Tim Keyes wants to watch it at a reasonable time. He gets what he wants.
  7. What a nightmare Lovejoy has had over all this. Should be celebrating his team getting to yet another semi-final, but instead opted to embarrass himself all over our threads continually making absolute rubbish up. Better watch what we say though lads, I heard he knows a few mental guys that have big heads.
  8. Harry Mac raises a good point on the other forum about the Griffiths stuff. Where was this outcry when Legzdins chucked a United flare back into the Shed?
  9. He's too busy thinking Shaun Rooney is a hard man because he's got a big head for that sort of shenanigans.
  10. Cormack and Keyes looking after the US massive.
  11. It's just really Rangers fans and RandomGuy acting liking a complete Helen Lovejoy now that's trying to keep it going.
  12. Aye accidentally kicked it so hard it ended halfway up the stand. Always had a powerful shot. As a Hearts fan, you'd think you'd remember.
  13. Because St Johnstone have about 6 fans. It'll be a bit more malicious from Rangers.
  14. This narrative that you're blatantly making up and have been doing since we were even linked to him is very unsavoury IMO.
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