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  1. I mean, I don't want to be harsh here, but that level of checking would have required effort and f**k that.
  2. There was a post on TDBF saying we'd approached Marcus Fraser on a PCA and that we were trying to sign him. I asked in the St Mirren thread about him. Turns out he's not even out of contract.
  3. Honestly thought that Cleary was St Johnstone's weak link at the back. Doesn't seem to have any positional sense. Was just as likely to be near our corner flag as he was in the CH position for Saints.
  4. Not too bad after a terrible start: Wordle 222 4/6
  5. Final minute of this interview is quite interesting regarding Griffiths. He should have done it months ago, but McPake saying he's coming in early every morning to now build his fitness.
  6. Surely to f**k he didn't utter those words. I've convinced myself I misheard it as it stunned me to the core.
  7. Davidson saying St Johnstone gave 'something for the fans to cheer' tonight. Holy f**k.
  8. One thing I need to give McPake (althought it's not exactly a compliment, it's a slight towards Davidson) at least McPake realised the game was fucking dreadful and tried to make positive substitutions whilst Davidson waited until the 88th minute to bring on a like for like striker for a striker. Deary me. Relegate us both.
  9. With no word of a lie, that might honestly be the worst half of football I've ever witnessed. No exaggeration, that was absolutely horrific.
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