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  1. Indeed, absolutely strolled it in the Championship last season and was the prime reason we went 6 games without conceding a single goal. Contrast that with our fortunes without him in our most recent game...
  2. He's not going to shag you.* *I cannot confirm.
  3. Loved Ebbe's stint at Aberdeen and he brought through some cracking players even if the results didn't match up. Peter Kjaer is a massively underappreciated keeper! I wasn't a fan of that corner routine he had you doing that was apparently incredibly ineffective but always ended with a goal against Dundee.
  4. And to compound his nightmare, before this, he offered Rashford to meet at a school in particular and the governor of said school has replied:
  5. He's fucked himself and is now utterly shitting himself:
  6. Good to see Wighton finally developing into the player pretty much most of his team mates said he was.
  7. It's absolutely not a daft thing to say when viewed through the lens that Hearts may as well be Real Madrid in this diddy league in the mind of most Scottish footballing pundits.
  8. Does Robbie Neilson not have a pretty poor record against Dick Campbell? Pretty sure his United side struggled against Arbroath a few times.
  9. Billy Dodds mentioned how Craig Gordon is rarely troubled but when he is he deals with it well. It's the second game into the season and he's pulled off about 4 saves in this game alone as well as 2 cracking saves last week.
  10. It cannot be said enough just how much of a fucking tube Billy Dodds is.
  11. Favourite Gayfield wind video. Equally my favourite Arvid Schenk video.
  12. Not sure if I want Arbroath to get smashed so I can delude myself that we weren't that bad last week or if I want Arbroath to win so I can delude myself that last week was a blip and we can still be title challengers tbh.
  13. Thomas Konrad is available on a free. He's on the small side granted, but he's miles better than anything we have at CH. I know many on here aren't fans of returning players, but I'd snap him up in a heartbeat.
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