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  1. Will the new system cut down on the abuse of concession tickets which must cost the club thousands each year? Too many fresh faced pensioners and bearded under 16's have been robbing the club blind for years.
  2. It is football and they have their own national team and Association.
  3. Hopefully another ban soon to save us from your tedious pish.
  4. His company tried to influence the Local Development Plan to allow Ayr United to relocate to the Dam Park. I always fear any property company taking interest in a football club that owns it ground and loses money most seasons.
  5. If she'll let you. "Games Room" is a bit of a misnomer for the place you've parked your wanking chariot.
  6. Who was dishing out the stampings for Forfar? It's the only way that Raith can be defeated.
  7. It's pretty much the same situation as it has been for years, most years they make a loss, occasionally they make a small profit. I'm sure there is a property developer out there that would see us ok if Lachlan pulled the plug, but we would be sharing the Dam Park with Whitletts.
  8. They should sell it in the club shop, but with its pricing regime who's gonna pay £10 for an exclusive pie?
  9. Correct, brain fade is a terrible thing. It depressed me even more when I then realised that we were paying wages of 85% of out turnover for a Mark Roberts team
  10. Don't know if it's been posted already but the accounts for the year ended 30/6/2016 have been published. A quick scan shows the club lost £281, 348 in their promotion winning season, about £95,000 more than they lost in the previous season. Wages for 30 playing staff and 11 Admin and support staff was £644,369; £206,545 more than the previous season, but there were 6 more players on the books for the 15/16 season; these figures means that the wages to turnover ratio for 15/16 is a whopping 93% up from 85% the previous year. The Club has also been named as a defender in an action for loss of wages by a former employee, any idea who that would be?
  11. Refreshing honesty from Hughes. You never get that kind of interview on AUTV .
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