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  1. If the Tories thought that sending him out a few days before the local elections would have helped then they need to look at the folks making those decisions. I've seen more of the interview now and as you say he's been left looking a shambles, tried (and failed) to continually take it back to Ukraine and issues they think will help. It really seemed to come over that he had no understanding of any issues that were going on - his insane response to being told that a 77 year old woman was having to use buses all day to keep warm was that he had ensured she had a free bus pass to use having brought that in as Mayor of London!
  2. Well that didn't go well...who'd have thought that? Boris looked completely lost (again!) and from the parts that i caught it did seem that Susanna Reid was doing her best to keep things on topic but he just couldn't answer anything put to him. The 'who's Lorraine' comment at the end is likely to cause some embarrassment, I actually thought he looked like he didn't even know it was a live interview!
  3. I think he might be afforded a bit of time from the owners/ board due to them making sure he's being touted as a player developer. I've no knowledge as to how good he is on that front but he's got Haller and Tadic playing well so you'd have to think that with the players that are already at Old Trafford that he can get some of them back on form. Some of the players just won't want to put in that effort so are likely to be shown the door but they must be hoping he can emulate Conte at Spurs in getting a tune out the players that are there (to a limited extent) and changing others over a few windows. Given the expected clear out needed i think Man U fans should maybe not be surprised if it gets worse before it gets better - whether they can handle that is another thing...
  4. It'll be interesting to see what they do. Apart from any Ukraine/ Russian international fixtures there will be the European Final in St Petersburg that'll likely get moved and i'd also expect that they'll need to do something about Gazprom being such a major sponsor...
  5. Unbelievably he's more than likely to get a much bigger pay off than the compensation amount he had to pay his victim!
  6. To be fair i'm not really sure what i'd expect them to do. I just know that if my wife knew i was working with someone like Goodwillie (not that my employer would have him as an employee) and i was essentially being asked to support and help him in being successful then she'd be looking for me to move jobs sharpish - but i'm sure that's much easier for me to do than a professional footballer whose only option may be to move for less cash or even go part time......
  7. Apologies if this has been asked but where do the other players stand if they're not happy to be playing in the same team as Goodwillie? Other than the female teams captain there's not been much else said from the playing staff - are they powerless in this? I wouldn't imagine a lot of them are in a position to be able to just walk away from their contracts even if they wanted to but surely some of them are less than happy about this?
  8. Hi All, Hope you can help! I just downloaded Dirt 5 as it was free on the Playstation Network but the problem is that when you go to play it it only allows you to enter a track race in China (Land Rush) - no menu screen, thats the only option. After the race you just go back into the same race/ option again, it doesn't exit to a menu and doesn't have the ability to select anything else. Any ideas if this is normal? I thought you maybe had to place in the race to get to the menu screen/ options but my son is getting really frustrated as he can't do that just now and wanted to practise and set up career mode. Any ideas?? Thanks
  9. The board really need to get a new manager in asap - the need for someone who can coach and organise is a must. At the minute they look completely disjointed. In terms of the defenders i'm really not clear how or what big Vytas has done to continually be dropped - any time i've seen him he's looked solid enough. All the changing of personnel can't help anyone, maybe they just need to choose a formation, a back 4 or five to fit with it and just run with it for a few games to allow folks to get settled and know what each other is doing. Is there any news on Lewis Martin and if he's even close to making a comeback (again)?
  10. The worst possible outcome would be another 'unlucky' draw as it would keep things rolling on. I'd be really surprised to see us take anything from this game.
  11. For me that game was tighter than i would ever have wanted - i had the fear when it went to penalties but that Chiellini pull back on Saka was one of those incidents where you knew Italy's attitude was win at all costs (the other when Jorginho decided to see how well Grealish's knee would bend the in other direction) - utterly ruthless. McGuire's penalty was tremendous, these staggering run ups deserved what they got. The abuse of Saka, Rashford and Sancho was sadly inevitable as were the scenes before and after the game - again not surprised that the fan behaviour is not getting more attention...don't think World cup 2030 will be anywhere near the UK thanks to that.
  12. Got my 2nd jag as a walk in at the EICC this morning, 8 weeks exactly from my last one. Got there just after it opened at half 8 and it wasn't queued back but there was just a constant flow of folks which was good to see. Shame the hospital and ICU numbers keep climbing but aren't those 'normally' around 7-10 days behind the case rises? If so then hopefully the numbers will start to fall for those next week.
  13. The schools being out is bound to have had an effect even if it was just on folks mixing but it's good to see the figures hopefully dropping again. Wonder if it'll continue to rise steeply down South with their schools still in for another few weeks?
  14. I can only answer based on where i work which is with an Asset Manager in Edinburgh and can tell you it is happening. In terms of getting rid of office space it's already happening in London where floors of high rises in the City of London are being turned into hotels, conference rooms and even residential units. The company i work for is renovating the offices to make sure that those that don't need to be in there for their daily work only come in for meetings and 'collaborative' things that need done. If you don't need to be in then they're not forcing you but are hinting towards an expectation that you're in once a fortnight or so if possible. Some folks will need to be in depending on their role but that's more for regulatory reasons or equipment needs than actually doing the job on site. They are responsible for health and safety and send out online courses to make sure people know where and how they should be working. If needed they'll send desks, equipment or chairs home - if you've not got the space to do that then their expectation is that you would be one of the folks that would be heading back into the office. A few folks needed to work in continuity sites over the last year as it just wasn't possible to support them at home (either due to the equipment needed or personal circumstance). The company are saving a fortune on daily running costs, they're seeing folks being more flexible in their time (where they can be), working slightly longer hours as no commute in most cases, getting more work done and less sick days - as long as they see a benefit it will happen
  15. People can say what the like about Richard Madeley but he seems to be one of the few journalists/presenters who asks the type of questions people want answers to. He's been a pretty good presenter on GMB, asks the questions without it seeming like he's on the attack all the time. I also watched Dan Walker on the beeb have a go at one of the Tory MPs as she wouldn't say what she would do about masks and continually said she'll follow the policy...Dan Walker kept telling her that was a daft answer if the policy is to do what you think was right...she just would not answer. Same route they all seem to be taking apart from that housing minister.
  16. I'd be really surprised if they binned the masks - potentially move it to being 'mandatory' on public transport/in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation or something which would give them a sort of halfway solution to seem to still be doing something? Personally if they could keep a bit of distancing in shops when you're in a queue it would be great. Rips my knitting when folks are standing right on your shoulder
  17. General help needed for me as well. My home laptop is getting slower and i need a new one that i can also use for work. I don't tend to do much more than surf and work on it as my work stuff is on a virtual desktop but having Office apps is really useful. Being a pain i'd like to try and have a dvd/ blu-ray drive as i tend to do bits of photo editing and take tihngs from old discs. Seen a few Acers etc and had a look on the Dell website but unless i'm willing to spend 700+ then i'm struggling to see something that ticks all the boxes...any ideas?
  18. Why don't they just cut to the chase and say if you're not feeling great it could be COVID.....but we just don't know! The list of symptoms covers most common illnesses now...
  19. Absolute shambles that. Doesn't matter what your thoughts on this nonsense are, going after folks like Whitty is just ridiculous. Why these guys don't have a level of protection given the exposure they've had is beyond me.
  20. Are any of those the delayed results? Huge figures but i'm seeing so much targeted mass testing that i'm not really surprised. The schools here were riddled when they broke up and folks are still being contacted to go and get tested so i'd expect little slow down this week but would like to see a drop off fairly soon, just quite depressing seeing those types of figures .
  21. Tried to call and see when we would be getting the second jab given their trotting out the 8 weeks timescale - the vaccine helpline says no can do, you can only make an appointment when you hit 8 weeks due and then it's likely to be three weeks later than that. Meanwhile the rates of vaccines being applied are down to @30k a day ...
  22. The boys school is now up to 6 classes out and quite a few teachers - given the figures seen today i'm not surprised
  23. Just waiting on the kids primary school getting shut for the holidays now. Eldest got the self isolation email on Saturday. He's tested negative but has to stay off this week, a lot of his class have tested positive. Three classes in total now isolating and they're expecting more. Can't be bothered with the effort involved for inevitably 'isolating' the younger one so will likely take the decision that we just keep him off for the rest of the week so we can get away at the weekend without hassle Edinburgh is riddled just now, hopefully a blip before its used as an excuse to keep things restricted longer.
  24. I certainly hope so but the figures would suggest we're slowing down on the vaccinations and a few of the mass vaccination centres are closing/ have closed - seems strange if they want as many folk done as quickly as possible!
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