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  1. I may have missed it (so apologies if thats the case) but has it been formally announced when those in the 45-49 (or 40-49) age groups should expect their appointment letters? I know that April was to be a bad month for new appointments but i'd still have expected my letter by now for an appointment in a few weeks time given the numbers already done...
  2. Did i pick up correctly that as it's the Bank Holiday weekend we won't see hospital number updates till Tuesday next week? If so i'm hoping for a nice sub 200 in hospital and mid-high teens in ICU.
  3. Having seen the Welsh First Minister saying this morning he thing social distancing will be needed for the rest of the calendar year the wife started agreeing and saying it's only normal as 'we could all get it as the vaccine isn't 100% effective. Even after trying to remind her that no vaccine is and this one seems more effective than normal, most folks will be vaccinated by late Summer and hospital and ICU rates are dropping she was adamant that there was a need for things to be retained for the whole year. I would understand if folks have an optional mask wearing policy for public transport/ certain places but no need for it to be mandatory in any way once the vaccination programme is completed. Even on the subject of international travel i don't think she'll leave here till the whole planet has a vaccination...really not thinking straight and the media messaging has really impacted her. ....its going to be a long 2021 in this house...
  4. I think this is at the root of the 'problem'. The majority of office workers likely commute and for City of London imagine the knock on impact to their direct economy if @25-30% or so of office workers not coming back to their desks each day - extortionate rail tickets, lunches etc. all not handing the cash. To a lesser extent the same will be happening in Edinburgh and Glasgow. My work are going to split working with some full time home working but have said some jobs just need people in the office so some folks will still need to come in - those teams will be in the minority though and the chancellor needs the cash from lunches, travel and after work drinks to help pull back some of the cash spent
  5. Anybody got the variant klaxon handy? I've seen that there is now chat on Twitter from an 'expert' that the SA variant is going to be running rampant soon over here and that the AZ vaccine is useless against it...
  6. ....is a more likely attitude IMO. Like a few others have said it really is quite interesting to see how localised outbreaks are impacting the national totals
  7. I certainly hope so but based on the briefing i'm watching the EU seems intent to control exports if Countries are doing well with their vaccination rates, that by extension would mean the UK. I thought i'd read that little of the AZ vaccine was coming from the EU anyway - is that right?
  8. Seen some of the headlines about the 'need' to keep distancing and masks in place for maybe years...not going to happen. I can completely see a case for public transport, certain shops and occasions where masks may be requested but i can't see it becoming mandatory after the Summer. As for social distancing then i would hope that if nothing else folks have learnt just to give people a bit more space - nothing used to wind me up quite like folks standing right at your back in a queue for somewhere. Same with basic hygiene - folks washing hands more and shops cleaning trolleys, self service check outs and surfaces more thoroughly and regularly is bound to help even with 'normal' flu and sickness bugs. Variants will come and go and they need to be handled more responsibly by the media (no chance of that!). Hopefully travel can be gradually opened to allow holidays further afield over the next year or so as countries get greater vaccination levels - can't see anyway round vaccine passports though.
  9. Weird way to go about things really when they are already so far behind. As someone has said hopefully AZ can then just send the unwanted vaccines for use here until the EU back peddle again in a few weeks. Did anyone else hear on the lunchtime briefing the BBC guy from Ireland saying that AZ had missed a huge amount of the delivery dates promised? Certainly had the sounds of trying to hold AZ partially responsible for the slow roll out. Would be nice to see a good few weeks around the 400k mark to try and get the numbers way up.
  10. I think he was speculating that if the restrictions were lifted in one go with a large part of the population yet to be vaccinated then it was conceivable that the 'younger' age groups could be impacted and lead to those figures. I don't think he said it would happen but that the projections is why they want gradual easing alongside increased vaccination of folks.
  11. My wife is the same. She's always been 'sanitising' the shopping when we get the home delivery and is completely paranoid about going anywhere. Even trying to talk to here about getting away for a break later in the year she's completely against hotels etc. as it might not still be 'safe'...even after numerous conversations where i've explained that even the vaccines she's had to date are less effective it's just not going in. It's going to take a while i think...
  12. I reckon if there's another 'gathering' like Sunday they'll ask the league to postpone games. All eyes on the Old Firm in a couple of weeks then... It would be the wrong thing to do IMO but nothing would surprise me now
  13. One of the things i heard at the weekend which was interesting was a Premier League manager (might have been Chris Wilder) saying that although they're able to train and play the biggest loss (other than the fans) that he feels has impacted this season is that the players are not allowed to do any socialising/ team bonding and as a result they're not as much of a 'team' this year and more of a group of players that turn up separately, train differently and play games when needed. Could be an excuse but some teams do use the team bond/ all in this together sort of driver to help them compete if they're not quite at the same level technically and i wonder if this is the reason some teams seem to have more dramatic ups and downs than normal throughout the season? Hopefully things will be back to normal for the new season.
  14. There were older kids/ young adults 'training' on the 7 a side pitches at Porty Power League on Saturday morning and most afternoons up at the High School as well - i'd assumed something had changed
  15. If he was doing it properly he should've done it yesterday before the court case had actually happened...no need for evidence or anything like that for old Douglas!
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