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  1. Obviously nobody told Indiana Jones about this.
  2. Am I the only pars fan who has 26th March 2013 vibes about what is happening with our club. Then there were small signs that no one picked up on e.g. Stephens not renewing their contract for that season. When the germans took a big investment in our club like most fans I thought this was great but is this a false dawn and worse could this put us back in a dark place again.
  3. If Scotland qualify we should change back to the pink away strip. Would go down a storm in homophobic Qatar.
  4. If I was the referee I would get the hell out of Colombia as quickly as possible, after what happened to Andres Escobar I would not trust the colombians.
  5. Adapt or die - the main thing happening in the world at the moment. However all the saddos in the covid 19 thread think the worst thing in their virgin little world is that their civil liberties will be taken away if they have to wear a mask or have a vaccine passport . Gotta love P&B for it's meteor dinosaur attitude. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-58883234
  6. Esther Rantzen becomes woman of the year despite helping Jimmy Saville to f**k kids. Sorry I apologise Dame Esther Rantzen. https://www.witneygazette.co.uk/news/national/19639646.esther-rantzen-pays-tribute-charity-teams-women-year-honour/
  7. Golden Hour - Sunday Post
  8. That's 45 minutes of my life I am not getting back again. Absolute horse manure from both teams. The 2nd half cant be any worse ?
  9. Considering Boris Johnson has had sexual allegations against him there is not much chance against that happening. And this https://time.com/5689788/boris-johnson-charlotte-edwardes-jennifer-arcuri/ Still England and Cuddly Boris are great unlike in Scotland where there are more stricter measures against sexual offenders.
  10. Absolutely nothing to worry about both teams today were absolute horseshit. Hopefully Hamilton can do to Grant what they did to Kenny and gub us five nil.
  11. Thanks Ayr, hopefully that will be enough to get the useless twat sacked, although knowing our board they will probably add another year to his contract.
  12. Girls Aloud - Long Hot Summer R.I.P. Sarah Harding 17/11/81 to 05/09/21
  13. Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
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