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  1. That and the fact she looks like Jeremy Corbyn's ba$tard grandaughter. Even has the same wonky glasses.
  2. Congrats to Stevie managed to go the whole weekend without getting beat. Jurgen Klopp watch out.
  3. The similarities between the UK and Germany in the 1930's are getting more ominous by the day. If I was European I would get the hell out of the UK as soon as possible. I want independence from England but what scares me is Scotland is becoming like Austria in the 30's and will end up like Austria in 1945 after the world bombs the shit out of racist England .
  4. The moment I saw the names Scully and Devine on the team sheet I thought what is the fucking point. Won't be going back to EEP now until they sack the 2nd most overated player in dunfermline athletic history (Brewster did the work).
  5. Great job as always. Noticed 2 things though empty it only has 10 people in their list and mathematics seems to have olivia newton john twice in their list.
  6. @Miguel Sanchez any chance of releasing everybody's list before next christmas. +1 if you do. -1 if you even think about releasing it on a certain day.
  7. I'm a pars fan mate probably will stop us from getting relegated.
  8. About time we had a world war. Xmas and new year is over and f**k all to look forward to apart from brexit. Bring it on IT'S WAR.
  9. Greggs vegan steak bake can f**k right off. If it's got steak in it it's a steak bake if not vegan bake. Can't be both. Don't even get me started on the word veggieburger. 🤬
  10. Got 2020 dead pool list ready to send in tomorrow, overnight deaths permitting. Going for the hat-trick of zeros after getting nothing in 2018 and 2019*. * Unless Prince Philip snuffs it within the next 48 hours.
  11. Adolf Hitler to receive posthumous knighthood in New Year’s Honours list. https://www.dailysquat.com/adolf-hitler-to-receive-posthumous-knighthood-in-new-years-honours-list/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&fbclid=IwAR02ZwDT21g4aHovb18K4ftja0OVR329GHt1Mss3QgJLBdjuZLErPKiVzs0
  12. QVC founder Joseph Segel dies at 88 https://edition.cnn.com/2019/12/22/business/joseph-segel-qvc-founder-dies-trnd/index.html But his ashes could be yours in a nice decorative box for £12.99 just ring our number and quote ref - DEAD88.
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