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  1. What a life these creatures have got, eh?
  2. Me too. Why won’t they look at him, Bairnardo?
  3. She is the prettiest! What’s her name?
  4. This thread is an absolute marvel. I’m not married but most of my friends are and I often find myself listening to “annoying things my husband does” type rants when in their company (or more accurately, things he doesn’t do). One of my favourites came from a work colleague who asked her husband why he never cleans the toilet. His response was “because I don’t make it dirty”.
  5. A thread about cats is definitely worth resurrecting SaintSam from her extended hiatus. These two are my absolute favourites. Here’s my boy
  6. Home support definitely lower than usual although not as bad as it might have been. Away support must be around the 100 mark? Oh and it's freezing.
  7. Has Liam Gordon gone out on loan? Would be a more obvious starter considering he did well against them in May.
  8. Playing for Hibs is enough. It took them about 36 seconds to start singing about the Hibees yesterday. Sad.
  9. For Robbie Neilson to suggest that was not a red card offence and ONLY the reaction of our players got the player sent off... What an embarrassment... That Juanma should've walked yesterday as well. Cretinous man.
  10. Absolutely lost on them. Their fans were losing the plot at EVERY decision the referee made today and I didn't see anything wrong with any of them really. He gave free kicks when their players fouled our players. They are a really physical team. Nothing wrong with that if that's the way they want to play but don't complain when the free kicks, yellow cards and inevitable reds start totting up. There's no conspiracy. We used to be a physical side but we didn't have a discipline issue. Hearts have a side full of physicality and sorely lacking in discipline. They are the orchestrators of their own downfall in that respect.
  11. Liam takes all the abuse despite Spoony being with Hibs much longer. He does enjoy turning it on against Hearts though. Two of his best games this season have been against them. Thought he could've got booked for the fist pump at his goal. Some boy - sending hundreds of Jambos into a flailing mess in the stands. Spoony and Swanson were both fantastic today as well.I found the behaviour of the Hearts players, coaching staff and fans a bit baffling today. End of season friendly and they were actually losing the plot at the referee. The referee gave lots of fouls against them because they're dirty as f'ck. By far the most physical side we have faced this season and consistently so. They must have the highest foul, yellow and red card tally in the league, surely? Robbie Neilson's post match interview was brilliant. "Never a penalty and the reaction of the St.Johnstone players got the boy sent off". Belter.
  12. Will we? I've said several times in pre-match threads that Lappin and Craig are on level pegging and I wouldn't know which the manager would choose. Two things go in Craig's favour for me - he's younger than Lappin and he's more consistent. You could argue that Lappin has made more crucial contributions and I wouldn't argue with that but when his level drops he becomes utterly rotten. Craig is far more consistent in his level. I think both are decent players to have around the team. We may keep neither.
  13. I agree that MacLean is immobile. I don't mind 4-5-1 but I think the striker has to be Cummins who just has a greater engine than MacLean. Macca wasn't winning much against their defenders and that all changed when Cummins came on. We were playing balls over the top to MacLean who is just about as slow as its possible to be. Cummins is better in the air and has more pace so has got to be the better option if we go with one striker. I really like Macca and his contribution this season has been good but he's another one of these so called undroppable players who plays most weeks regardless of form or whether another player would actually suit the game better.
  14. More likely to see Shaughnessy moved over to right back and Anderson retain his place? Unless he's suspended or something. I can't see him ever being dropped. I like your team but can't see Wright going with that. I think we might see a couple more shit fests before he goes for anything like that.
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