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  1. Yes. I took a financial adviser to the Ombudsman a number of years ago. Had given us crap advice and lost us quite a bit of money. Ombudsman found for us and we got most of our losses back. Took a bit of time and a lot of paperwork. Who would I want to financially ruin? Didn't take any of them to court but if: Compaq Air China NPower e-on Spotify Were to go tits-up I would be a happy bunny as I got seriously shit service in one way or another from all of them
  2. Mr Dods still in place. Are the Brechin faithful happy with this?
  3. Cheers pal, I will be bringing the lad for his first visit inside Palmerston. Appreciate the traffic tip.
  4. Another week another humping. No goals again, no points again. 01356 622228 might be a useful number for Mr Dods
  5. In honour of her possibly running for US president, KFC in New York have released a Hillary special... .. two large thighs, two small breasts and a bunch of left wings.
  6. To the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody? Mebbes
  7. Don't think Ken Ferguson's piggy bank would like to take a gamble on that.
  8. A cheeky wee approach to Uncle Fester just doon the road?
  9. I didn't know that but somehow I would say it was appropriate for Vilevo drivers.
  10. Had I been in a Vilevo I would have stopped across the carriageway and let him bounce off me
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