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  1. aye id defo recommend staying in hawick. only 4 pubs that I can mind but all good and friendly. we stayed over and partied till they shut. good place to go plus B&B's in town centre are decent.
  2. just seen that Charleston is the ref. oh dear. I fear for cowdenbeath with him being a f*****k supporter et al. last min pen for EK I predict. mon the cowden tho.
  3. GL to cowden from the shire. Get it right up the EK. We had a horrible day last season on this day and its something no league team fan should suffer. Although the lowland league is great and better than the boring SPFL lol.
  4. shire fans have booked out hawick B&B's on mass so the hopper better get there early if they want any beer left in the pubs pre game.
  5. pitch inspection at preston 9.30am as pitch is waterlogged at moment. Looks doubtful.
  6. stenhousemuir were meant to be at home to livvyscum on 12th nov but its been postponed (suspect thats when challenge cup or whatever its called now) dates are so shire should be home on sat. edinburgh city are at home on that sat so dunno if that will affect leith v cumbernauld tie
  7. shire drawn at home to newton stewart in round 3. dunno rest of draw but supposedly drawn earlier today
  8. never mind the pies, just stock up the beer. I said to barman at selkirk on sat he better stock the bar for next season visit and he said they stocked it before we came on sat but it was empty by time we left.
  9. only one league game tonight as far as I know as BBC website has no games listed. east strirlingshire 2 - 2 stirling uni
  10. gretna 3 - 1 stirling uni hawick RA 1 - 4 dalbeatie star selkirk 1 - 4 east stirlingshire
  11. Looks like Cicero running late with this weeks games as there is a game tonight so will post games up 9th september BSC Glasgow 3 v 1 Civil service strollers 10th september Dalbettie star 4 v 0 selkirk east stirlingshire 1 v 1 cumbernauld colts gala fairydean 2 v 0 preston hawick RA 2 v 2 edinburgh uni spartans 2 v 1 gretna 2008 stirling uni 0 v 3 east kilbride whitehill welfare 3 v 1 Vale of leithen
  12. Civil Service Strollers 0 - 5 Spartans Cumbernauld Colts 2 - 1 Edinburgh University Dalbeattie Star 3 - 0 University of Stirling East Kilbride 2 - 3 East Stirlingshire Gretna 2008 2 - 2 BSC Glasgow Preston Athletic 0 - 3 Whitehill Welfare Selkirk 0 - 2 Gala Fairydean Rovers Vale of Leithen 3 - 1 Hawick Royal Albert
  13. Edinburgh University 3 v 0 Civil Service Strollers Gala Fairydean Rovers 1 v 3 Whitehill Welfare Gretna 2008 0 v 4 East Kilbride Preston Athletic 2 v 2 Vale of Leithen Spartans 3 v 1 Cumbernauld Colts University of Stirling 1 v 3 BSC Glasgow
  14. BSC Glasgow 0-2 Spartans Civil Service Strollers 1-4 East Stirlingshire East Kilbride 5-0 Gala Fairydean Rovers Edinburgh University 1-2 Gretna 2008 Hawick Royal Albert 3-2 Preston Athletic Selkirk 1-2 University of Stirling Vale of Leithen 2-2 Cumbernauld Colts Whitehill Welfare 2-2 Dalbeattie Star
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