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  1. Yeah, the mustard. We just tied up the wee no neck on wing supply duties and he's looked great since we got him in January. Focus on other options.
  2. Sorry for the trauma lads. I'm not saying he's not still a gorgeous hunk of a man with glorious hair. I'm just not sure he still cuts it.
  3. Really enjoyed it. Pat is always great value and the last minute winner was excellent.
  4. Griffiths? Don't even get me started on that chunt. Hope to see neither in the dark and sky blue this season.
  5. A fair appraisal I suppose. I'll be happy to eat my words but Greg Stewart is not someone we should be spending money on.
  6. Doing keepie ups in blackIes is he s level. I'd quite like to see that as well. Not as a paid player for us though.
  7. What has he done to sway you apart from the halcyon days with us, many years ago, to impress you? Shite at Aberdeen. No mark in admittedly strong rangers squad. A has been...
  8. What actually has Greg Stewart done in the last few seasons? Went and got pished when Hibs won the cup? Nah, fam... He's never been an athlete and Cowdenbeath is probably his level again.
  9. Hopefully not. He was at one time good, back when we had him, but he's been shite for a few seasons now. File it under "bring back Caballero" in the dark blue dreams.
  10. "The Life and Times of the Fintry Figo. The Dundee Thread."
  11. This is surely the best unofficial big tournament song. "in and around and he's hit that too well, what the f**k you talking about you massive bell?"
  12. I'm hoping we just get to start a new thread next season and this one doesn't just get moved. It's been a long time since Radlord cried that to one time and this thread was created. New start. New Dee.
  13. Dundees own The Cundeez have a pop with "Kilts On Taps Aff".
  14. That's Legzdins signed up for a couple of seasons. Happy with that. He was key to our turnaround in form.
  15. If we play like last night we'll pish this. The only very slight downer in hindsight is that we never just put the tie to bed last night. We bossed it.
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