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  1. Got Senegal in the work sweepie. Extra giving it large if they win.
  2. I'm sure everyone will be glad to get the game played here. Dodds to go down, clutching his chest. It's surely only a matter of time for the tubby wee runt.
  3. More Cumdog FIFA bucks in the bank from the Aussies going through. Kerching.
  4. Worst goalkeeper I've seen since, well, Dundee United this season...
  5. There's no danger this is happening. The kayaks and dinghy's are out on the Drumgeith and loads of roads closed. Forecast is more precipitation...
  6. Another 3 points in the bag? United rooted to the bottom for the 6 weeks of the world cup? Had worse Sundays as a Dee...
  7. Fife mutants skelped on and off the pitch today. Nice to see...
  8. We look more likely but there's not much cushion to our pushing...
  9. Totally. It's the variety of sandwiches you get this time of year that really excites the tastebuds but everyone needs a dessert.
  10. Sorry for starting this talk. Charlie Khan's.... Dear oh dear. Might be alright if you have the pallette of a rinky dink....
  11. Been on nightshifts so enjoying the tourney. Was disappointing for Scotland after a promising start. Some India Pakistan match today. Had the dog out for a walk and the hairs were standing up when it got to the nitty gritty with 90k folk going bonkers.
  12. Even being wildly drunk and having a chow mein from Tip Top for my tea can't take the edge off how shite we looked yesterday. Was somewhat depressing.
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