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  1. Marcello Morocco doesn't get enough "props" from that era A classy wee ballet but a total unit. Strong in the tackle. Used to love watching him.
  2. Last season's were good. Dare I say, better?
  3. Arbroath away. Get it in nice and early with decent weather. We missed out in the covid years so I'm choking for it.
  4. The wee badge in the top right is fucking hilarious. Perhaps a Captain Tom, Princess Diana or Churchill would enhance it?
  5. 7pm at the Tip Top for a friendly jostle and some good natured back slapping, Hibs fans...
  6. Some amount of wailing and gnashing going on...
  7. There's been a lot of shite to list as "things that when wrong this season" and Leigh Grffiths comes near the top of mine. A fat disaster...
  8. The DAB gnome got partially repaired but sadly his wee DAB hat got taken by the storm. Check all the other DAB clutter and paraphernalia. East of Dobbies, indeed.
  9. Cheered up already today the massive DAB who works with me in Arbroath brought in his United gnome from his garden. Sadly shattered by last night's wind. A wee shame...
  10. That swinging flab of his stops him taking shots...
  11. I love how Randomguy is somewhat obsessed by Griffiths stomach.
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