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  1. Bene to lamp a few Arabs up Fleming Gardens pre match again, hopefully...
  2. He spent all his time being a "wannabe mod" and got modded? Ooft.
  3. Without trying to stir the pot what happened to Ali 91? He didn't have much time for me but I thought he was a decent poster, if seemingly "always offended". Abuse of the "report post" function?
  4. Heh. I'm off the voddie mate I paced it with beer and at least had dulled senses. Shitshow likes and almost had to go to the Kellyfield shops by half time to get a litre of the hard stuff. Shit result but it was quite an entertaining match.
  5. Dick Campbell and the 2 Duncans didn't half take the pain of the 6-2 scudding away. Great to see it back.
  6. Ooft. Thank f**k I'm pished. It's entertaining at least but we're all over the shop here. A shite shop. Hayats or something...
  7. Greys are basically the standard "football ultra" of the squirrel world. Common as f**k. The reds are still king of the Scottish squirrel tree.
  8. Boogie pretty much disgraced himself on his views on women during the 'Ganergate" thing a few years back and this weird harrasment troll guy is basically one of those "WTFTF" type Facebook hunters. But with millions of views.
  9. So many it's not worth documenting. Also spent hours getting to an away game and not even bothering to go because I knew we'd get pumped.
  10. Watched some of the champ highlights recently and thought I was hearing things. Fair play to the lad.
  11. Sad news about Brian Marshall, anyone who ever went on the ellenbank will have known him. Good guy, Dee to his very core.
  12. Come on here to catch up with Dee news and there's Marocco talk. I had a dream about him last week it was quite vivid. Definitely the best lb I've ever seen at Dens.
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