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  1. It's a shame that Killie fans have had to drop a league to get over their Welsh minter...
  2. More chance of going for a walk. With a wee dog called Jack...
  3. I hope the farmers get him in a bit of a "pity dah fool..." way.
  4. Yeah they don't look great shakes and seem in some turmoil. Not St Johnstone levels of turmoil but I think we could have a wee chance if they have a tough game on Thursday.
  5. I'm so firm attending my backshift at work may be awkward.
  6. Stellaboz giblets seen hanging from the Elizabethen.
  7. Big Forster to clear everything out. Any ball heading towards Jack. Paton's massive jaw. All the flakes from the brides. The greater Eastern Fife peninsula. The full shabang...
  8. Cmon Dundee. Into these DAB sympathisers...
  9. He "got a PM" saying it was done several days ago. Obviously random is near the top of the list to be cc'd into PMs regarding player signings so I thought it was a done deal at that point...
  10. Weren't you? It's good you just "brush the mistakes off" a positive viewpoint going forward in your quest to be the top guy in failed predictions on the Internet.
  11. Pfft. I felt a warm glow this morning out walking the dog. Thought it might have been the heat from the enormominter that erupted around the Kilmarnock area on Thursday night but, no, it was clearly the heat of a localised minter. Yours... The only people who should be considering shutting pusses are the absolute waffle merchants. Perhaps consider "wrapping" your puss. In parcel tape...
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