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  1. That's maybe not the facts but it just became a thing that got posted over and over again when "stand free" used to do that to other posters. If that is the case he wasn't an adult either when he was 17.
  2. Can't defend anything about the "dad getting battered" stuff but I seem to remember "shsgging a 15 year old as an adult" came down to him being in 6th year at school and the girl was a fourth year pupil. Not exactly Prince Andrew material.
  3. Since I enjoyed the read about the reddit user so much yesterday here's some payback. Read this a fair while back but it is a fascinating tale that has stuck with me so probably worth a share here. https://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2013/05/true-crime-elegante-hotel-texas-murder
  4. Good read. That's some "Dave Coaches" thing taken to scary levels.
  5. He seems quite "hot and cold" to me. Hope we don't spunk too much in his direction. Might already be at his level.
  6. Wighton deal dead in the water. Hearts after too much. He's the dabslayer and all but I'm quite pleased. Always found him really frustrating to watch.
  7. I think it was mattydfcs one. Nice you are triggered again. I like reading your posts with some seethe spittle.
  8. What a lot of revisionalist nonsense. I came third. Dundee Barry won it.
  9. Don't worry I doubt I'll comment on any posters that don't have a ten year history on here or I don't actually know in person.
  10. Deles a good guy. Bit of a minter getting banned and having to come back, but sometimes the comeback can be good. I don't even know what he got banned for in the first place, the forum was more "loosely moderated" then than it is now but he tends to post "forum wide" so I only generally see his stuff on the Dundee/ match threads or "heads gone". Ptobably the only person on the list I'll "irl know" beyond all the "pie and bovrilisms" online stuff. He's a good c**t.
  11. Hopefully. The boy kink did some quality write ups in the championship forum selection. I think you'll probably end up higher on the list than me though. Willing to do a charity bet. You cry like a wee lassie on here. Probably a major grass as well with the reporting function and seem "triggered" at any opportunity. Good luck!
  12. Old Man Danger is more good than bad I'd say. I've never seen any of this "offering square go" stuff and I think avoiding the politics section of a football bssed message board is probably reasoned thinking for any sane person. He's a had a lot of good moments in his posts on here for me though. The diatribe thread when united got relegated was both hilarious as a Dee but also so "from the heart". Would buy a Horlicks.
  13. Srw's post is excellent on the subject so I'm just echoing it a bit here but, yeah, joining the armed forces is a relatively well paid, secure career choice that no one has been strong-armed into in this country for about 70 years now. Would we do the same "up the police and fire brigade!" for fellow well paid civil servants? Doubt it. I'd say something like the RNLI, Mountain Rescue or other voluntary groups who put their own lives on the line for others for no monetary or career reward are far more deserving but it is only my opinion. They'd also be far better as a geographical choice for our city, on a river estuary with mountain ranges a relatively short drive away.
  14. Free entry for armed service personnel on Saturday. Not knocking it but it's all "a bit Rangersy" for me.
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