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  1. Does not strike me as a Robinson, happy together dressing room, type of signing. Boy can play but his attitude would have have me think this a non starter.
  2. 2 horse race now, although it always was tbf
  3. Was more the chance to use apply and applied in the same offering tbh. Well clued up on how under contract managers must be approached thanks lol [emoji38]
  4. Had high hopes for Dennis but the injuries and blootering the Hearts lad for no apparent reason sealed his fate. Talented but never worked out. We move on
  5. It speaks volumes about the other strikers that Greive has had game time. The kid looks lively, quick and spacially aware, but needs to be more physical and get up to speed in our league. A few games for NZ won't hurt. One for the future, near future hopefully as options other than Brophy amount to the square root of f all [emoji854]
  6. Good window all in all. Assuming McGrath away and Gogic in, Jones replaces McGrath and Gogic sits alongside Power, which is an upgrade on Ethan and his daft moments. If we can get the lad Bowie that would be more than decent as a Brophy back up/alternative. Keeps the bench dross on the bench.
  7. Unfortunately the supplier is unknown to me, retailer however is Pie Sports. And yes, was lovely [emoji7]
  8. CD was in the main stand last night in Paisley. Maybe looking at what can happen when you ditch a system that clearly doesn't work. Or maybe just fancied a Haggis, Neeps and Tatties pie. I didn't ask so I'll never know...
  9. Solid, dependable RB. Not much pace, zero frills. Not so much as a CH. No left foot whatsoever. Almost ever present for 2 years. Did come from the Highlands so maybe fancies going a bit back up the road. Easy enough replaced but would be happy if he stayed.
  10. Bold move not bothering with a keeper. I suppose that's the Curtis Main effect sadly. [emoji1787]
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