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  1. I agree that the top part over rules anything below, but not that the 2nd over rules the 3rd. It's definitely not a foul if a defender plays the ball onto his own hand under these rules. Hopefully be fine for the exam, did fine on the mock. Looking forward to getting back onto the pitch, even if I think I'll be gutted not to be playing... There's been about 50 or so folk going through this course, mostly under 20 or so years old. Hopefully keep them all and not have them scared off by arseholes.
  2. The situation described is almost identical to the examples used in the training about the new handball guidance. Theres a good video, I think from the Women's World Cup that shows it well. I'll see if I can dig it out for you. The part of the law you have quoted relates to it coming off another player, not the one whose hand it hits. The law is designed to be considered in the whole, not part by part. The 2nd bit doesn't overrule the 3rd bits any more than the lower bit overrules them. If it had been, or had been from a block/deflection rather than trying to /play/ the ball, then it would be a foul. That was the key distinction we were given for this. There might have been a clarification that I've missed, but this interpretation is what is being taught. I'll double check on Tuesday when I'm doing my exam.
  3. If it's from a block and it deflects up, it's a penalty (subject to the other conditions - ie unnaturally bigger). If, and it sounds like this is the case here, they have attempted to actively play the ball and it then hits the arm, it shouldn't be a penalty. Relevant part of the rule is: Except for the above offences, it is not usually an offence if the ball touches a player’s hand/arm: directly from the player’s own head or body (including the foot) Not always easy for a ref to quickly judge and get it correct with new rules, but that sounds like it shouldn't have been a penalty.
  4. Did the ball hit his hand before or after he kicked it? If it's after it shouldn't be a pen.
  5. Nothing to see here. Move along. Everything is fine. Willie leaving the board is totally ok and not at all related to the way that PH is running the club. Same as Gavin Spiers leaving wasn't. Same as Walter Spiers leaving wasn't. Same as Bobby Watson leaving wasn't. Same as Stuart Shields leaving wasn't. Let's all just ignore it and back the team, eh?
  6. Not sure, but the Junior team in Airdrie, Gartcairn play on 3g too and their home game is off due to a frozen pitch.
  7. Good to get an early goal. Important that we get the win today. Any idea why you only have 3 subs?
  8. It makes me sad that you're sad. Sorry pal.
  9. Jal seems to win a penalty every other week!
  10. Looking forward to seeing all the offers of laptops with the volume stuck on full...
  11. Good signing for you. Very direct, great pace and loves taking men on. Decision making sometimes poor, but that's to be expected for someone his age. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see him pushing for starts at Motherwell next year.
  12. Scored as many goals as Rory McAllister last season in a team that finished 20-odd points behind. Must be doing something right.
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