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  1. Bit disappointing to lose today and we should have had it won by the hour mark. The difference in quality, fitness and depth shone through though. An incredibly positive pre-season so far I reckon, draws with Champion's League(ish) opposition and the team that won our league by 400 points last season, a narrow defeat to another top six team today. The only disappointment was Hearts and since we did the comedy testimonial subs routine with neither team putting in a proper challenge, I'm not really fussed by that. Obviously, Tuesday against Alloa will destroy any confidence I have about the upcoming season but so far I'm looking forward to a quiet, comfortable season for the first time in about a decade.
  2. I'm playing internet tonight from my bedroom in Dundee; No. 6 works hard but we really need a creative type in there. Anderson looks like the best player we've had in years, not as good as Messi obviously but that kind of player who can make things happen.
  3. f**k knows but he's clearly no good enough. We need a passer in there! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  4. I fear that this thread is getting off-topic so I'll say that I'm looking forward to playing the Rangers Newco in competitive football, they'll be a breath of fresh air I'm sure. In a couple of years that is of course, once they've worked their way back up to our level.
  5. I've always rated Davidson - and been deeply irritated by him - so I'm disappointed he's away as I'd have liked him to stay another year or two. But, these things happen and I certainly wish him well. Though I'll be honest, if I think a wee bit of stick from the crowd will herald a red card he'll be getting it. As for the team, I'm not convinced it'll be a huge blow if he's adequately replaced. The team are clearly in need of shaking up and a bit of fresh blood in the middle of the park won't hurt.
  6. Faintly concerned that McGlynn's off on his holidays, Davidson is just back from his holidays and still no news.
  7. Right, this seems like the right place to ask; Is the 'stay for a massively reduced wage and we'll let you leave for 25% of your market value in the summer; pish true? If it is, those footballers desperately need some better advisers.
  8. Cheers man. You Pars boys are good c***s. A real shame it'll be Dundee in the SPL next year.
  9. Indeed. Scottish football has become a disgrace and an embarrassment to the world game. Clubs are engaging in multiple debt write offs by entering administration at will and refusing to accept even mild sanctions for their behaviour = and this is before you begin to even think about fans' long term problems with sectarianism. Throw in an incompetent governing body incapable of even applying it's own rules and you couldn't hold a grudge if they banned us from world football for a few years.
  10. So, the SFA have left themselves looking like incompetent arseholes - again - and have left themselves with no option but to either expel or let them off. Well, I think we all know how that'll go.
  11. Next season is shaping up well so far, the dead wood has been cut and the players who played such a huge part in keeping us up have mostly been retained. We do need a central midfielder (hopefully Davidson), a wide man, a striker and some loanees to pad it out but I'm optimistic.
  12. Another good quality signing, with the right service Clarke will score goals and the quality of the other signings so far mean I'm not expecting last years rather tense finale. So far, I make it[ McGurn Thomson ----- Murray ------ Hill ----- Malone NO ONE Clarke---Graham Desperately in need of hardworking midfielders and a bit more pace. Both Walkers and Davidson would see to much of the weaknesses we have but I have no real faith in any of them being with us next year.
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