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  1. Funding the NHS has to take precedent over any other business at this time If Football clubs go to the wall It will be board and fans who will save or sink them.
  2. So after today we are down to a bare bones squad if not a squad unable to fill the bench. This could be a deciding moment in how the season pans out
  3. Being rather generous calling the Express a rag wouldn't waste my excrement on it Back to the game 0-0 or an absolute hammering for one of the teams
  4. I Just hope we can keep everyone fit with a squad size of 19 it will only take two injuries or suspension and we have an incomplete bench with possible players having to fill in roles unfamiliar to them
  5. So who is back up now Bell is away don't want to be struggling for a keeper if Robbie is injured
  6. Just please let it be someone who knows how to set up a team to attack
  7. Look on the bright side you ain't at the point Bury fans are at their club has weeks left to sort it's problems out or they are kicked out of the league.
  8. Play with the same intensity and ruthlessness in front of goals as last Saturday and we should win by a couple of goals. However if we drop that intensity and lose the sharpness we will struggle.
  9. Hello can anybody give Falkirk fans a brief summery of Gary Miller as we have just signed Him
  10. Jamie Moore Without a club throwing it out there
  11. As I said quite happy to be proved wrong
  12. No signings today (Happy to be proved wrong) if there is it will be defensive cover
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