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  1. Why is Harris becoming VP and if JB becomes unable to govern President. Is because she a woman or Black/Indian or do you have some undefined reason
  2. We had a slice of luck today but it the 3 pts are in the bag on to the next game
  3. Ideal we want some who is capable of play any of the defensive positions. But they are few and far between plus expensive
  4. The case could be argued for 2 x CB if we had the Cash but one is a must buy
  5. That's a Scottish folk song from the by Alex Campbell called Scottish Breakaway
  6. So people who have underlying conditions should hideaway or die so you can watch football very christian of you please stop making a complete twat of yourself
  7. Signings will happen in the two weeks leading up to the season starting i would expect a keeper on loan a versatile def and hopefully an attacking Mid or forward. that's only my opinion
  8. The last guy with Ferguson as a second name who played in goals turn out to be no bad and he was shorter
  9. Next signing has to be a Keeper then next versatile defender then i think one more FW/AM and think the squad will be complete
  10. You will have to share the software for making fake tweets LOL
  11. Just speculation but he fits the current signing profile young/hungery and i think he is currently without a club
  12. Callum down with the speculation. Just wait and see who it is.... I going to go with Callum Brittain
  13. I am classed as working fit despite suffering 2 strokes and 3 mini strokes this year Due back at work in 6 days I also suffer from mild asthma trust me when i say it just wont happen I would have to shield and my employer would either have carry the burden or make me redundant
  14. If anyone believes that BoJo and his clowns could do anything properly and with any degree of efficiency they need psychiatric help. (A) They would by unwilling to cover the wages of those shielding (B) They wont increase SSP to a reasonable amount £175 would be the minimum (C)The SG are unable to borrow so cannot pick up the slack on this front
  15. Well IMHO we will have to wait another week or so for another signing Hope i am wrong but there is plenty of time LM and DM need to get this right as this season we need to hit the ground running
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