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  1. Oh I'm sure they're getting a wee pat on the bum from the powers that be. Not that the club could be seen to be doing that publically
  2. Hopefully won't be long until the inbreds up on the Canal get told to piss off home. Morons
  3. Ok, slightly creepy step back in time, look through the looking glass from an anonymous Poster. 😳 🤣
  4. No way. Not having that. Look at all the shelf stackers and call centre staff who turn up injured for work on a Tuesday morning with an injury from their Monday night 5's. 🤣
  5. I've absolutely no idea what goes 9n at Firhill. They don't half make things difficult to understand, so god knows why they insist on doing that. But it's been stated by the club previously and by McCall that Archibald's job role 8s first team coach.
  6. We don't have two assistant managers. We have one and a coach. I'd be more concerned at why the Club are blaming Covid for a Loss of £128k. And a Drop in income of £380k up to the end of May? There was only 5 games left to play from Covid impacting the game up to the end of our financial year.
  7. Who's annoyed? I think it's probably more a case of pointing and laughing at the club. But then that sadly follows with some dismay.
  8. They were tweets from Monday. Not Sunday. Do we now tweet condolences to every former player who loses a family member?
  9. Busy day at Firhill as we keep being everything to everyone, by tweeting happy birthday wishes to a volunteer who's in hospital. Tweeting condolences to a former player who's dad passed away last week, having only found out via Hibernians twitter feed. Oh and we've got October's player of the month award. My vote goes to Ross Docherty for his assist on Saturday. Can't wait for tomorrow, when we will be joining the Clap for Camp Sites initiative, interviewing Antonio German on his time at the Club and monitoring police radio for any major incidents we can jump on the back of.
  10. There's probably an arrogance there too. Aye, he did it at a wee club last year, he's at Partick Thistle, now.
  11. He said he wasn't "match fit" after the Clyde game. And hasn't come off the bench in the last two games. That's the guy who scored 16 goals in the third tier last season, whilst we're crying out for a goalscorer.
  12. Have you been mis-sold advertising space? If so, call this number....
  13. The fact that folk are considering that this could be even remotely true, sums up our support just now.
  14. Said that last night. 😂 Some nut asked if they could get theirs at the end of the season! Why would you want a weather beaten scabby bit of soaking cardboard?
  15. Request submitted to the Club for my Face of Firhill.
  16. Please keep giving us money. Just hand over everything you've got. Look, you can buy a cardboard cutout of a face no one will ever see, because we are in the fucking pits of Scottish football and you need to pay for us to buy our way out it.
  17. If anyone is interested, I'm beginning to clear out a lot of my old Jags Tops. Check out my eBay account for the Watson Towers 89 away top, a few team signed tops and a selection of other stuff. https://ebay.co.uk/usr/jagbud1876
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