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  1. What Are You Listening To?

    Gomez - Bring It On. Still sounds as fresh today as it did 20 odd years ago. Found this kexp session, what a sound...
  2. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    I quite liked the look of him. Obviously still learning but by no means our worst centre back
  3. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    She doesn't take a salary
  4. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    It's very easy to praise Miles Storey, whilst hiding behind a username, it seems.
  5. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    i meant us, we're the team at the bottom of the league.
  6. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    oh and whilst we're at it. Thistle have announced they will be having another Dinner with the Players Event at Cottiers Theatre. When you might ask? oh it's the 4th of February. yes, thats right, just the 5 days before Doolan's first Testimonial Event at Websters Theatre,
  7. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    says a lot that the team fighting at the Top of the league think Erskine would be a good signing, but the team at the bottom of the league, don't think he's good enough,
  8. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    hence why i don't post on that shitshow anymore. the guy who runs it, douglas clark recently sent out one of the most condescending notices you'll ever read, regards folk reporting posts. bizarre is an understatement
  9. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    We are a fucking laughing stock. Why they see fit to respond to Twitter gossip, all of a sudden, says all you need to know. "In Consultation with chris" - gary told him he wouldn't be playing again. "following the enquiry a private convrsation took place" - this one's on you chris, we know you're spreading this story. "chris is not being forced from Partick Thistle" - but he has been told he won't play for us again and he can leave "chris remains part of the first team squad... " - we won't be sending him to train with the reserves, we've got half season tickets to sell.
  10. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Because he opted for Erskine and Cardle as his attacking midfielder options, off the benck.
  11. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Would hate to see Erskine punted by Caldwell. The guy was absolutely distraught to see us go down! Caldwell has given him next to no game time at all. Then he gets 45 minutes on Saturday and all of a sudden you start to see the Doolan of old.
  12. Same guys who used to chant about Jimmy Savile? Hmmmm don't know.
  13. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Improve? He's been unable to maintain the average level of performance. We are performing worse than before. As I said on Twitter. If Caldwell had cone in and maintained the same level of results with a couple extra points here and there, we'd most likely be 4th. Sitting at the top of the mini league that's took shape in the Championship. Tasked with steadying the ship to push into the top 4, he has made us worse than we were.
  14. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Anyone at the end of their career looking for job security with an 18 month contract.