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  1. "So called". By everyone, because they are all bigger Clubs than us.
  2. If we were still a premier or championship team, he'd be getting farmed out on loan to the third tier and be expecting to play every week.
  3. God forbid we throw him in against the likes of, checks notes....... Montrose!!!
  4. They can all go. Even if we miraculously win this god forsaken league, I'd be quite happy to not see any of them in red n yellow again. By McCall's own admission, Cardle had one good season left in him. Hence why he got a one year extension.
  5. I was replying, in general. Sorry if it's caused you any concern.
  6. He lives in Glasgow. I've not made any comment on NL's health. Infact I'm pretty sure I removed reference to it, in a post I quoted.
  7. Social distancing, no mask indoors, travelling outside your council District for a swally.
  8. I'm more than happy to stand corrected, but the guy out on the swally with Neil Lennon (in Newcastle?), calling himself Duncan, clearly breaking Covid Guidelines, looks a lot like our Celtic blogging Director. Quite a lot of people on social media suggesting it's him. With our Chairman having such public disdain for those who break Covid Guidelines, I'd imagine he will be asked to leave the club.
  9. I assume Duncan Smilie will be resigning his position on The Board in the morning?
  10. The rewards question I find really cringy and reflects badly on the guys involved. First of all, the reward is fan ownership. The ibsebtives suggested are so lacking in imagination, it's horrible. A zoom call with the players. Jesus!!! I wish they'd stop comparing us with other clubs. Almost always bigger clubs. Every Club is unique, they will experience different issues based on their club, the league they play in, what country they are in, how big their fanbase is and even what got them to fan ownership in the first place. As I tweeted yesterday. All I want from the foundation is a date. Set in stone when we are getting the shares handed over.
  11. I think it had been suggested as part of a clean handover, that maybe one or two hang about for a couple of months to make sure we know what we're doing. But I'd be genuinely surprised if low wanted to hang around. A bit like the murderer helping the police with their investigation. I don't think low was involved directly in getting those 3 questions in. Indirectly, influencing one or two of the cult, possibly
  12. The Jags Foundation have today published a fans survey, requesting feedback on a variety of issues moving forward I'd urge all Jags Fans to fill it in and share your opinions & feelings. You get the Club you deserve.... https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/the-jags-foundation-survey/
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