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  1. Nice of Greaves to bang an extra 8 quid profit on a t-shirt being sold to raise funds for the NHS.
  2. Probably wracked with guilt after the 95% fell over each other to tell Twitter what great fans they were not wanting a refund.
  3. No, he's really not. 2010/11 McGowan from Hearts 20/10/11 Balatoni from Hearts 2011/12 Welsh from Hibs 2012/13 Craig from County 2013/14 Taylor from Sheffield United 2013/14 Erskine from United 2013/14 Bauban from Carlisle 2014/15 Booth from Hibs 2016/17 Keown from Reading 2017/18 Turnbull from Coventry 2017/18 Sammon from Hearts 2018/19 Anderson from St Johnstone If anything I'd bracket him in with the Robbie muirhead level of loan. Banged in a couple of screamers but ultimately very meh when push came to shove.
  4. Season ticket sales have brought in a 5 figure sum? I can't see that figure published anywhere. Can you point me to it Can you clarify how you came to the assumption that most who bought season tickets had already donated? How can you possibly have that data to analyse? As for furlough use, what goes without saying? That the Club are using it or that the club aren't?
  5. Bare in mind, this is the same Club who decided to put out Season tickets for sale, when they already had an additional income stream coming in via the go fund me page. An income stream that required no return. They put a choice infront of fans, go fund me or season ticket.
  6. Be interesting to know if the club approached our many sponsors to get them to renew, before knowing what League we will be in, and how many jumped at the chance.
  7. Fans falling over themselves to give money to the Club whilst simultaneously not giving two fucks that the Chairman's Company owes the Club £900k after taking ownership of half our land. How absolutely fucking cringe worthy our support is.
  8. Because it's very quickly changed the narrative from fan ownership and land ownership. It's also galvanised her clique. Divide and conquer. Choose a or b. Was her tweet naive or daft. Or Was it calculated and deliberate.
  9. if someone has made a career out of PR and runs a PR business, yet you still think they are shite at PR... Maybe scratch below the surface and stop underestimating her or what is being done here.
  10. Not just Paul, there was a Group of them, with a few hanging around it, shouting really loud that Fan Ownership was the way to go. Its incredible, but not surprising, that they have all disappeared into the Woodwork. Their lack of scrutiny since TfE became dormant it embarrassing.
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