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  1. What an uninspiring group of 'always involveds'. If this is the first brave steps in a new world of fan ownership, we are fckd
  2. To what level should he back Mccall, when 8 weeks later he will have nothing to do with the Club?
  3. Or it could go directly to Weir to pay for the training ground, we were going to rent off him?
  4. Anyone heard from Paul Goodwin? No? What? Not a peep? That's odd.
  5. Self sustained break even fan ownership.... Please Colin can we have some more of your money.
  6. I'd take him back to allow us to cash in on Penrice, before everyone else finds out how shite he is.
  7. I really didn't see the attraction to Osman before his injury. Paton and Osborne before him were far better options. After his injury he was just playing at being a footballer. It was actually offensive watching him go through the motions, not giving a shit about the club, the manager, his team mates or the fans.
  8. Where was their drive for fan ownership 4 months ago? Surely they have always wanted it. Yet they only get up n running when Beattie comes back and there's a suggestion someone wants to buy the club
  9. I wouldn't reject it out of hand if different people were involved or if they had gone about the last 2 months in a proper manner. Instead they have acted like bitter twisted children with ab axle to grind With that in mind I want nothing to do with them and then to have nothing to do with the club. I'm ashamed to say some of them I would have called friends
  10. They've published very little. Sly digs and petty insults aside, they've published next to nothing of substance.
  11. Ironically they don't need 263 to pledge because Weir bailed them out. Without him it would be dead in the water
  12. Tough one. Journalist with recent history of being lazy with the facts. Or chairmen misleading shareholders at an AGM. Its a tough call, that's for sure.
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