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  1. Said that last night. 😂 Some nut asked if they could get theirs at the end of the season! Why would you want a weather beaten scabby bit of soaking cardboard?
  2. Request submitted to the Club for my Face of Firhill.
  3. Please keep giving us money. Just hand over everything you've got. Look, you can buy a cardboard cutout of a face no one will ever see, because we are in the fucking pits of Scottish football and you need to pay for us to buy our way out it.
  4. If anyone is interested, I'm beginning to clear out a lot of my old Jags Tops. Check out my eBay account for the Watson Towers 89 away top, a few team signed tops and a selection of other stuff. https://ebay.co.uk/usr/jagbud1876
  5. After seeing us parade the Colin Weir Flag round the ground before it was hung embarrassingly in the North Stand, I thought we'd peaked. It seems not
  6. Was this not rumoured on WAT about a month ago buy some ITK poster?
  7. I see the first baby step towards the fans owning the club finally kicked off 4 days late. Anyone think this sounds oddly like what we had 20 years ago with the jags trust rep. A position tied up in confidentiality and effectively useless.
  8. The Top Up they are suggesting is £85 25% to the Partick Thistle charitable trust, so it's not going directly to a charity.
  9. I love how they are giving you the chance to Top Up your reduced season ticket, if you buy it today, but want to may 300 odd quid. Give them their due, they've got done brass neck on them.
  10. Folk who bought their season ticket back in march(?) For 20/21 did so to support the club through difficult times. They bought a full fixture list ticket. Now that it's a reduced season they grossly overpaid, all in good faith, to support the club. The club have now told them rather than refund the difference they overpaid, compared to the updated ST price.... They must request their refund manually, through the club.
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