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  1. A chance of 6 non league sides into the 4th round. Would that be a record ?
  2. We don’t even segregate Boness games
  3. How is it not winnable ? They’re league 1 nowadays.
  4. Herdy from you lot would be my choice.
  5. Only a beggar would choose mince over steak.
  6. Whit ! That is horrendous. Might be a bit tighter in defence but creative football would be oot the windae. No thanks.
  7. Circa 400 at Linlithgow v Sauchie
  8. Didn't see that second half coming. Brilliant ! Lads from Hamilton look good.
  9. Don’t think we ever met in Junior Cup. About the only major west team we continually avoided.
  10. Rose to win it. Penicuik, Boness and HoB fighting for runner up.
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