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  1. Baird for Strapp. In your dreams. We're hopeless at transfers, but not that bad I hope.
  2. Oh well. I hope it works out for you then.
  3. Sorry to hear that. I don't think you deserve him. Don't worry though, he'll walk out when he gets a better offer. Doubt he'll be around for long.
  4. Jamie played some good games for us, and scored some cracking goals. Wasn't as good as you make out though. Didn't seem to do very much after he left us.
  5. I don't think that we have pay at the gate capability on the turnstiles anymore.
  6. Tidser was one of the best, but the others are not very good. Dear oh dear, you do talk some shite.
  7. Remember when you were all crowing about taking our Management Team? How did that work out for you? Losers.....
  8. I'm one who liked Gary. A bit too injury prone for the Championship. With an apparently reduced squad next season, not one that we wanted to keep.
  9. Had me worried that he might sign for Dundee or Thistle. I liked him a lot, but I no longer wish him well.
  10. I thought big Denny was a great player. Injuries meant that he hardly kicked a ball for us last season. If he can recover, he can be good for someone.
  11. Some signing if you get Alston. Who knows where Tidser is going. He may score against us next season. He won't be scoring against you lot unless it's in a cup.
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