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  1. Looking for 3 tickets for u2 gig on tues, seating or standing, cheers
  2. Got myself hooked up with this bad boy for T in the Park now to go and purchase an outrageous neon pink pair of 3/4 lentgh's to accompany, if i get thim i will post the pic
  3. Was dragged to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past hungover on sunday a genorous 0.85476941 out of 10 Watched Danny Dyers new flick, City Rats on the friday though, was impressed i must say A solid 7/10
  4. Rofl! At this thread and Aalborg, i won £62 on a coupon that night, huzzah!
  5. Anyone know who will be supporting The View in Glasgow on the 14th of may?
  6. The View, o2 academy 14th of May Then the gig of my life Reverand & The Makers, The Enemy, Kasabian, Oasis Murrayfield 17th of June After that it will be T in the P!
  7. Girls Aloud - Cant Speak French, closely followed by Alphabeat - Fascination
  8. Purchased these bad boys a couple of weeks ago, i feckin love them to be honest Also treated myself to this
  9. www.planetdarts.tv may be able to help yi in the right direction, more than i as 1 man could anyway
  10. Gonna go for Wade, Klaasen, Draw, Taylor See Anderson is moving across aswell to the PDC, he will get a good reception at Edinboro next week I for one cant wait for that, gonna be a good un again! De- de de de de- de de de de de- de de de de de- Oi Oi Oi!
  11. Purchased a Real Madrid top with Huntelaar 19 on the back, no pic required id imagine Does anyone know how long Kitbag usually take with deliveries? Ordered on Sat, still no arrival
  12. Finally got round to watching the dark knight at the weekend there, really enjoyed it 9/10 Ganting to go see Slumdog Millionaire, it looks really good, as are most Danny Boyle films, except the beach i didnt care much for that
  13. I didnt notice this until after i posted previous
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